True NOSH – A Dietician’s Way of Combating Diabetes

Diabetes is an ever-growing chronic disease that affects over 422 million people around the world. Its prevalence in Vancouver is expected to increase from 7.2% to 11.3% by 2040. Although the onset of diabetes could be due to hereditary reasons, the often sedentary lifestyle of the 21st century has played a massive role in contributing to diabetes. Being overweight, having a high-fat distribution and having high blood sugar all give rise to diabetes.

With an ever-growing population of diabetics, it is important we take steps to control this disease. In addition to regular exercise, one of the easiest ways to prevent diabetes is to cut down on sugar and increase your fibre intake.

One brand looks to help people with just that.

Problem In The Aisles…

Registered Dietician, Renee Chan first noticed that the sauce aisle in her local grocery stores were full of cornstarch, colouring and sugar – all the ingredients that are especially harmful for diabetics. With this in mind, she set out to fill the void by creating sauces that are diabetic-friendly by taking out the additives.

In 2015, Renee created True NOSH, a company that specializes in diabetic-friendly cooking products and also offers massages, yoga, meditation, and cooking workshops.

Diabetic Friendly Items

Asian Cooking Sauces & Hot Sauces; Photo credit: True NOSH

True NOSH offers a variety of hot sauces, spreads, drinks and granola.

Their products are vibrant, colourful, fun and purposely named to make customers laugh, such as “The Sinless Hoi” (Hoi Sin sauce) and the “Oh Berry, It’s Cloves Outside” (Cranberry cider). She wanted to add a bit of flair and distinguish True Nosh from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

We all know that stir fry is unhealthy, so Renee set out to create a healthier version with less sugar and cornstarch. Their sauces are made from fruits and vegetables (apples, cranberries, raisins) for sweetness and colouring. Soluble fibre is added to help people absorb sugar and thicken the product.

True NOSH offers 4 levels of hot sauces including First Base (the least spicy), Second Base, Third Base and Home Run (the spiciest and a hot favourite). Made from dates, their sauces are not too spicy as Renee believes that hot sauce should be just spicy enough to enhance flavour and not mask the taste of food.

Their most popular item is their granola, which is available for subscription online. Being a good snack and condiment, their granola is so popular that it is even being served in cafes in Hong Kong.

Easy Cooking Classes On Simple Healthy Meals

For many people, cooking at home can be difficult and often daunting. Renee challenges this idea by helping people realize that many recipes can be altered to be simpler and healthier.

When she first started offering cooking classes, she was only able to cater to a small group. Today, her classes are packed and fully booked.

“It is a very hands-on experience and I really emphasize portion sizing because of my background in nutrition. Being healthy is more important than being fancy.”


Yoga At Your Own Pace

Renee attended her first class in a studio called “Yoga For The People” over 10 years ago. She credits yoga with empowering her to stay calm. She especially liked how everyone went at their own pace (practicing yoga) and based on this, wanted to create an environment free from discrimination.

With the success from their recent expansion to Hong Kong, Renee hopes to expand True NOSH within Canada and eventually to the States.

Throughout the year, Renee and the True NOSH team organizes health and nutrition related events to encourage wellbeing. You can find more details about their new event here.

To find True NOSH products, view their stockists here.

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