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10 Best Restaurants in Steveston Richmond You Should Visit

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As a much sought-after destination to visit, the town of Steveston is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast. Steeped in multicultural history, this incredible suburban neighbourhood in Richmond wows visitors with its stunning old fashioned architecture, gorgeous waterfront cafes, and a dazzling array of restaurants offering breathtaking views, an abundance of fresh seafood, and other tantalizing cuisine.

Steveston restaurants serve up a wide range of fresh seafood catches everyday, as well as BBQ, fried chicken, sushi, and everything else your die-hard foodie heart yearns for. Whether you’re all set to dress up and waltz into a fine-dining establishment, or just need to relax in a casual or family-friendly setting, this town has got you covered.

Check out our list of the 10 best Steveston restaurants you should definitely hit up on your next stop there. 

10. Kisamos Taverna

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If you’ve been looking for a good Greek restaurant in Vancouver, you need to look no further. Kisamos Taverna in Steveston is hands down one of the best Greek food spots in the city. Enjoy the rustic atmosphere, friendly service, and amazing food. A great spot to entertain friends, or spend time with family.

Start your meal with the Appetizer Platter, and move on to their super famous Roast Lamb. Definitely do not miss out on trying some. The Chicken Souvlaki is also fantastic and gets amazing reviews, and the Spanakopita (Spinach, feta and herbs wrapped in phyllo pastry, served with oven roasted potatoes and Greek salad) is simply divine.

What to order: Appetizer Platter, Roast Lamb, Chicken Souvlaki, Spanakopita

Address: 3420 Moncton St, Richmond, BC

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9. Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

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Sushi. Bentos. Dons! It’s time for all those incredible Japanese treats we can’t get enough of, and Ichiro Japanese Restaurant in Steveson happily serves them all. Be sure to visit them and get the full experience.

They have an extensive menu, but we’re here to recommend some crowd favorites. Try their Hamachi kama, and the calamari, go for the Deluxe assorted sushi, or dig in to some scrumptious Ichiro Super Don. The Lobster roll is also to die for!

What to order: Hamachi kama, calamari, Deluxe assorted sushi, Ichiro Super Don, Lobster roll

Address: 12011 Second Ave #110, Richmond, BC

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8. Anar

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When you visit Steveston, get a taste of authentic Persiana and Middle Eastern cuisine at Anar. This gorgeous restaurant located in a beautiful heritage building is run exclusively by a a true wonder-woman. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sample some delicious homemade hummus, with authentic Persian bread and olives, tuck into a hearty bowl of Adasi (lentil soup with vegetables,) or satisfy your meat craving with their Loghmeh Kabob, a mix of beef and lamb on skewers, and served with rice and tomato. The vegetable kabobs are amazing too, and so are the fish kabobs.

What to order: hummus, Adasi, Loghmeh Kabob, vegetable kabobs, fish kabobs

Address: 12051 Third Ave, Richmond, B 94158

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7. Win Win Chick-n

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The ones who definitely need no introduction. The ever popular Win Win Chick-n is the perfect eatery in Steveston for a quick and delightful meal. Located right on the wharf, this cute little spot draws a crowd, and of course serves up some delicious fare.

The menu here is simple, so go straight for the fried chicken, and a side of mashed potatoes. The french fries are great too, and you should not leave till you try their amazing homemade Filipino style macaroni!

Tip: Grab your meal, and find a nice spot on the wharf to enjoy it.

What to order: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, french fries, Filipino style macaroni

Address: 12160 First Ave, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

6. Pajo’s Fish and Chips

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What could be better than enjoying a delicious fish and chip dinner, while floating right on the water? At Pajo’s on the Wharf you’ll get this gorgeous experience, which will surely make your visit to Steveston worthwhile. It’s their original location too, which began as a Fish & Chip stand way back in 1985. Don’t miss out on stopping by at this cultural gem.

If you’re there for only Fish and Chips, try their Alaskan Wild Halibut & Fries, or the Pacific Wild Salmon or Cod. They have an array of great sides, and the chowder, and gravy deserve special mentions. Also available on the menu are yummy Tacos in fish and prawn, as well as a variety of Burgers for meat and veggie lovers alike.

What to order: Alaskan Wild Halibut & Fries, Pacific Wild Salmon or Cod, chowder, gravy, Tacos in fish and prawn, Burgers

Address: 12351 3 Avenue, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

5. Hog Shack Cook House

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For the perfect BBQ spot in Steveston, there’s no other than Hog Shack Cook House. This super-popular eatery boasts some of the most mouth-watering BBQ options, and sauces to die for. If meats are your treat, then this is the place to indulge yourself.

The menu at Hog Shack is fantastic, and there is nothing much you won’t love if you order it. The St. Louis Style Pork Ribs are down-to-the-bone juicy, and the Smoked Chicken Quarters are super delish too. Everyone who visits Hog Shack gets the Yam Fries, because they are simply divine. The restaurant also offers a great selection of burgers, sandwiches and tacos, if that’s your jam.

What to order: St. Louis Style Pork Ribs, Smoked Chicken Quarters, Yam Fries, urgers, sandwiches, tacos

Address: 160 -3900 Bayview Street, Richmond B.C

Website | Instagram

4. Kove Kitchen

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This hidden gem on the waterfront in Steveston is another gorgeous spot to enjoy a great meal. When you visit Kove Kitchen, grab a table out on the patio, or sit inside and still enjoy the pretty view. It’s a great place for spending time with friends over a delicious dinner, or a fun brunch.

Order up their small share Kove Wings, which come in three yummy flavors, or the Currywurst, which is a crowd favorite. For mains, the Butter Chicken is divine, and so is the Kove Bolognese. Their Balinese Vegan Bowl is another hot seller, but if you want a succulent seafood dish, then the West Coast Salmon it is.

What to order: Kove Wings, Currywurst, Butter Chicken, Kove Bolognese, Balinese Vegan Bowl, West Coast Salmon

Address: 3900 Bayview St, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

3. Chef’s Playground Eatery

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One spot in Steveston everyone should make it a point to visit is Chef’s Playground Eatery. It’s a popular neighbourhood brunch hangout, and loved by the locals. Serving up delicious meals from a delightful menu, it’s the perfect place to relax before heading down to the wharf for a picturesque walk.

Try their Chicken and Waffles, served with house-made quince syrup and whipped cream, or go for a short-rib benny. The truffle fries are a must-have, and you can’t go wrong with the Fish & Chips. They also serve up a mean Vegan bowl, so don’t miss out!

What to order: Chicken and Waffles, short-rib benny, truffle fries, Fish & Chips, Vegan bowl

Address: #107 – 12420 No 1 Rd Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

2. Steveston Pizza Company

Serpent pizza with lobster tails smoked salmon and shrimp
Photo Credits: yumbaes

Spend a day out in Steveston and see the sights, walk along the waterfront and enjoy the views. Then, stop by Steveston Pizza Company and dig into the most incredible seafood pizzas you will ever eat! That’s right. This spot is famous for serving up divine pies with toppings that will blow your mind.

Order their Hurricane pizza, which comes loaded with Shrimp, prawns, Canadian lobster tails, and smoked salmon, or try their shrimp and crabmeat with a mean basil pesto. If you want something more traditional, go for the Italian, which is a beautiful blend of Pepperoni, genoa salami, capicolli, olives, roasted peppers and caramelized onions.

Protip: Save some room for dessert, and ask for JJ’s Cheese Cake!

What to order: Hurricane pizza, Italian pizza, JJ’s Cheese Cake

Address: 3400 Moncton St #100, Richmond, BC 

Website | Instagram

1. Kun’s Omakase Bar

Photo Credits: purplechives

From special occasions, or a romantic date night, there is no better place to spend the evening than Kun’s Omakase Bar. Here, you will get a unique experience, while you enjoy the flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Order the premium sashimi platter, and the Aburi sushi, uni and Aburi chirashi tart are awesome picks too. Try their Salmon oishi as well, and don’t miss out on the Maguro Tuna and Hokkaido scallops.

What to order: premium sashimi platter, Aburi sushi, uni, Aburi chirashi tart, Salmon oishi, Maguro Tuna, Hokkaido scallops

Address: 3500 Moncton St #150, Richmond, BC 

Website | Instagram

We hope you try out all these incredible Steveston restaurants we curated just for you, and enjoy the experience and make some memories.

But, since that’s not all Steveston has to offer, we’ve also got a list of charming coffee shops you gotta try when you’re there, and of course some of the best bars and watering holes on the West Coast.

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