Vancouver Aquarium

Discover the Ocean's Wonders — In the heart of Stanley Park!

Festival Items

Frost Bite Screamer

Souvenir Shark Mug With Vanilla Ice Cream and Blue Raspberry Slushy!


(2 Passport Sticker)

Clownfish Cone

Back to Popular Demand ! Handmade Clownfish Cones comes with Vanilla Ice Cream


(1 Passport Sticker)

*Members of Vancouver Aquarium gets 20% discount with eligible members ID.

Vendor Details

Passport Vendor: Yes

Address: 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2

Mon – Sun: 9:30AM – 5:30PM
*Vancouver Aquarium Member’s get early access at 8am

Relevant Missions

Complete missions to be entered to win prizes from the festival prize pool!


Visit two vendors in one day who are located more than 5 km apart. Share your journey on Instagram or Tiktok.

Ice Cream Marathon

Visit at least 3 different Ice Cream Festival vendors and share your mini-adventure on Instagram or Tiktok.

Far & Wide

Visit a festival vendor in one municipality and a festival vendor in another municipality. Share your adventure on Instagram or Tiktok.

Summer Fashion

Coordinate your outfit to match a Festival item and strike a pose! Share it on Instagram or Tiktok.

Ice Cream Buddies

Visit a Ice Cream Festival vendor with a friend. Share a post of both of you enjoying your festival items on Instagram or Tiktok.

Sweet Tooth Expert

Try all the festival cold treats from one Ice Cream Festival vendor and share your experience on Instagram or Tiktok.

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Join The Passport Activity!

Visit festival vendors to have a chance to win delicious prizes!

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