13 Best Private Room Restaurants In Vancouver For An Intimate Gathering Or Corporate Function

Planning to host an amazing party for a special occasion in a restaurant private room Vancouver?

Looking for an exclusive space for private dining in Vancouver to enjoy one-on-one time with your partner?

Hoping to close a business deal with a client over a luncheon in a private dining room Vancouver? Or, in search of private rooms restaurants where your family and friends can get together for an exciting birthday party?

From fine dining to cafe-style restaurants, sushi to Italian, the following is a list of the best private room restaurants in Vancouver that offer different spaces to host you for lunch or dinner.

13. Quan Ju De

Photo credits: quan ju de

With its rich heritage dating way back to more than 150 years, Quan Ju De is a world-renowned Asian restaurant chain, widely known for their exemplary Peking Duck. The restaurant in Vancouver is named iDen & Quan Ju De Beijing Duck House, because this is the first ever 5D restaurant in Canada, taking fine dining and private dining to a whole new level.

With fully immersive wall screens and animation projections, your private dining experience at Quan Ju De Vancouver will be out of this world. If you want your event to make a mark in the minds of the people you host, this 5D dining experience will deliver. With capacity to accommodate both small and large crowds, planning your event will be a breeze.

Address: 2808 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2V5, Canada

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12. Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant

Photo credits: neptune seafood palace

Home for some of the best tasting Dim Sum dishes in Canada, Neptune Palace Seafood Restaurant is your fancy white table cloth Chinese restaurant that specializes in seafood, but also offers other items that are equally delicious.

While the main dining room of the restaurant is quite large, you can book one of their private rooms in advance if you wish to have a private dining experience with a small group of people. They also design different theme menus for your event or festival needs.

Address: U308-470 Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V5X 0C4

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11. Glowbal

The Executive Room | Photo credits: glowbal

No matter how many different cuisines you try, North American cuisine is never boring! Glowbal, located in TELUS Garden – the new architectural spectacle in Vancouver, serves stripped down North American cuisine, featuring ingredients from all across the continent. Their exclusive group menus give you an opportunity to enjoy the best of the diverse North American cuisine.

Here, you can pick from the biggest selection of private dining rooms for your next event, and to say that each of these spaces carry a distinct personality will be an understatement.

The Gold Room – Featuring glittering gold wallpaper, this room can accommodate up to 60 people.

The Marilyn Room – As the name suggests, this room features etchings of Marilyn Monroe’s famous poses, and can seat up to 12 members.

The Executive Room – Perfect for business meetings or events over lunch/dinner, this space can host up to 14 guests.

An exciting addition to these private dining spaces at Glowbal is their recently redesigned all-weather and heated outdoor space, which will be perfect for intimate weddings, birthdays, and other events.

Gold Room-accommodate 60 people
-multiple arrangements available
-gold wallpaper
-group menu available
Marilyn Room-12 seats
-featuring Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose etching
-lounge seating
-two flatscreen tv’s
-dining area
-group menu available
Executive Room-14 seats

Address: 590 West Georgia, TELUS Garden, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3

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10. Afghan Horsemen Restaurant

Cushion Room | Photo credits: afghan horsemen

Treat your party with a yummy, flavorful, filling, and memorable meal from the Afghan Horsemen Restaurant in Vancouver. As the very first Afghan restaurant in Canada, this place has been serving the cuisine for over 45 years, and the fact that it is still holding its fort is no joke!

At the Afghan Horsemen Restaurant Vancouver, you can host group dinners with gourmet sharing platters and belly dancing (upon request). You can also choose between regular table & chair seating, the cushion room with floor seating, and patio seating.

Address: 202-1833 Anderson Street (2nd floor), Vancouver, BC

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9. Brix & Mortar

Photo credits: brix & mortar

If your plan is to host a sophisticated cocktail party, there could be no better place to host it than Brix & Mortar. The uniqueness of this restaurant is that they have different areas that will be perfect for different events; like the glass-covered courtyard and the outdoor patio illuminated by seven-tier glass chandeliers, which will be perfect for intimate weddings and other events as well. Not to mention, their food is top-notch!

With two patios, two floors, a large dining hall, and multiple semi-private nooks all around the restaurant, Brix & Mortar allows you to choose their venue for your event in different configurations.

Host up to 120 guests for a stand-up reception/cocktail-style event.

If you are hosting a sit-down dinner, they offer a 90 guest capacity space.

There is a private room that can seat up to 24 guests.

A covered and heated patio where you can host a private dinner for up to 32 guests.

Private Room-24 seats
-private virtual room tour
Courtyard-32 seats
-covered and heated

Address: 1138 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2X6

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8. CinCin

Photo credits: cincin

If handmade pasta and fine wine is your idea of being an amazing host of a memorable event, CinCin is the place to be. Rightly described as a “feast of the senses”, this restaurant serves modern Italian cuisine, everything rendered to deliciousness over fruitwood charcoal.

CinCin offers a variety of private and semi-private spaces that can be rented for different events and occasions. Whether you are hosting a formal business dinner, or an informal wedding reception, there is likely to be a space in CinCin that interests you.

Private Wine Room – Table configuration for 30 people (sit-down).

Grill Room – This exclusive space can accommodate up to 108 people for a sit-down dinner and 240 people for a reception-style event.

Covered, Heated Terrace – 50 people sit-down, 50 people reception-style.

Bar + Lounge – 15 people sit-down and 40 people reception-style

You can also buyout the entire restaurant to host 180 people in a sit-down event and 260 people reception-style.

Private Wine Room-30 seats
-group menus available
Grill Room-108 seats or 240 people reception-style
-group menus available
Terrace-50 seats or 50 people reception-style
-covered and heated
-group menus available
Bar + lounge-15 seats or 40 people reception style
-group menus available
Full restaurant-180 seats or 260 people reception-style
-group menus available

Address: 1154 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 1B2

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7. Chambar

Photo credits:chambar

Awarded the Best Independent Restaurant for consecutive times, Chambar is an elegant and stylish space serving innovative Belgian food and sustainable seafood, along with a wide selection of wine and beer. From simple, delicious, and classic waffles, to sophisticated and melt-in-the-mouth duck confit, their menu will leave you speechless!

Chambar has a chic and rustic exposed-brick private dining space where you can host your next event or party for 12 people or more. Educational events or conferences, birthdays or retirement parties, fundraisers or weddings, the space can be transformed to cater your event just the way you like it.

Address: 568 Beatty Street, Crosstown, Vancouver BC, Canada V6B 2L3

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6. Miku

Photo credits: miku

Located right on the waterfront in Downtown Vancouver, Miku is a Japanese restaurant known for introducing the popular Aburi (flame-seared) sushi in the country. The restaurant’s menu is a delightful combination of fresh West Coast ingredients and Japanese flavors, showcasing the best of both worlds.

The Blue Sky private dining room at Miku can seat up to 20 guests at one table, or 21 to 24 guests at a maximum of 3 tables within the room.

In addition, you can also rent their main dining area, which can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests per table.

Blue Sky-20 seats at one table or 21 – 24 seats at 3 tables
Main dining room-12 seats per table
-buy out

Address: 70-200 Granville Street, Granville Square, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1S4

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5. Blue Water Cafe

Photo credits: bluewater cafe

Innovative West Coast dishes crafted from sustainably sourced seafood – if that description sounds exactly like what you are looking for in terms of food for your upcoming event, then Blue Water Cafe is what you are after!

Blue Water Cafe offers a variety of private room options to suit individual requirements:

Pacific Room – Accommodates 80 people sit-down and 120 people reception-style.

Oceans Room – Accommodates 60 people for sit-down dining and 70 people reception-style, with a private entrance, and washroom + kitchen.

Arctic Room – Semi-private room that can host 24 people sitting down and 40 people reception-style.

Atlantic Room – Sit-down space for 46 members and reception-style for 50 members.

Terrace – Covered and heated, 60 people sit-down and 125 people reception.

Dining Room – 170 sit-down and 350 people reception-style.

Restaurant + Pacific Room – 240 people sit-down and 450 reception-style.

And when you know that this restaurant has made it to our Best Downtown Vancouver Restaurants list, it is a given that the food is going to be extraordinary.

Pacific Room-80 seats and 120 people reception-style
Ocean Room-80 seats and 70 people reception-style
-private entrance, washroom, and kitchen
Artic Room (semi-private)24 seats and 40 people reception-style
Atlantic Room-46 seats and 50 people reception-style
Terrace-60 seats and 125 people reception-style
-covered and heated
Dining Room-170 seats and 350 people reception-style
Restaurant + Pacific Room-240 seats and 450 reception style

Address: 1095 Hamilton Street (@ Helmcken), Yaletown, Vancouver BC

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4. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio False Creek

Photo credits: Ancora

Another seafood haven that highlights the bounty of the West Coast, in the form of Peruvian and Japanese-inspired food, is Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio False Creek. With ingredients sourced both locally and internationally, this restaurant is set out to satisfy the culinary desires of diners from different cultures, and excels in the same.

At Ancora False Creek, you can choose from different configurations to host your event. With arrangements to accommodate anywhere from 10 to 120 people, this place also brings to you customized group menus that are sure to satisfy the expectations of your guests.

Their Private Room can seat up to 24 members and has a beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass overlook of the restaurant’s main dining room and marina.

There is also a Semi-Private room, which can host 38 guests seated and 60 guests reception-style.

They also offer their main dining room for buyouts, and this space can accommodate 55 people for sit-down dinners and 150 to 160 people for stand up reception-style events.

Private Room-24 seats
-complimentary HD audio/visual equipment
MEZZANINE LEVEL Semi-private-38 seats or 60 guests reception style
MAIN DINING ROOM Semi-private-55 seats or 150 guests reception style
-buy out

Address: 1600 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V7T 2P9

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3. Water St. Cafe

Photo credits: water st. cafe

As one of the best romantic restaurants in Vancouver, Water St. Cafe packs in a historic significance by being located in a stone-clad heritage building, overlooking the steam clock in the heart of Gastown. Featuring the freshest of produce and products direct from local suppliers, the restaurant will make your event a memorable one with their mouth watering dishes.

For private dining, whether it is for birthdays, themed parties, or even corporate events, Water St. Cafe offers two dining rooms of different capacities.

The Fireplace Room is their smaller room, which is designed to accommodate up to 13 people, for you to enjoy a private, intimate, and cozy dining experience.

The Steam Clock view room is their larger option, capable of seating up to 45 members for any type of event.

Both these rooms come with a full PA system and built-in AV equipment for entertaining guests with live music. They also extend restaurant buyout options if you are looking to host a larger group.

Fireplace Room-13 seats
-PA system
-built-in AV equipment
-group menu available
Steam Clock View Room-45 seats
-PA system
-built-in AV equipment
-group menu available
view of the iconic Steam Clock

Address: 300 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

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2. Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Photo credits: boulevard

If you would like to boast to your crowd the best of seafood that Vancouver has to offer, you cannot go wrong with the Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar. Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, this place is popular for its uncompromising hospitality, and of course, its showcase of fresh seafood.

The Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar offers a centerfold private dining room that can be hired for events and gatherings to host up to 48 guests seated-style.

If your event will be reception-style, you can host up to 80 guests in the space, and the number can go up to 100 by adding adjoining available spaces.

Furthermore, they also offer the option of restaurant buyout, with a total capacity to host 200 guests.

Gerard Lounge, nuzzled in the southwest corner of the Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, is another place you can rent here, and will be ideal to host cocktail parties. Known as one of the most iconic cocktail bars in Vancouver, this spot features leather chairs, violin wood-panelled walls, and a fireplace to make you feel like you are in an English club.

Centerfold private dining room-48 seats
-multi-course menus
Reception style room-accommodate 80 -100 guests
-multi-course menus
Gerard Lounge-cocktail bar
-leather chairs

Address: 845 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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1. L’Abattoir Restaurant

Photo credits: l’abattoir

Located in the heart of Gastown, L’Abattoir specializes in French-inspired cuisine that can be enjoyed in a comfortable yet refined setting. Featured in our Best Fine-Dining Restaurants Vancouver list, this place also has an extraordinary cocktail list and an award-winning wine program as well, thereby ticking all the boxes for the best dining experience.

With their 1,200 square feet Private Dining Room now open for hosting events, you can rent the space fully or have it divided in half, depending on the number of people you will be hosting. The space is completely away from the main dining room, so you are guaranteed privacy during your event.

The rustic decor with comfortable and cozy long table seating and built-in audiovisual make this private room restaurant in Vancouver a perfect spot for any kind of event. When you do rent this space, do not forget to include their tender and flavorful Steak Diane in your menu choice.

Half Room~600 sq feet of seating space
-Noise-reducing barrier
-Comfortable seating
-Built-in audiovisual
-Coat check
Full Room~1200 sq feet of seating space
-Comfortable seating
-Built-in audiovisual
-Coat check

Request private dining form here.

Address: 217 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2J2, Canada

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As Vancouver slowly regains its footing in the dine-out scene, private dining is rising in popularity as a way for people to get back together after what feels like infinity. For a romantic night out, friends get-together, business lunch, or special events, these best private room restaurants in Vancouver will make your experience special and memorable.