Starbucks Japan’s Newest Pink Fruit Drinks Crafted For Your Mental Wellness

Have you ever wished for a sip that feels like a hug?

Meet Pink Fruits Cheer-up—a burst of happiness in a cup! 

Released in Starbucks Coffee Japan, this drink aims to support “those who take on challenges.”

Embracing the spring spirit, Starbucks promotes the concept of “GO Beyond.” 

Photo credits: Starbucks Coffee Japan

As the season ushers in new lifestyle changes, such as pursuing higher education or seeking employment, Starbucks wishes to accompany you through every step with the Pink Fruits Cheer-up.

Imagine a drink that’s as pink as cherry blossoms and as refreshing as a cool breeze on a sunny day.

That’s what you get with Pink Fruits Cheer-up!

Inside this pink goodness are fruits that taste like a spring picnic in your mouth.

The juice of white grapes and lemons, blended with rose hips create a refreshing sweetness.

Photo credits: Starbucks Coffee Japan

And don’t forget the jiggly bits on top! There’s a special jelly made with pink fruit juice, featuring acerola, pink grapefruit, cranberry, and apple. 

They’re like fruity treasures that add a fun twist to your drink as you take a sip!

And the best part?

This drink doesn’t just look and taste good—it’s got a secret boost too! There’s a bit of caffeine from green coffee and polyphenols from cocoa. 

And hey, don’t keep the joy to yourself—share the good vibes with your friends and family!