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12 Best Restaurants in Edmonton To Dine At This Year

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is not only famous for its wonderful wilderness but also widely known for its diverse cuisine, ranging from Indian, Italian, Korean, Japanese to Mexican, Vietnamese, and so on! 

Just like you, we too are super delighted to explore the whole inspiration of flavours and fare from all around the world gathering at Edmonton! Wait no longer, below are the 12 best restaurants in Edmonton guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Give each one a try if you can, because they are all worth it!

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12. Syphay Restaurant

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Having been serving for almost 20 years in Edmonton, Syphay Restaurant is the most decent Thai restaurant you must visit every time you’re in this town. There is a saying that, nothing except perhaps a vacation, can remind you of Thai food than Syphay.

Settle down with their all-time winners: Tohm Kha (Light Coconut Soup), Pineapple Curry, Pad Thai, and Pineapple Fried Rice. Tohm Kha comes up with mushrooms, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime leaves, and spices, be careful as you’ll have an instant crush on this spicy, slightly sweet, sour and herbal-ish soup! 

Pad Thai might be no stranger to all, but at Syphay, it is more flavourful than ever with chili tamarind sauce and secret mix-spices on top. Or the Pineapple Curry can have your heart at once thanks to its delightful, fresh yet delicious taste!

What to order: Tohm Kha, Tohm Yum, Pineapple Curry, Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Pad Curry Seafood.

Address: 9441 Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5H 2B2

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11. Bündok

Beef Tartare | Photo credits: Bundok

Bündok is a fine Canadian restaurant where you can find some new flavors and experiences for your date nights. With elegant decoration, cozy ambiance, crazy good food, Bündok has always been the apple of our eyes, and we bet soon will be yours!

For your first time visit here, try the Tuna Crudo and enjoy that fresh, bouncing texture with a citrusy flavor and small hint of spiciness from basil, chili. Don’t stop there, but go on with some Grill Striploin, drizzled with caramelized, garlic-y sauce, which is the star of the show! 

Plus, their Pork Sausage, a basic yet delicious dish, always nails it with a meaty, bold, and finger-licking mustard sauce that has a hint of sweetness to it. Yummy!

What to order: Tuna Crudo, Grill Striploin, Pork Sausage, Gnocchi Parisienne, Cider Braised  Pork Belly.

Address: 10228 104 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5J 1B8

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10. MESOBENA Restaurant

Chacha | Photo credits: Mesobena

If you’re looking for a place that ain’t like no other, Mesobena Restaurant is on the list! Serving Ethiopian cuisine in the most casual way, Mesobena is worth your visit not only for the huge variety of delicious dishes that hit the spot but also for the welcoming ambiance, connecting atmosphere this place has.

Don’t leave if you haven’t tried those famous dishes like Key Sir, Gored Gored, Kitfo, or Chacha. If you love Ethiopian food, then Key Sir might be no stranger, or indeed the soul of this cuisine for its tasty, soft texture, and unique aroma. 

For a taste bud kick, go for Gored Gored. A flavorful beef dish consists of raw cubes of beef, seasoned with nitter kibbeh, and local spice blends that create a perfect spicy paste, we must say!  

What to order: Key Sir, Gored Gored, Chacha, Kitfo, Egg Frittata.

Address: 10810 95 St, Edmonton, AB T5H 2E3

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9. Bistro Praha

Lamb Rack | Photo credits: Bistro Praha

Anytime you think of European-style dishes, think Bistro Praha! This is definitely the place if you want some authentic Goulash, Cabbage Soup, Wiener Schnitzel, and so on in a cozy, home-y spot. Why travel when you can experience the whole European cuisine at once at Bistro Praha?

Since their best-sellers include Grilled Chicken “Alcron”, Smoked Pork Shoulder, and Lamb Rack, we think you might want to start with them as well. While the chicken is simply seasoned, grilled to perfection, and still remains that tenderness, the pork shoulder is more complicated and flavorful in both aroma and taste, which brings so much excitement every time we try it!

Finally, the Lamb Rack. We can never resist that elegant scent of thyme, rosemary, and garlic when they are cooked together with lamb. The lamb its own tastes so good that you will keep coming back for more!

What to order: Hungarian Salami, Bistro Beef Goulash, Smoked Pork Shoulder, Grilled Chicken “Alcron”, Lamb Rack.

Address: 10117 101 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5J 0T4

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8. Padmanadi

Photo credits: Padmandi

To briefly describe, Padmanadi Restaurant is heaven for vegetarians and vegans in Edmonton. Having been served for nearly 20 years, Padmanadi has gained a reputation of being one of the best eateries in town with Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian plant-based dishes. Come and immerse yourself in this zen sanctuary with a cozy, relaxing feel.

Their menu is super extensive but you can first start with their signature Vegetable Spring Rolls, which is golden crispy fried, filled with shredded veggie, and served with sweet-sour plum dipping sauce. No dish can be more mouth-watering than this one!

Don’t forget to have some Ginger Beef because you can’t find this hidden gem elsewhere. Made from soy beef strips and cooked in sweet bell peppers, tangy ginger sauce, Ginger Beef is finger-licking good with that savory, spicy, slightly sweet taste!

Pro-tip: they do have monthly buffets, where you can get a bit of everything they serve on the menu. 

What to order: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Deep-Freid Wontons, Ginger Beef, Teriyaki Chicken, Tom Yum Fish.

Address: 10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, Canada

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Photo credits: yegfoodstory

Using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, RGE RD is inspired by dinners of family gatherings and neighbors on farms, strongly focused on wood fire cookey and whole animal butchery. Here, you’ll find the simplest yet tastiest dishes in such connecting vibe and super friendly ambiance at Edmonton!

In case you need a guide, Beef Tartare and Seared Sablefish are some good choices to start with. The classic French beef tartare comes up with cured egg yolk, pickled horseradish, and farro chips, which is meaty, bold, delicious, and acidic in every bite!

While the Seared Sablefish is fatty, rich, and paired with a perfect amount of white wine and lemon juice to balance the taste profile. Yum!

What to order: Beef Tartare, Seared Sablefish, Cappuccino Creme Brulee, Hunter’s Stew, Kitchen Board.

Address: 10643 – 123 Street Edmonton, AB T5M 1Z1

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6. Sabor Restaurant

Photo credits: yeg.baking

You can’t find anywhere more European-inspired than Sabor Restaurant, and that is the truth. Combining Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian cuisine in one place, you can always find yourself a favourite dish when visiting Sabor. With a rustic yet elegant atmosphere, along with live music every weekend, Sabor is undoubtedly your next go-to!

If you haven’t tried their Classic Lobster Bisque, you haven’t been to Sabor. This rich, creamy, slightly sweet lobster bisque can be a heavenly entree with such perfect harmony in taste profile. Your taste buds are going to thank you for this!

Keep your journey going with the Signature Lobster Risotto, and enjoy the fresh, flavorful taste of the sea from the claws, lobster, shell, and you will never regret trying this masterpiece.

What to order: Classic Lobster Bisque, Seafood Paella, Signature Lobster Risotto, Lamb Rack, Smoked Duck Carpaccio.

Address: 10220 103 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 4A1

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5. Tzin Wine & Tapas

Photo credits: alberta.foodie

Tzin Wine & Tapas, in short, is the most charming wine and tapas bar in Edmonton for date nights. Offering an extensive wine list from around the world, Tzin Wine & Tapas has our heart at the very first moment since we had the chance to adore its stunning food & drink, dimming lights, romantic ambiance, and cozy atmosphere.

Don’t leave without trying their Wild Boar Meatballs, which are juicy, tender, and surprisingly tasty with black garlic, herbs, and some Jack Daniels. Those really push the spiciness yet create a comfortable herbal-ish aroma. 

Or you can also try the Paella, the simple yet mouth-watering choice of all time! At Tzin, it comes up with side stripe prawns, jerk marinated chicken, saffron, mango oil, rice, and spices that create a balanced taste of sweet-sour-salty that you can’t find elsewhere!

What to order: Wild Boar Meatballs, Lamb Albondigas, Paella, Seared Scallops, Pork Lion.

Address: 10115 104 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9

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4. Dang Good Restaurant

Pho Satay | Photo credits: therealsoupnation

Wondering how the authentic taste of Vietnamese food gonna be? Pay a visit to Dang Good Restaurant! We have always loved Dang Good for its comforting Vietnamese food, friendly service, extensive choices, and clean-cute decoration. We bet you will too!

They are all too good to point out any specific dishes, but the signature of Dang Good that you must always get are Pho Beef Sate, Coconut Seafood Soup, and Deep-fried Spring Rolls. People are lining up for these! 

The Pho Beef Sate is probably the best-seller with flavorful broth with hints of herbs, beef fillet, rice noodle, and spicy peanut sate soup. The more you eat, the more flavors grow in your palate! Their spring rolls are fried to perfection with grounded pork, veggie, and cellophane noodle inside, dip them in their secret fish sauce to truly see the bomb!

What to order: Pho Beef Sate, Wonton Soup, Coconut Seafood Soup, Deep-fried Spring Rolls, Mango Salad, Fresh Salad Rolls.

Address: 13308-118 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5L 2L8

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3. Uccellino

Photo credits: Uccellino

Nestled in the heart of Edmonton, Uccellino is where you can find some of the most modern and creative Italian dishes in the neighbourhood. Besides serving numerous choices of Italian dishes, you can also experience their Tasting Menu available every weekend (full of surprise, we have to admit). Consistently good food, charming decoration, elegant atmosphere, enough reasons to pay a visit!

Settle down with their famous Arancini, Pollo Al Mattone, and House-made Goat Ricotta, you can never go wrong! The arancini, without a doubt, can easily seduce your palate with its gooey, cheesy, and crispy texture. While the Pollo Al Mattone comes up with the crispiest chicken skin and most decent aroma ever; that Goat Ricotta is probably the most simplistic but stunning dish of all. 

What to order: Aranchini, House-made Goat Ricotta, Pollo Al Mattone, Paccheri, Icelnadic Cod.

Address: 10349 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7

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2. Normand’s Restaurant

Photo credits: Normand’s Restaurant

Searching for a fine dining experience in Edmonton? Normand’s Restaurant is second to none! Offering a wide variety of exclusive French dishes, cozy ambiance, and chilling atmosphere, how can we not choose Normand’s for a special night, or whenever you feel like treating yourself? This place ticks all the boxes!

Never miss their signature – Mushroom Soup – for starters. Trust us, this rich, deep soup is the pure essence of mushroom and probably to-die-for! Keep going with the Filet Mignon that is nicely cooked and perfectly paired with peppercorn sauce on top. Juicy and tasty as ever!

Seasonal Curried Vegetables, with 2 styles, is also a good choice. You can choose either the curried cream or curried tomato sauce, they both taste like heaven! 

What to order: Mushroom Soups, Filet Mignon, Seasonal Curried Vegetables, Alberta Wild Boar, Soup Of The Day.

Address: 11639 Jasper Ave Nw Edmonton, AB T5K 0M9

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1. Vivo Ristorante

Photo credits: Vivo Ristorante

Bringing back the traditional Italian taste to modern life, Vivo Ristorante is our all-time favorite spot for family gatherings with stunning Italian food, serving in large bowls and platters that are meant to be shared with others. Come for the food, and stay for the home-y, cozy, warm atmosphere here! 

Everything is simply delicious by all means, but what really stands out are their Rigatoni, Pan Seared Scallops, and the famous Roasted Brussels Sprouts! The rigatoni comes up with homemade pork sausage cooked in red wine, spicy tomato sauce, and lemon mascarpone. This dish tastes so much like heaven that you might want to lick the plate!

The scallops are no less mouth-watering, you will soon be seduced by that mildly sweet flavor, caramelized crust, together with the butternut squash that complemented the scallops nicely.

What to order: Rigatoni, Capesante, Pan Seared Scallops, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Risotto di Aragosta

Address: 18352 Lessard Rd Edmonton, AB T6M 2W8

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Edmonton is rising and becoming the place to go in Alberta thanks to the inventive, creative gastronomy. You will find yourself falling in love with the Italian cuisine in every bite of pasta, or simply adore Canadian restaurants that turn age-old recipes into magical stuff with punchy flavors.

Any time you have a chance to drop a visit to Edmonton, don’t forget to give these options a try! Keep yourself updated with our choices for the best restaurants in Calgary.