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10 Best Edmonton Ramen Spots To Satisfy Your Ramen Cravings (+ what to order)

Ramen has always been one of Canada’s favorite foods. Edmonton, in particular, is a haven for ramen lovers. You’ll find all sorts of Japanese offerings across the city — from izakayas and omakases to sushi bars and bakeries.

But even with all this delectable bliss from Japanese cuisine, ramen remains one of the city’s most favorite dishes. So, we’ve rounded up ten of the best Edmonton ramen restaurants to satisfy your ramen cravings!

Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ramen ride!

1. Tokiwa Ramen

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Nothing beats a Japanese restaurant run by Japanese locals. Next on the list is Tokiwa, a fan-favorite ramen mecca showcasing homemade and traditional offerings.

Outside, you’ll be greeted by a contemporary facade that lures you in with excitement and wonder. Inside, Tokiwa boasts a minimalistic modern design highlighted by earth colors. With tall glass windows, you’ll see a restaurant always jam-packed with foodies!

Everything from their menu is top-notch and drool-worthy, but their Goma Goma, Yuzu Shio, and Black Garlic Ramen are the real deal!

The Goma Goma is nikumiso with chili oil drizzle, wood ear mushrooms, tamago, bean sprouts, Shanghai bok choi, and green onion. It’s not served with the usual pork chashu, but the chopped pork makes up for an impressive companion!

Their yuzu shio under their famous “six-hour chicken soup” is a prime dish made particularly special with Japanese citrus broth served with their own recipe of braised pork.

Lastly, you have the black garlic ramen, shoyu broth with black garlic oil, giving it an incredible depth and piquancy you can’t find elsewhere.

But plan ahead since Tokiwa is perpetually booked, and they sell out quickly. Don’t be surprised to see the “no more soup” sign; it’s normal! Plus, they’re only operating for limited hours. That’s how popular they are!

What to order: Goma Goma, Yuzu Shio, Black Garlic Ramen

Address: 11978 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0G6, Canada

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2. Nudoru Ramen Bar

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Established in 2016, Nudoru Ramen Bar is famous for introducing made-in-house noodles and baos to Edmonton. As the first to offer such treats, they sit on the ramen pantheon in the city.

With a ramen-centric menu, you’d think you’ll be upset by the limited number of items. But that’s where you’re wrong! All items are a must-order, but of course, that’s impossible—unless you have a vacuum inside you.

So instead, we’ll tell you a delicious secret: order the dragon ramen and tonkotsu ramen for their heavenly broth and the pork belly bao taco for the flavoursome mix of sesame sauce, hoisin, meat, and more.

The dragon ramen is super hot chili paste, pork shoulder, bean sprouts, pickled onion, and green onions—a paradise-in-a-bowl for spicy lovers, we must say. Their tonkotsu ramen is smoked bacon, pork belly, or pork shoulder sitting prettily atop expertly prepared noodles and broth.

Care to challenge your creative juices and ramen-making prowess? Nudoru allows you to create your own ramen so you can be in control of what goes in your noodles and whatnot!

Trust us, and you will not be disappointed. In fact, you’ll come back for more!

What to order: Dragon Ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen, Pork Belly Bao Taco, Create Your Own Ramen

Address: 10532 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. Yoshi Express

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Yoshi Express is the prime example of a phenomenal hole-in-the-wall. They’re a small restaurant offering one of the best ramens in the city. Ask a local, and they know what we’re talking about.

What awaits you at Yoshi is terrific food, friendly service, and homey atmosphere. With the owner personally serving your orders, you know how serious they are about making their guests comfortable.

Though you can dine inside this small restaurant, seating is limited to a few. But the quality of their takeouts is just as stellar! Dare we say, this is consistency at its finest.

Start your day right with Yoshi Express’  chicken karaage and takoyaki. Then, you must try their tonkotsu ramen, pork katsu curry bento, and chicken karaage to have a blast.

The ramen’s broth is creamy and spot-on exceptional with an abundance of toppings. You can opt for a spicy one if you’re up for a challenge!

Their bento boxes are amazing, particularly the two we mentioned above. The pork katsu is cooked to crisp perfection, making it the perfect partner for their sticky rice. 

With that said, Yoshi Express has truly mastered the art of providing authentic Japanese cuisine for reasonable prices!

What to order: Tonkontsu Ramen, Pork Katsu Curry, Japanese Croquette Bento

Address: 10443 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

4. Ramen Misoya Edmonton

Photo credits: Ramen Misoya

If we were to summarize the ramen at Ramen Misoya in one sentence, it would be something like this: Rich, satisfying broths alongside savory pieces of ingredients served in impressive proportions.

All of Misoya’s ramen are divine. But what stands out is their spicy golden Kome, golden Cheshire ramen, Tan Tan deluxe, and mango shrimp roll—they’ll stay in your mind for quite some time.

The golden Kome glows with aromatic chashu, shimmering tamago, golden broth, fried potatoes, cabbage, (and more) working together to create a rich, satisfying ramen dish with a little hint of sourness.

The same goes for their Tan Tan deluxe—flavourful, spicy, and savory served in generous portions overloaded with toppings! The mango shrimp salad roll is shrimp tempura wrapped with mango and mayo. Prepare for an outburst of fresh flavours!

But besides serving expertly prepared ramens and indulgent Japanese fare, Misoya is also known for their first-class service and aesthetically pleasing interior. You’ll have a lot of Instagrammable spots to choose from!

What to order: Spicy Golden Kome, Golden Cheshire Ramen, Mango Shrimp Salad Roll, Tan Tan Deluxe

Address: 10146 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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5. Dorinku Osaka

Photo credits: Dorinku Osaka

This second Dorinku on the list transports you to Osaka’s nightlife with their modern izakaya atmosphere. So, if you want to experience the famous Dotonbori street in Edmonton, don’t hesitate to visit them!

Complete with neon lights, funky vibes, and a large spacious patio, you’ll be temporarily free from any worry because the only thing you can think of is how wonderful the present moment is!

While you’re enjoying the laid-back atmosphere, order their pressed salmon sushi, shaka shaka fries, takoyaki, and of course, the infamous tonkotsu shio ramen and chicken peperone udon.

Dorinku Osaka’s tonkotsu features melt-in-your-mouth pork chashu, dancing with kaiware radish sprout, green onions, fried onion chips, and spicy pepper in a stage set in pork and chicken broth. 

The chicken peperone is Japanese udon noodles mixed with chicken, chili garlic oil, scallions, and green onion stem. To make the visit more memorable, order one of their featured cocktails! (Sakura Sour says hi!)

Dorinku gets packed with tourists and locals, so you better reserve a table to avoid waiting in lines. But waiting is a part of the journey to good food, and their dishes are very much worth it!

What to order: Tonkotsu Shio Ramen, Chicken Peperone Udon, Pressed Salmon Sushi, Shaka Shaka Fries, Sakura Sour

Address: 10328 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7, Canada 

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. Kazoku Ramen

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Kazoku (“family” in Japanese} is a fantastic family restaurant offering authentic, high-quality ramen with creamy and savory broth. They’re a famous spot in YEG known for their excellent food and the cute little green dinosaur at the front.

Kazoku pays great attention to detail. For instance, they only source locally produced ingredients to preserve their freshness. What’s more, Kazoku gives you much freedom by letting you grind your own sesame seeds. So, you get to control how much goes into your ramen.

The best way to start your Kazoku journey is to taste their gyoza, pork dumplings pan-fried to perfection. Then here comes the star of their menu: spicy miso dry ramen, spicy garlic miso, and squid karaage—you’ll be blown away by how delicious they are.

The spicy miso mazemen is a divine bowl of seasoned beef, poached egg, bamboo shoots, corn, shredded nori, and green onion. You might not be a fan of dry ramen yet, but with this one, you will be.

But if you’re craving for the classic broth and noodle combo, Kazoku’s spicy garlic miso will take your imagination elsewhere! The bean paste highlights the delicious union of miso, bamboo shoots, soft-boiled egg, fried and fresh garlic, and more.

Top it off with their cream soda, and you’re good to go!

What to order: Spicy Miso Mazemen, Spicy Garlic Miso, Gyoza, Squid Karaage, Japanese Cream Soda

Address: 16518 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 4Y2, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Dorinku Tokyo

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Dorinku Tokyo brings Japanese street food fare into Edmonton. Thanks to the relaxing atmosphere and exceptional food, they’re always bustling with tourists and locals.

Not many izakaya restaurants achieve their goals of making their customers stay, but Dorinku mastered the art of converting casual visitors into loyal patrons. But just a piece of advice; though they have a lot of seating, you better place a reservation to avoid long minutes of waiting.

Honestly, you can order anything from their inventive menu, nothing will let you down. That’s how phenomenal their selections are. But we couldn’t take our minds off their tonkotsu miso ramen, tomato kimchi, carbonara udon, and ginger ale.

The tonkotsu shio ramen is a heavenly noodle made with pork and chicken broth, pork chashu, kaiware radish sprouts, and the usual ramen spices. You’ll never forget how creamy and savory Dorinku Tokyo’s version of this fan favorite!

The carbonara udon may be a marriage of Japanese and Italian food, but Dorinku made it into an inventive dish that stands out on its own! Another item worth mentioning is their tomato kimchi—an interesting take on the Korean cabbage staple.

For the best “Itadakimasu!” experience, grab an order of their house-made ginger ale!

What to order: Tonkotsu Miso Ramen, Tomato Kimchi, Carbonara Udon, Ginger Ale

Address: 10205 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3X8, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Menjiro Ramen

Photo credits: Menjiro Ramen

Next, we have Menjiro Ramen, an incredible ramen joint specializing in tonkotsu ramen. If you’re looking for affordable ramen with a quality that can compete with top names, Menjiro is your best bet.

What makes Menjiro stand out is their freshly made noodles, which they take time and care to prepare every single day. Their artisans use Canadian flour to preserve the noodle’s freshness, so you’re sure their ramen is always prepared with passion and care.

Menjiro is consistent on all fronts. For example, take-out orders are neatly packed, separating the noodles from the broth and toppings. So whether you’re lounging in their dining room or sitting comfortably in your home, you can enjoy Menjiro’s offerings to the fullest!

You will never go wrong with their Japanese shoyu and tonkotsu shoyu ramen. Menjiro’s tonkotsu shoyu is their crowning glory. With a choice of either pork belly or pork shoulder, you’ll be wondering about the secrets behind the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and thick silky pork bone broth.

The “nostalgic” shoyu highlights the classic clear chicken broth, pork shoulder, bean sprouts, nori, and egg. They only have it in limited quantities daily, so be sure not to miss it! Oh, and you can also have it spicy!

Their takoyaki and okonomiyaki are also remarkable! Pro-tip: visit Menjiro with an empty stomach—you need all the spaces you have!

What to order: Nostalgic Japanese Shoyu, Tonkotsu Shoyu, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki

Address: 2920 Calgary Trail NW #109, Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Mikado Downtown

Photo credits: Mikado

Mikado changed Edmonton’s culinary landscape in 1972 by adding a hint of elegance alongside great traditional Japanese food and top-tier service. Since then, they have opened two more locations in the city—proof of their never-ending pursuit of serving authentic Japanese cuisine and spreading their colorful culture.

Mikado has these little rooms adorned with cute tatami chairs and a traditional Japanese table for intimate dining. You can bring in a group for a more authentic oriental feel as you let those chopsticks clash with delectable Japanese goodness.

Talking about goodness, Mikado’s noodles and bento boxes are out-of-this-world! At some locations you’ll find your usual choices of Shoyu, Shio and Tonkotsu ramen. But the star is their Nabeyaki udon. It comes in a ceramic pot of delightful shiitake mushroom, chicken, spinach, and tempura on the side.

For their lunch set, choose either the A-4 with beef shogayaki island chicken teriyaki or the vegetarian A-5 with vegetable sushi and vegetable tempura for lunch and beef bento for dinner.

Their deluxe sushi combo featuring decadent pieces of nigiri and hoso maki is another showstopper!

What to order: Nabeyaki Udon, Lunch Bento Box, Deluxe Sushi Combo

-10350 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4X9
-1903 98 St NW Edmonton, AB T6N 1L5
-9942 170 St NW Edmonton, AB T5T 5X4

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Sapporo Sushi Ramen and Bubble Tea

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Tucked away at the North End of Edmonton is Sapporo, a restaurant specializing in ramen, sushi, and bubble tea. If you want to savor delicious food while enjoying an order of boba, then they’re your best shot at appreciating both worlds.

Sapporo may be a small ramen joint, but their service and menu are comparable to the ones offered by famous, upscale restaurants. Plus, they want you to enjoy it while not worrying about the little things such as ordering for side dishes—their ramen comes in huge proportions!

The restaurant has changed their themes a couple of times, but they are consistent with their brand of serving nothing but the best. So, don’t hesitate to grab an order of tonkotsu ramen—meaty goodness dancing on a rich, flavourful broth of pork marrow bones. 

For rice lovers, you’ll be delighted with their beef bowl—pan-fried tender and juicy beef bathing in teriyaki sauce. And of course, don’t forget their powder bubble tea slush! Legend has it their mango rocks!

What to order: Tonkotsu Ramen, Beef Bowl, Powder Bubble Tea (Mango)

Address: 12818 82 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Website | Facebook

There you go! Now that you know which to visit should you crave ramen in Edmonton, you can easily dine at one or two of them and satisfy your desires. But if you’re not yet in the mood for some noodles, how about you check our list of best Edmonton restaurants for more options?