Vancouver Japanese Supermarket Known For Cheap Prices Spotted Up For Sale

Vancouver’s food industry continues to struggle with the ongoing economic challenges.

The number of closures we’ve seen recently is the sad reality.

Unfortunately, we spotted a commercial listing for Sakuraya, a hidden gem Japanese Supermarket beside Kim’s Mart on East Broadway.

T hints that its time may be short.

Since it started back in 2011 by the owners of Kim’s Mart, Sakuraya has aimed to provide an authentic Japanese shopping experience.

The synergy between Sakuraya and Kim’s Mart, leveraging bulk purchasing, allowed them to offer products at a lower retail price.

Only accessible via a flight of stairs, Sakuraya on the second floor, its somewhat hidden location ensures a more tranquil browsing experience than other busier supermarkets.

Once inside, you’re greeted with aisles and aisles filled with authentic Japanese snacks, pantry items, and frozen foods.

Including numerous furikake varieties, curry, buckwheat noodles, bags of rice, alongside pantry essentials such as dried noodles and rice vinegar.

Despite its unique position, the supermarket’s recent commercial listing may mean a new owner is taking its place or a new brand will be coming in.

The 3500+ square foot unit is now on the market for a monthly lease of $8,603.

Sakuraya Japanese Supermarket’s commercial listing brings to light the ongoing economic struggles in Vancouver’s food industry.

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Address: 200 – 517 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC


Note: The observation of a commercial listing does not inherently imply the closure of a business. It is possible that the establishment is undergoing a change in ownership or maybe in the process of relocating. The purpose of reporting on such listings is to provide insight into the dynamic nature of the local food industry and its evolving landscape.