New Vancouver Bagel Brand Offers Asian-Inspired Flavours Like Bolo Baogel Just Launched

Photo credits: Bagel Day Bakehouse
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Bagel fans, listen up!

There’s a new player in the city and they’re offering something unique!

Bagel Day Bakehouse is a delightful blend of traditional Asian flavours and the classic North American bagel.

Founded by preschool friends turned entrepreneurs, Michelle Cheung and Maureen Lai, this bakery just soft launched this April 2024 offering their treats online only for now.

Michelle, known for her cake business during the pandemic, and Maureen, an accountant with a creative baking streak, teamed up for a project that would change their paths.

Photo credits: Bagel Day Bakehouse

They found their true calling in bagel-making following their collaboration on a dessert table for a 75-person wedding last summer.

This event sparked the idea to start Bagel Day Bakehouse, inspired by their shared heritage and a desire to innovate within the traditional bagel space.

Bagels have been a staple in North America, featured everywhere from small bakeries to big chains like Tim Hortons, but the flavors are often standard and frankly, boring

Michelle & Maureen, Bagel Day Bakehouse
Photo credits: Bagel Day Bakehouse

Their hope is that these uniquely flavorful bagels will not only remind customers of cherished memories but also inspire them to create new ones.

We want our customers to connect to past memories, whether it’s visiting Asian bakeries or coming home to a pizza pop after school

Michelle & Maureen, Bagel Day Bakehouse

The duo first embarked on creating the Holey Bao series.

This series includes creations like the Bolo Baogel, inspired by the iconic pineapple bun (Bolo Bao 菠蘿包), which combines the chewy texture of bagels with a sweet, crumbly topping.

Photo credits: Bagel Day Bakehouse

Not sure about you, but that made us squeal in excitement!

Current pre-order offerings include the Bolo Baogel, Pesto Baogel, Cocktail Baogel, and Pork Floss Baogel, with many more creative flavours in development.

While they don’t have a physical storefront yet, Bagel Day Bakehouse is planning to make its market debut this summer.

To pre-order their goodies, head to their Instagram’s link in bio.

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