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12 Best Pasadena Breakfast Restaurants For A Hearty Meal In 2023 (+ What To Order)

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? What better way to fix it than treating yourself to a good hearty breakfast? In Pasadena, breakfast is to be taken seriously. There’s nothing more important than your first meal of the day.

If you’re looking for the breakfast meal of your life, Pasadena is home to some of the best breakfast restaurants in California. From the fluffiest pancakes to the classic avocado toast and from local old-school gems to fancy aesthetic ones, you’re in for a treat! Keep reading the list below to start your day right at one of these Pasadena breakfast restaurants.

1. Andy’s Coffee Shop

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A local joint where servers keep the coffee coming and the food is simply delicious, Andy’s Coffee Shop keeps the dream alive! The place boasts a quaint and true vintage look without overdoing it. Did we mention the famous “Cups Song” was filmed here? Serving the usual American breakfast favorites, you won’t find anything you won’t like here. 

If you could taste the word “homemade”, Andy’s Breakfast Burrito would be the closest you can get. Made with quality ingredients, this will be the best Breakfast Burrito you’ll ever have in your life! Loaded with eggs and your choice of breakfast meat, it also comes with a side of beans to give you fiber. 

Andy’s Coffee Shop also excels in Mexican breakfast, as you can tell from their Huevos a la Mexicana. Basically, a cluster of eggs, cheese, and veggies— who knew such simple food could taste like paradise?

What to order: Andy’s Breakfast Burrito, Huevos a la Mexicana

Address: 1234 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

Website | Facebook

2. Russell’s

Photo credits: cappuccinokena

A local fixture since 1939, Russell’s is the go-to breakfast spot in Pasadena with an old-school traditional charm. Red walls, wood paneling, and fancy chandeliers hanging on each booth— this place screams classic elegance. With fun and flavorful takes on traditional breakfast items, you won’t regret a single thing coming here.

Served with huge scoops of fluffy butter, the French Toast is lovely and a delight to have for breakfast. This French Toast clearly achieved the perfect consistency and taste with its soft but not too soggy texture.

When you have a tough morning, sometimes all you need is a powerful Breakfast Burrito to save the day. The one in Russell’s is so powerful and magical that you’ll forget about all your problems. Choose between the regular or veggie version depending on your diet.

What to order: French Toast, Breakfast Burrito, Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

Address: 30 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Website | Instagram

3. Millie’s Cafe

Photo credits: Millie’s Cafe L.A.

A small town cafe with vegan options, Millie’s Cafe has a large brunch assortment with various deli-style favorites. Fresh ingredients, excellent service, and a spectacular selection— this is comfort breakfast food to the core. Enjoy a latte and a good breakfast with a friend or two by going to Millie’s!

Chilaquiles but in eggs benedict form, the Chilaquiles Benedict is a phenomenal invention! Whoever thought of making this dish is an angel sent from above. The sauce and the perfectly poached eggs?! The food gods have blessed us, indeed!

Made with brioche bread, the Blueberry French Toast in Millie’s Cafe will revive every energy drained from your soul to get you ready for the day. Served with a generous portion of blueberry, you’ll be full the whole morning with this meal alone.

The Monkey Banana Pancake is a flawless blend of chocolate chip, banana, and walnut. Even if you’ve had all the pancakes in the world, nothing will beat the right amount of sweetness they put in this one— as if every ingredient was carefully calculated!

What to order: Chilaquiles Benedict, Blueberry French Toast, Monkey Banana Pancakes

Address: 1399 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Cos & Pi

Avocado Toast | Photo credits: goddamneat

Situated in a residential neighborhood, Cos & Pi is a quaint little cafe serving one of the best breakfasts in Pasadena. Featuring fresh seasonal ingredients and pastries that are baked in-house, Cos & Pi definitely brought their A-game when it comes to breakfast. A popular breakfast hotspot, you’ll spot locals walking over here from their nearby homes.

Avocado Toast with edible flowers? If this isn’t the prettiest Avocado Toast ever made! It even tastes just as beautiful as it looks. Get your cameras ready, as this one definitely deserves a spot on your feed.

Cos & Pi’s Smoked Salmon Croissant is a must-order. The combination of perfectly smoked salmon and flaky croissant with an over-easy egg will make your day 100x better. A purposely filling dish to kickstart the morning, they give a lot of salmon for you to enjoy! 

What to order: Avocado Toast, Smoked Salmon Croissant

Address: 303 Pasadena Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. My Place Cafe

Photo credits: ninalares

A cute little cafe with a cozy and warm ambiance, My Place Cafe definitely feels like your own home. You’ll be left thinking, from the welcoming staff down the interiors, is this grandma’s place or My Place Cafe? The cafe hosts music events and poetry reading and even has a yoga studio upstairs!

My Place Cafe’s Turkey Croissant Sandwich has very tasty turkey meat that melts in your mouth perfectly with the cheese. The eggs are cooked just right, allowing the flavors and textures to harmonize blissfully.

Who doesn’t love Berry Oatmeal? While oatmeal tastes amazing on its own, the added texture and flavor of berries always make it more appealing in every way. The sweetness is enough to keep you energized for the day.

What to order: Turkey Croissant Sandwich, Very Berry Oatmeal

Address: 2057 N Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. Marston’s Pasadena

Photo credits: epiccheats

A beautiful converted house restaurant, Marstons’s Pasadena, is quite the breakfast experience. Boasting quaint cottage interiors with paintings of scenic landscapes and florals adorning the walls, this place feels like it came straight out of a fairytale. 

Marston’s Pasadena is popular for its french toasts. The Works, in particular, is their own unique take on the classic. This one has berries, pecans, and whipped cream, allowing the right sweetness and the perfect crunch to the cornflake crust.

If you’re not a fan of fresh fruits in the morning, the classic Fantastic French Toast might be more to your liking. Living up to its namesake: fantastic, this one is crunchy and sweet on the outside and chewy and sour on the inside.

What to order: The Works, Fantastic French Toast

Address: 151 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91103

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Amara Cafe & Restaurant

Photo credits: Amara Chocolate & Coffee

A Spanish-Venezuelan Cafe serving arepas, coffee, and churros, Amara Cafe & Restaurant is always popping with long lines in Pasadena. Hospitality is top-notch here, and everything feels homey, from the interiors to the food. If you haven’t been to Venezuela, Amara can take you there instantly!

There’s nothing like sweet and crispy Churros for breakfast to give you a little sugar rush. Fluffy like a doughnut but with crispy ridges, the ones at Amara are freshly made for the best texture and taste. Choose between two of their best dipping sauces: Chocolate or Dulce De Leche, and you won’t be disappointed.

What screams more Venezuelan than shredded beef arepa and gouda cheese? Made from white corn and water, Amara’s Pabellón Arepa is a must-have! The white corn flatbread is crispy and flawlessly envelops the tasty ingredients without sacrificing the fluff on the inside.

What to order: Chocolate Churros, Dulce De Leche Churros, Pabellón Arepa

Address: 55 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. The Reyn

Strawberry French Toast | Photo credits: tasty_eateries

A local coffee shop and an old-style diner in one, The Reyn gives off quiet, lazy Sunday vibes where all you want is to relax and eat all the good food you can have. With fun quote signs all around and simple interiors, this place’s simplicity and cleanliness are pleasant to the eyes. If you’re looking for a no-fuss breakfast, this is the place you should visit.

A full-blown meal set to blow your mind away early in the morning, the Chicken Fried Steak will have you forgetting about the calories. Simply looking at this dish will have you drooling. The chicken tastes especially amazing with the gravy.

Served with eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage, the French Toast is worth every penny in The Reyn. Maintaining good crispiness without getting soggy even with all the strawberry sauce and whipped cream— a true French TOAST indeed.

Freshly made, The Reyn’s Banana Bread is a crowd favorite. It’s impossible to come here without taking one home. Thick with crispy sides and very tender crumbs, this Banana Bread is phenomenal.

What to order: Chicken Fried Steak, French Toast, Banana Bread

Address: 635 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

Website | Facebook

9. MILO Cafe & Organic Juicery

Photo credits: MILO Cafe & Organic Juicery

A cute gem of a coffee shop with friendly service and good drinks, Milo Cafe & Organic Juicery, is the place to get your caffeine fix early in the morning. Located in a small plaza on Lake Ave, their interiors are quaint with exposed brick walls and hanging art. Did we mention there’s free wifi here? 

Made with eggs, quinoa, black beans, grilled onions, potatoes, and avocado, Milo’s Breakfast Bowl is THE GOAT; even kids love it. The pico de gallo goes so well with the scrambled eggs you’ll be thanking the heavens for how healthy this dish is for the amount of food you’ll devour.

A delicate, floral drink to calm your senses, the Lavender Latte is the perfect start to each morning. Creamy, cozy, and delicious, the latte’s sweetness accentuates the floral Lavender flavor.

What to order: Breakfast Bowl, Lavender Latte

Address: 720 N Lake Ave #5, Pasadena, CA 91104

Instagram | Facebook

10. Yahaira’s Cafe

Photo credits: Yahaira’s Cafe

Finding authentic Mexican breakfast food in Pasadena is difficult, but Yahaira’s made sure to make things easier for all Mexican cuisine lovers. Choose from a selection of burritos, tostadas, tortas, omelets, and more. If you want to treat your taste buds early in the morning, come to Yahaira’s!

Bathed with a savory tomato sauce, the Huevos Yucatan is packed with flavor from the black beans, sunny side eggs, and the ham stacked on a fried corn tortilla. The flavor profile is spot on for a restaurant offering modern Mexican cuisine. 

A delicious and filling breakfast for those with more palatable taste buds, the Mexican Panini is bursting with all the right flavors. The chorizo and egg sandwich are toasted in a Panini press and served with fruit— a perfect no-brainer breakfast!

What to order: Huevos Yucatan, Mexican Panini

Address: 698 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Photo credits: einstein bros bagels

Bagels galore as early as 5 in the morning? Say hello to Einstein Bros. Bagels! Consistent, fast, and efficient— this is the breakfast place for people who are always on the go. When it comes to bagels, you can’t go wrong with Einstein Bros. With so many different options, you’ll be forced to take your sweet, sweet time ordering.

Simple and easily gets the job done, the Nova Lox combo allows you to top your favorite bagel with crunchy red onions, capers, tomato slices, and cold-smoked Nova Lox Salmon. This is the one you should get if you want a filling meal.

Soft and not doughy, Einstein’s Everything Bagel is the perfect base to add your favorite toppings; even something as simple as vegetable cream cheese tastes more heavenly when slathered on the Everything Bagel.

What to order: Nova Lox, Everything Bagel

Address: 605 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

Website | Instagram

12. Popping Yolk Cafe

Photo credits: fuckthisshitisbussing

A new breakfast and brunch restaurant in Old Town Pasadena, Popping Yolk Cafe, feels like a holiday season breakfast no matter which time of the year you visit. Spacious, clean, and well-lit, the atmosphere is inviting and charming. 

Popping Yolk Cafe is widely known for its House French Toast, and you’ll understand why when you get a taste— it’s to die for! You’ll thoroughly enjoy this one even if you do not have a sweet tooth. 

With crispy batter and well-seasoned chicken, the Nashville Hot Chicken Benedict is a BOMB kind of eggs benedict. Get the mild version if you can’t handle the spiciness. The potatoes that come on the side are delicious and crispy.

What to order: House French Toast, Nashville Hot Chicken Benedict

Address: 88 W Colorado Blvd Ste 102, Pasadena, CA 91105

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Pasadena is not only great with breakfasts. When you’re done with breakfast, go head straight on and get lunch or dinner in these best Pasadena restaurants with excellent food options.

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