Pizza Hut Japan Teams Up With Noodle Brand For A Wild New Ramen Pizza

Guess what? Pizza Hut’s mixing things up again.

They decided to throw ramen on a pizza! Sounds crazy, but it gets better.

Meet the Kotteri-fuu Ramen Pizza, a wild team-up with Tenkaippin, a big ramen name in Japan.

Photo credits: Japan Today

This pizza adventure began with a TikTok challenge, pushing the limits of what pizza can be.

After stirring the pot with a Coriander Pizza and a Weiner Coffee Pizza, Pizza Hut has dropped the Ramen Pizza on us!

So, how did they do it?

They turned Tenkaippin’s rich, chicken and veggie broth into a thick pizza sauce. It wasn’t easy, taking half a month to perfect, but they did it. 

Photo credits: Japan Today

And guess what? You get extra sauce to drizzle on top!

The pizza is all dressed up with cheese, chashu pork, and green onions.

Photo credits: Japan Today

But the catch – the noodles aren’t as stretchy as in your bowl of ramen. It’s all about that crispy dough that brings everything together!

Don’t let the pictures fool you. 

Pizza Hut says those stretchy noodles are just for show.

Sadly, this special pie was only around from January 22 to February 12 at Pizza Hut in Japan.

But no doubt that Pizza Hut will continue with their antics in crafting more unique and wild pizzas.

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