Chinatown’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Shop Announces Bittersweet Farewell

After delighting Vancouver with its dairy-free delights for more than four years, Say Hello Sweets is sadly closing up.

But fear not, this closure is more of a “sweet pause” than a final farewell.

The Final Scoop

Photo credits: Say Hello Sweets

Say Hello Sweets has announced on their Instagram page that February 25th will be its last day serving up their signature dairy-free ice cream & sammies at their Chinatown store.

Though the reason for the closure wasn’t specified, the parting message hints at an optimistic future.

Owner Naomi Arnaut urges fans to “keep an eye on our journey as we pivot and explore new horizons.”

In a hopeful twist, Say Hello Sweets revealed in response to a fan’s comment that it is on the lookout for a new home.

This news has sparked excitement among its loyal customers, eager to see where this dairy-free dessert destination will pop up next.

Naomi also shared with a customer that they will also continue offering their treats in grocery stores like Whole Foods.

From Food Truck to Frozen Treats

Photo credits: Say Hello Sweets

The journey of Say Hello Sweets is a story of passion and community.

Starting as a food truck in the summer of 2016, Naomi’s venture was initially a means to pay off vet bills for her beloved Staffordshire terrier mix pup, named Babycakes.

This heartfelt beginning fueled Naomi’s determination, taking her all the way to ice cream school in Pennsylvania.

What began as just a Kickstarter fundraiser quickly turned into a citywide sensation, leading to the opening of its first brick-and-mortar location in 2019.

Looking Forward

Photo credits: Say Hello Sweets

This isn’t the end for Say Hello Sweets; it’s simply a pause.

The promise of a new location offers a glimmer of hope to fans who have come to love their refreshing dairy-free treats.

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