10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - botanist dining cocktail of deep cove with bartender handing drink
Photo Credits: Botanist

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver Serving Stellar Drinks

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When it comes to cool mixes and concoctions, Vancouver’s bars take things to a whole new level. In the hands of some of the best mixology masters, drinks and cocktails become pure art, and draw in scores of admirers and liquor enthusiasts. 

So, if you’re in the mood to get boozy and party, make some noise with friends, or just enjoy a delicious drink on a romantic date, we’ve got the best Cocktail Bars and Lounges in the city all listed out and ready for you to discover.

Chez Christophe
THE patisserie for elegantly handcrafted chocolates and artisan croissants.
prawns on dish
Provence Marinaside
Experience the true charm of French cuisine, coupled with West Coast flare at the Provence Marinaside.
Baroness Bubble Tea
Not just another bubble tea brand. Serving some of the best in the city.
Vancouver Island
Qualicum Beach Cafe
Fresh local ingredients and the beautiful ocean view, makes this a perfect spot to relax or for a romantic date.
Mount Pleasant
Maizal RMF
Serves some of the best tacos in Vancouver.
Downtown Vancouver
Brunch Vancouver
Cozy family-owned Brunch restaurant giving you the taste of Mexico
Water St. Cafe
Award-winning restaurant that has been a Vancouver staple for over 30 years.
Dosanko serves Yoshoku-style, seasonally inspired, local ingredients following Japanese traditions.

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10. La Mezcaleria

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - la mezcaleria 4 different cocktails along ledge
Photo Credits: La Mezcaleria

Super hip, cool, and buzzing with the best vibes, La Mezcaleria makes it to our list again. (They’re on our Best Taco Spots list too.) This is one popular spot, and not just for their amazing food, but also their drinks, and yes the cocktails are heavenly!

Start with a tequila flight, because why not? You know you want to, or you wouldn’t be at a Mexican bar. If not that, try their Mezcal Negroni, or go classic with a Margarita. If you’re hungry, you cannot (and should not) miss the fondue. Just trust us and go for it. The salsa is fab, the share plates are perfect, and naturally… Tacos!

What to order: tequila flight, Mezcal Negroni, Margarita, fondue, salsa, Tacos

Address: 1622 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y4

Order Online: DoorDash | Uber Eats | SkipTheDishes

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

9. UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - uva wine bar negroni drinks on table
Photo Credits: UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar

In the world of cocktail bars and entertainment spots, UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar stands out with its fancy flights, delicious charcuterie, and small plates, and award-winning cocktails. The ambiance is modern and fun, and makes it perfect for a girls night out, a romantic date, or just time out with friends.

Opt for a flight and have a blast, or go for one of their seasonal cocktails. They have a fantastic wine list too, if that’s what you prefer, so check with your server. For food, you gotta try the pork and beef meatballs, or the Roman-style pizza. 

What to order: flight, cocktails, wines, pork and beef meatballs, Roman-style pizza

Address: 900 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3L9

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

8. L’abattoir

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - l'abattoir cocktail bar with bartender making drink
Photo Credits: L’Abattoir

With their industrial-chic ambiance, French flair, craft-cocktails, and culinary delights, L’abattoir is the sort of place that will keep you seated for hours and soaking up its beauty. It’s classy, cool, and with a comfy vibe that makes it a must-visit spot in Gastown.

They have seasonal and vintage cocktails, along with an extensive drinks menu to suit alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers alike. The Mezcal Spritz is delish, and you’ll want to try the Avocado Gimlet. Order up some Baked Pacific Oysters, and the Butter Poached Scallops are to die for. Don’t miss out on their mains, and of course, dessert!

What to order: Mezcal Spritz, Avocado Gimlet, Baked Pacific Oysters, Butter Poached Scallops

Address: 217 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2

Order Online: Uber Eats

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Straight & Marrow

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - straight and marrow of cocktail on table and plate of food on table
Photo Credits: Straight and Marrow

For a cozy and intimate atmosphere, some of the most awesome share plates, and artistic cocktails, go Straight & Marrow. This is a spot where recipes have been mastered, and creativity is the name of the game. So, head on over, and enjoy every moment of your experience.

Every cocktail here is unique and yummilicious, and we love their Inverse Boilermaker (bourbon,) and also the Rain Shower Sour with 5 spiced infused brandy, sweet vermouth & unsweetened cranberry. Don’t miss out on grabbing a bite of the Pork Belly, or some Octopus Carpaccio.

What to order: Inverse Boilermaker, Rain Shower Sour, Pork Belly, Octopus Carpaccio

Address: 1869 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1H8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. Chickadee

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver -chickadee various cocktails on table
Photo Credits: smccomm

From the masterminds behind Juke Fried Chicken and Beetbox, Chickadee swung open its doors in 2020 and hit the ground running! From their cool vibes, imaginative cocktails, and amazing service, this spot keeps climbing in popularity and is a must-visit for anyone who takes their drinks seriously.

At Chickadee you can build-your-own cocktail, or go for one of their brilliantly named ones. The Super Amaro Bros is awesome, and you’ll want to reminisce with a Cobra Kai, or dare with some Risky Business. To soak up the booze, chow down on Spicy Wings, fries, salads, and even Belgians Waffles.

Tip: Their ‘secret menu’ is worth checking out.

What to order: Super Amaro Bros, Cobra Kai, Risky Business, Spicy Wings, Belgians Waffles

Address: 182 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X4

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

5. Pidgin

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - Pidgin suntory sake bottles on table
Photo Credit: Pidgin

Owned and run by a super-talented trio, Pidgin is one of those gems truly worth stumbling upon in Vancouver. With their focus on innovative cocktails, Asian & French fusion cuisine, and a casually stylish atmosphere, they’re a spot suited for every occasion, and especially those special date nights.

And if you fancy sake (or are curious about), Pidgin is the spot for you. After seeing the lack of quality love for sake in Vancouver, Pigin has made it part of their mission to help introduce the Japanese alcohol to more people via flights, options, and education.

Overall you’ll do just fine by sampling a classy flight, or go for one of their yummy craft cocktails. The k-pop is the bomb, and we wouldn’t say no to the stirred zombie either. Share some divine plates while you’re at it. We recommend the beef tartar wasabi, the sake kasu sabelfish, and definitely the pork belly rice bowl.

What to order: sake, k-pop, stirred zombie, beef tartar wasabi, sake kasu sabelfish, pork belly rice bowl

Address: 350 Carrall Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2J3

Order Online: DoorDash | Uber Eats | SkipTheDishes

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Shameful Tiki Room

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - shameful tiki room
Photo Credit: Shameful Tiki Room of the Mystery Bowl

If you like your bars funky, fun, and quirky, the Shameful Tiki Room is for you! This must-visit Vancouver spot in Mount Pleasant boasts an awesome tropical vibe, a super-fun atmosphere, cool tunes, and also serves up some amazing cocktails with a dash of crazy, and a barrel of laughs. 

We give you fair warning, their drinks can be dangerously boozy, so one cocktail might be enough unless you’re a daredevil. Have a Painkiller, or a Zombie, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll love whatever you order. Get some chips & salsa to soak it all up, or one of their yummy share plates, or even a curry, which is delish.

What to order: Painkiller, Zombie, chips & salsa, curry

Address: 4362 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. The Diamond

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - the diamond bar with bartender pouring drink
Photo Credits: Viranlly

This gorgeous gem boasts an unmatched old-world charm, and old-school glamor that would put anyone in the mood to just relax and drink! So, go there, and soon, because The Diamond is also renowned for its amazing cocktails, making it one heck of an awesome spot to stop for those late night drinks.

Beefeater, bittersweet vermouth, and orange bitters is what’s in The Vancouver, so get that first and toast with the city’s namesake. Try the Penicillin too, which is a mean mix of JW Black, laphroaig ginger, honey & lemon. For eats, there’s cured meats and cheeses (including vegan options,) and an array of delicious and filling snacks. 

What to order: The Vancouver, Penicillin, cured meats, cheeses

Address: 6 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9

Order Online: DoorDash

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

2. Botanist

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - botanist dining cocktail of deep cove with bartender handing drink
Photo Credits: Botanist

Step through a luxurious indoor garden, complete with huge columns and lush foliage, and enter into swanky and classy Botanist. There you’ll find a contemporary cocktail bar that can make all your favourites and introduce you to some inventive drinks that will WOW you. This spot made it to our Vancouver Food Bucket List too and for good reason!

If you’re looking for a drink that will leave an impression, go for the Deep Cove. It is a MASSIVE cocktail that is made with wavy cucumber ribbons, island gin, sea buckthorn liqueur and blue algae syrup in its contents, and served on a chunk of wood. I guarantee you you’ll be reaching out for your phone in wide-eyed enthusiasm when you see it being put infront of you,

Or, try their Rye ‘N Reynolds with cognac, amaro, cascara and nectarine oils. For food, dig into the Lamb Rack & Lamb Shank Duo, or if you like seafood, the Charred Ora King Salmon cannot be missed!

What to order: Deep Cove, Rye ‘N Reynolds, Lamb Rack & Lamb Shank Duo, Charred Ora King Salmon

Address: 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver B.C. Canada V6C 0B9

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

1. Keefer Bar

10 Best Cocktail Bars In Vancouver - the keefer bar
Photo Credits: The Keefer Bar

A hidden gem in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Keefer Bar is an award-winning cocktail bar (#2 in Canada’s 50 Best Bars) and a vibing dimly lit medical themed spot with an extensive drink menu of “remedies” and “cures”, that are inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

Their Alumni Cocktails are the bomb, and you’ll want to go for a Rosemary Gimlet if Beefeater is your jam, a Chinatown Sour with bourbon, or the Tokyo Drift with Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky, Ambre Vermouth, kumquat gomme, and “tobacco” bitters. If you’re hungry, there are bar snacks, Dim Sum, and yummy small plates to share.

P.S. Head next door to the yard for some mini-golf while you’re at it!

What to order: Alumni Cocktails, Rosemary Gimlet, Chinatown Sour, Tokyo Drift

Address: 135 Keefer Street, Vancouver Chinatown

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Curating a list of ten Cocktail Bars from the dazzling array of these gems in the city, took some work. So, we hope you hit them all up as soon as you can, and enjoy every experience to the fullest.

For your next foray into entertainment, why not visit a cool spot like Granville Island or one of Vancouver’s exciting neighbourhoods for a day of fun and adventure, great food, and relaxation?

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