10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Vancouver & What To Order (2024)

Vancouver’s vibrant food scene is enriched by its diverse array of ethnic eateries, with Mexican restaurants standing out for their lively atmosphere and flavourful dishes.

Whether you’re seeking cozy comfort or a spicy adventure, these spots offer memorable dining experiences.

Quick recommendations: Maizal RMF for authentic tacos and La Mezcaleria for a trendy vibe and excellent cocktails.

Check out these 10 best Mexican restaurants in the city for a true taste of Mexico.

1. Maizal RMF

Photo Credits: st.patrics_fundraiser

A gem in Mount Pleasant, Maizal RMF (Real Mexican Flavour) offers a truly authentic taco experience. Their homemade Horchata and freshly prepared tortillas enhance the flavours of their dishes.

Must-tries include the Mole Chicken Taco and their signature Fish Taco, each exploding with flavour. Don’t miss out on their Pork Quesadilla or their loaded rice bowls with a variety of meat or veggie options and corn tortillas.

What to order: Mole Chicken Taco, Fish Taco, Pork Quesadilla, churros

Address: 2815 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5T 3G1

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2. Brunch Vancouver

Photo Credits: Brunch Vancouver

A hub for authentic Mexican cuisine, Brunch Vancouver is a favorite for foodies. They offer a great selection of breakfast and lunch dishes, complemented by a wide range of cocktails. Highlights include the Monte Cristo Sandwich and the popular chilaquiles with red salsa. Pair your meal with a mojito, margarita, candied bacon, or fluffy pancakes.

What to order: Monte Cristo Sandwich, chilaquiles with red salsa, mojito, margarita, candied bacon, pancakes

Address: 1147 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M1

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3. Sal Y Limon

Photo Credits: Sal Y Limon

Known for quick lunches and amazing flavours, Sal y Limon is a go-to eatery for Mexican cuisine. Located in a bustling shopping center, this spot is famous for its delicious Burritos, Tortas, and the best Quesadillas.

The fish and shrimp dishes, deep-fried to perfection, are standout items. Wash down your meal with traditional Mexican Beer or a refreshing Homemade Horchata for a complete dining experience.

What to order: Burrito, Tortas, battered deep-fried fish and shrimp, Quesadillas, Mexican Beer, Homemade Horchata

-701 Kingsway #5, Vancouver, BC V5T 3K6
-Unit #10, 2428 160th, Surrey, BC V3Z 0C8

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4. Chancho Tortilleria

Photo credits: chancho tortilleria

At Chancho Tortilleria, the belief that a great tortilla makes a great taco is evident in their daily fresh tortillas, made using corn from independent Mexican farms. Located in an unassuming spot, this eatery offers a genuine Mexican culinary experience. Favourites include the Maciza (pork shoulder) filled tortillas and Tortas with Campechano.

Enhance your meal with their selection of natural wines or chilled Mexican beer for an authentic taste.

Tip: On your way out, grab a stack of tortillas to take with you, or get yourself one of their special Backyard Kits, for those lazy weekend meals.

What to order: corn tortillas, Tortas with Campechano, Mexican beer

Address: 2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2

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5. La Mezcaleria

Photo Credits: La Mezcaleria

La Mezcaleria, a trendy and stylish venue, is ideal for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner. Known for its fresh, flavourful food, excellent cocktails, tequila, and mezcal, it’s a popular destination for food lovers. Don’t miss their Amigos Flight, featuring Guacamole, Ceviche, and Pico de Gallo Salsa.

Their signature molten cheese fondue, served in a volcanic stone bowl, is a must-try, along with their delicious tacos, fajitas, and seafood offerings.

What to order: Amigos Flight, cheese fondue, tacos, fajitas

Address: 1622 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y4

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6. Mi Casa Mexicana

Photo Credits: Mi Casa Mexicana

For a dive into authentic Mexican cuisine, Mi Casa Mexicana is a delightful place to dine. Relax and enjoy dishes made with the freshest ingredients, cooked with passion and care. Start your meal with their award-winning Pozole Rojo, a hearty traditional soup, and try the Pambazo or a veggie Gordita. Pair your meal with a selection of wines, Mezcal, or tequila for an enhanced experience.

What to order: Pozole Rojo, Pambazo, Gordita, Mezcal

Address: 2015 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6J 1M3

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7. Tacofino

Photo credit: Amy Ho

Originating from a surf shop parking lot, Tacofino has grown into a family-owned establishment with multiple themed outlets across the country. Each location offers unique menu items and a lively atmosphere. Famous for their fish tacos, the eatery also serves up delicious burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and soups.

Their cocktails are known for perfectly complementing the meals, making Tacofino a must-visit for a casual and enjoyable dining experience.

What to order: burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, fish tacos, soups

-Hastings Sunrise 2327 E Hastings St, Vancouver BC
-Yaletown Burrito Bar 1025 Mainland St, Vancouver BC
-Gastown Burrito Bar 15 W Cordova St, Vancouver BC
-Downtown Pink Truck – Howe & Robson, Vancouver, BC
-Tacofino Oasis – 122-1050 W Pender, Vancouver, BC
-Mount Pleasant Ocho – 8 E 5th Avenue, Van
-Tofino Original Truck – 1184 Pacific Rim Hwy, Tofino, BC

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8. La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

Photo Credits: La Tacqueria

La Taqueria began with the goal of bringing Mexican street food to Vancouver and has since expanded to multiple locations. Using traditional recipes and local, organic ingredients, they offer a range of unique flavours and memorable meals. Their sopa de tortilla, Baja Fish Taco, Lengua Taco with habanero salsa, and vegetarian Hongos Con Kale are highly recommended, showcasing the rich diversity of Mexican cuisine.

What to order: sopa de tortilla, Baja Fish Taco, Hongos Con Kale, Lengua Taco

-322 W Hastings Street Vancouver, BC
-586 Hornby St. Vancouver, BC
-2450 Yukon St. Vancouver BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. El Caracol Café

Photo Credits: nghiemxhuynh

Specializing in authentic Mexican, Honduran, and Salvadoran street food, El Caracol Café offers a cozy, no-frills dining experience. The café is known for its friendly service and delicious food, making it a popular choice among locals. Their Pupusas are particularly famous, along with other dishes like Yuca Con Chicaron and Enchiladas, providing an authentic taste of Central American street food.

What to order: Pupusas, Yuca Con Chicaron, Enchiladas

Address: 5190 Victoria Dr Vancouver, BC V5P 3V2


10. Gringo

best mexican restaurant in vancouver - gringo gastown interior colourful bar stools
Photo Credits: blancbleu_

Nestled in Blood Alley, Gringo is a casual and vibrant spot perfect for unwinding after a long day. Known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent food, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy a meal. Start with the spicy, cheesy Queso Chippy Dippy and a Poor Man’s Sangria cocktail.

Their selection of Dillas, Tacos, Burritos, and hearty Bowls, coupled with another round of cocktails, make for a fulfilling and enjoyable dining experience.

What to order: Queso Chippy Dippy, Poor Man’s Sangria, Dillas, Tacos, Burritos, Bowls, Berra Colada

Address: 27 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver, BC V6B 0C4

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That wraps up our list of Best Mexican Food spots in beautiful Vancouver, you do not want to miss out on, and we hope you try out a few, if not all of them.

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