This Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt & Is Scooped With A Butcher’s Knife

Photo source: Great Big Story

How about ice cream that won’t melt as quickly as the regular stuff?

How about an ice cream that requires a butcher knife to cut up and put on a cone?

That’s what you get with Maraş dondurması, a special treat from Türkiye that’s made with goat’s milk and wild orchid roots.

It’s thick, stretchy, and super yummy!

The family behind this unique ice cream has been making it for generations.

It’s not just the milk that makes it special, though.

They add natural herbs and carefully select the best sugar to create a unique taste.

Salep, a flour made from wild orchid roots, is what gives Maraş dondurması its amazing texture.

It’s thick and elastic, which makes it super fun to eat.

They mix the ice cream a lot to give it that stretchy quality, and it’s a great conversation starter.

The family loves making this ice cream.

The owner even jokes that he started making ice cream the day he was born.

If you’re traveling in Turkey, you have to try Maraş dondurması.

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