15 Best Midtown Restaurants in NYC To Eat At In 2024 (+ What To Order)

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From fancy spots for romantic dates to a home-like, cozy place that is perfect for you to waste your night with family and friends.

Quick Recommendations: Butter and Kochi

And, of course, the food quality in every restaurant is phenomenal! 

So, don’t let us hold you any longer! Here is the list of the best Midtown restaurants in NYC for you to dine at: 

1. Butter

Stepping into the plush elegance of Midtown’s Butter, you’re immediately enveloped by an ambiance that marries sophistication with comfort. 

The Gnocchi “Mac & Cheese” is a divine revolution of a classic, featuring ethereally light gnocchi enveloped in a sumptuously creamy cheese sauce, redefining comfort food. 

Meanwhile, the Smoked Double-Cut Berkshire Pork Chop, with its tender, juicy cut and a side of perfectly roasted garnet yams, promises a melt-in-your-mouth experience that splendidly rounds out an exquisite dining venture.

What to order: Gnocchi “Mac & Cheese”, Smoked Double-Cut Berkshire Pork Chop, Grilled White Cloud Cauliflower

Address: 70 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

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2. Kochi

For those intrigued by the allure of modern Korean flavors, Kochi presents a nine-course tasting menu that artfully weaves tradition with culinary innovation. 

The A5 Wagyu, known for its buttery texture, provides an almost ethereal dining experience, while the duck option impresses with its tenderness, complemented by black garlic truffle and barley risotto. 

Situated in a cozy yet chic setting, Kochi is fine dining without the stiff formalities, ideal for a relaxed yet sophisticated outing.

What to order: Duck or A5 Wagyu, Halibut, Ice Cream

Address: 652 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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3. The Modern

The Modern offers a two-Michelin-starred dining experience that perfectly marries art with culinary innovation. 

For an intimate peek into haute cuisine, the Kitchen Table experience provides an unobstructed view of the kitchen’s dynamism, accompanied by an exclusive tasting menu crafted by Executive Chef Thomas Allan. 

For ala carte, don’t miss the ‘Eggs On Eggs On Eggs,’ a dish that artfully layers poached eggs with caviar and pickled shallots on crunchy brioche, exemplifying the restaurant’s mastery of texture and flavor. 

What to order: Eggs On Eggs On Eggs, The Kitchen Table Experience

Address: 9 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019

Website | Instagram 

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4. Empellon

Bask in warmth of Empellón’s autumn-hued setting, where Mexican flavors embraces upscale American cuisine. 

Begin your culinary adventure with their Guacamole with Seven Salsas, each escalating in heat for an exciting taste. 

Their Fish Tempura Tacos is lauded for their succulent fish and addictive tartar sauce. 

Cap off the meal with the visually deceptive and delightful Avocado dessert—a whimsical creation of avocado-lime puree, mimicking its namesake fruit, set on a refreshing bed of Mexican shaved ice and eucalyptus yogurt.

What to order: Guacamole with Seven Salsas, Fish Tempura Tacos, Avocado

Address: 510 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

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At Sesamo, you’re about to experience next-level Italian taste. 

A fantastic choice is the Duck Ragu Rigatoni, a fusion of confit duck and aromatic garam masala in a savory tomato base. 

As you enjoy the intimate ambiance, consider indulging in the unique Black Tea Crème Brûlée for dessert, where smoky tea nuances elevate the classic custard. 

With each bite, Sesamo proves that innovative flavor pairings can create a core memory.

What to order: Duck Ragu Rigatoni, Black Tea Creme Brûlée, Burrata, Coconut Miso Salmon

Address: 764 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

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6. Hutong New York

Immerse yourself in the glamour of the 1920s at Hutong, where Northern Chinese cuisine takes center stage. 

Their art deco style is a nod to the theatrical presentation of dishes like the Whole Flaming Duck, which is flambeed with Chinese rose wine to enhance its crispy skin. 

For dessert, the Bao & Soy Milk is sweetness with a white chocolate shell filled with sesame mousse and caramel. 

What to order: Roasted Peking Duck, Bao & Soy Milk, Wagyu Beef Millefeuille, Kou Shui Chicken 

Address: 731 Lexington Avenue, Inside Beacon Courtyard, New York, NY 10022

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7. STK Steakhouse Midtown NYC

STK Steakhouse Midtown NYC captivates with its chic, high-energy atmosphere. 

The filet, when served with truffle butter, offers a taste of decadence, while the roasted lamb rack with rosemary jus underscores a commitment to flavorful finesse. 

You will definitely enjoy in the Wagyu Burger, a premium treat paired with caramelized onions. Not a fan of steak? Then the Lobster Tails says hi.

What to order: Filet, Filet with Lobster Tail, Wagyu Burger & Fries

Address: 1114 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

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8. The Halal Guys

Halal Guys is famous for their robust flavors and unbeatable prices. 

Their Combo Platter, a hearty mix of beef gyro and chicken, served over fragrant seasoned rice with crisp lettuce, screams satisfaction from all fronts. 

The legendary White Sauce enhances every item, transforming simple dishes into masterpieces. 

Whether it’s the queue or the generous portions, each visit to this iconic yellow cart is a deep dive into Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, complete with their hot sauce for the daring.

What to order: Combo Platter, Chicken Platter, White Sauce

Address: 6th Avenue &, W 53rd St, New York

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9. Totto Ramen Midtown East

Totto Ramen introduces a refreshing twist on traditional Japanese dishes, taking pride in delicious ramen that has won over locals. 

The restaurant’s Tuna Don is a must-try, presenting fresh tuna over rice, elevated by a rich soy and sesame dressing. 

For a heartier option, the Fried Chicken Ramen, with its crispy chicken and bold broth, perfectly balances flavor and texture.

What to order: Tuna Don, Fried Chicken Ramen, Spicy Ramen

Address: 248 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022

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10. Peak Restaurant & Bar

Perched high above Midtown, Peak Restaurant & Bar is a top-notch dining destination with stunning vistas that stretch to the Statue of Liberty. 

Start with Hudson Valley Foie Gras, melding blackberry with hazelnut biscotti for a lush beginning. 

Their Halibut entrée impresses with its flaky texture, enhanced by a flavorsome mix of fava beans, artichoke, and tomato. 

Conclude with their inventive deconstructed Cheesecake, where almond nougatine meets the bright notes of persimmon and cranberry sorbet.

What to order:  Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Halibut, Beef Short Rib, Cheesecake, Maine Lobster

Address: 30 Hudson Yards 101st floor, New York, NY 10001

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11. Marea

The relaxing elegance of Marea is where sophistication seamlessly blend with comfort. 

Their signature dish, Astice, pairs sumptuously sweet lobster with creamy burrata and a richly flavored eggplant concoction. 

Not to be outdone, the Fusilli is a captivating choice with red wine-braised octopus and bone marrow, creating a depth of umami that lingers. 

What to order: Astice, Fusilli, Risotto Alll’aragosta, Tiramisu

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12. Grand Central Oyster Bar

For seafood lovers wandering through Grand Central, the Oyster Bar is a historical gem that offers a dive into oceanic delights. 

Within its iconic setting, characterized by terracotta arches and an old-world charm, you can indulge in exquisitely shucked oysters or the richly satisfying New England Clam Chowder. 

The Stews Pan Roast, a creamy concoction of mixed seafood, is a feast for the eyes that echoes the freshness of the sea. 

What to order: New England Clam Chowder, Stews Pan Roast, Oysters, Lobster Rolls

Address: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

Website | Instagram | Facebook

13. Los Tacos No.1

At Los Tacos No.1, the authentic taste of Mexico shines right in the heart of Chelsea Market. 

The Adobada Taco, with its tender marinated pork and rich spices, is an explosion of flavors in every bite. 

For those who favor beef, the Carne Asada combines juicy meat with salsa, wrapped in a soft taco shell for a delicious treat. 

Quick service means a swift yet memorable meal – a must-visit for those near Times Square.

What to order: Adobada Taco, Carne Asada

Address: 229 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

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14. Felice 56

Felice 56 welcomes guests with the essence of the Tuscan countryside, where traditional dishes glow under dimly lit candles. 

Begin your meal with the Crostino Toscano with creamy chicken liver mousse, onion confit, and crispy sage atop a soft tartine. 

The Nizzarda di Salmone, whether chosen with seared wild salmon or smoky grilled chicken, balances rich flavors with creamy hard-boiled eggs and sun-dried tomatoes, promising a deeply satisfying dining.

What to order: Crostino Toscano, Nizzarda di Salmone, Cavolfiore Al Forno, Spaghetti Carbonara 

Address: 15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Website | Instagram | Facebook

15. The Original Soup Kitchen

The Original Soup Kitchen is a cozy escape where the soup is always steaming and ready to soothe your soul. Here, “art, not soup.” 

The Lobster Bisque is how tender lobster mingles with a creamy, vibrant soup—perfect for bread dipping. 

For a spicy treat, the Jambalaya packs a punch with its strong blend of chicken, shrimp, sausage, and Cajun spices. 

Does this soup sanctuary sound familiar? It should, as it’s straight out of a Seinfeld episode!

What to order: Lobster Bisque, Jambalaya

Address: 259A W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

We’ve hoped that the list above has helped you make your decision! If you’re looking for the same thing in Brooklyn, we’ve had everything prepared.

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