Pancake In Drink Form? Say Hello To The Pancake Tea Latte

Is the idea of sipping on pancakes your kind of adventure? Well, gear up! 

Japan has rolled out a treat that might just be your cup of tea—literally. 

That’s right. Your favorite fluffy hotcakes, but in a drink? Heaven. 

It’s a unique blend by Morinaga and Lipton, the tea giant we all know for its cool iced teas and flavorful infusions. 

Photo credits: Morinaga

Now, they’re pouring pancakes into our mugs!

Did you know that Morinaga changed how Japan does Valentine’s Day? 

Yes, the same company behind those addictively fruity Hi-chew candies. 

Since 1912, they’ve been a big deal in Japan, making everything sweeter with their ice creams, milk products, and, of course, those chewy treats.

They turned breakfast into an event with their hotcake mix in 1957 so that you can create your own sweet, thick, and fluffy hotcakes at home. 

Morinaga didn’t just stop at candies; they made breakfast legendary too, and continuously doing so!

Photo credits: Morinaga

Bringing together the best of two worlds, the Lipton Pancake Tea Latte innovative drink combines Lipton’s rich black tea with Morinaga’s sweet maple syrup and creamy hotcake flavor. 

But wait, it’s not your regular tea latte. It has milk, but it’s not all about that creamy latte vibe some love. 

Yet, this creation is something else! Although the tea looks like your usual milk tea, it surprises you with the scent and taste of buttery hotcakes.

A treat for those who love their tea and pancakes in one go!

This special product hit the shelves in Japan (except Okinawa) for a short time during February at just 170 yen or about US$1.15. 

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