New Hidden $10 Korean Noodle Shop Opens In Downtown Vancouver (Video)

Finding a meal under $15 in Downtown Vancouver is a STRUGGLE.

The ongoing effects of the pandemic, coupled with inflation and rising food costs, have made dining out more expensive across the board.

However, tucked away inside Hornby Street’s Pokerrito, this new Korean noodle spot might just be the saving grace for those seeking a comforting meal at an affordable price.

Oyo Korean Noodle, which softly opened its doors in early January, brings a fresh perspective to the city’s food scene.

With a variety of Korean noodles and sides, all priced at a modest $10, it’s a welcome haven for those seeking quality meals on a budget.

Market Noodles

The menu is small and simple, with only 6 items. The 3 main noodle dishes are Market Noodles (Janchi Guksu), Sweecy Noodle (Bibimmyeon), and Soyo Noodle (Ganjang Bibim). 3 side dishes are Tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes), Beef Dumplings (Mulmandu), and Japchae (glass noodles).

There’s also a special deal for two people where you can choose 2 noodles and 1 side for $24.99.

Behind Oyo is Peter Ko, a veteran cook with a long history in the culinary world.

From fast-paced quick-service restaurants (ie. Cactus Club) to the esteemed kitchens of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Peter has honed his craft across a spectrum of culinary settings.

His journey to opening Oyo is fueled by a simple dream of most chefs: to open their own restaurant.

Oyo’s location inside Pokerrito is both strategic and symbiotic.

While it may seem hidden, Peter views this as an opportunity to introduce his culinary creations to a broader audience and sees it as a stepping stone to bigger ventures.

Although Oyo’s hallway is limited to just three bar seats beside order window, guests are actually welcome to sit anywhere within Pokerrito.

In a city where a bowl of pho or ramen often costs over $15, Oyo’s pricing stands out as exceptionally generous, especially for Downtown Vancouver.

Peter’s decision to maintain low prices stems from his desire to make his dishes accessible to all.

He explains, “I wanted to do a service for the people. We’re in the people business, and I believe what people really want is cheap but good food.”

He believes that good food, rooted in passion and care, doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

As Oyo joins the growing list of Korean food spots in Downtown, including the recent addition of Nom Nom Seoul in the West End, it’s clear that Vancouver’s appetite for Korean cuisine is on the rise.

Next time you’re looking for an affordable and comforting Korean noodle meal, check out Oyo!

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Address: 991 Hornby Street, Vancouver BC

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