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13 Best Steveston Restaurants + What To Order (2024)

Can’t decide which restaurants to dine in at Steveston Richmond? You’re in the right place because we’re here to help you sort things out!

Need some quick recommendations? You can’t go wrong by heading to Kun’s Omakase Bar to enjoy fresh catches of the day, or visit Dave’s Fish and Chips

Steveston is a popular neighbourhood for locals and tourists for not just fresh seafood and views, but also the various stellar restaurants in the area. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best Steveston restaurants that you gotta check out the next time you’re in the area.

1. Kun’s Omakase Bar

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Kun’s Omakase Bar is one of the best restaurants in Richmond serving up fresh and delicious Japanese food at incredibly reasonable prices!

Ordering the Chirashi Don is a must! The bowl of rice comes with assorted sashimi on top. Each bite bursts with a refreshing and subtle taste, we especially love the salmon sashimi for its buttery and melt-in-mouth texture!

Don’t go home without trying their Wagyu Oshi roll, this is sure to kick your tastebuds! 

The beef is incredibly rich and tender, while the truffle sauce drizzled on top is full of sweet, nutty, and umami taste. They just complement each other so well!

What to order: Chirashi Don, Wagyu Oshi

Address: 3500 Moncton St #150, Richmond, BC 

Website | Instagram

2. Baan Lao Fine Thai Cuisine

For a lavish fine-dining experience, Baan Lao is the one to go to. This award winning (No. 79 on the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants) restaurant creates an elevated Royal Thai cuisine experience and white glove service. 

The mastermind is Chef Nutcha Phanthoupheng who left her career as a nurse in Thailand to pursue her passion for food. She trained under Chumpol Jangprai, a Thai Iron Chef and Vichit Mukura, who has cooked for the Thai Royal Family. 

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted with a refined black and white interior, calm classical music, and artwork crafted by one of only two elephants in the world capable of painting. 

Their “Taste of Baan Lao” multi-course tasting menu offers a culinary journey through the Kingdom of Thailand.

We love the Pomelo Salad with Tiger Prawn, it’s fresh and juicy with a slightly tangy, spicy taste. The coconut flakes and roasted peanuts on top really add a tasty crunch and texture to the dish!

The Mangrove Black Tiger Prawn Phai Thai is truly the bomb! It is jam-packed full of nutty, salty and sweet goodness, totally a treat for your tastebuds!

What to order: Taste of Baan Lao, Tea Pairing

Address: 4100 Bayview Street, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

3. Steveston Pizza Company

Serpent pizza with lobster tails smoked salmon and shrimp
Photo Credits: yumbaes

Located right in the heart of Steveston Village, Steveston Pizza Company is a little mom-and-pop shop that is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings!

The locals love this joint for its ridiculous pies with toppings that will blow your mind, especially the Princess Pizza! 

It comes loaded with 6-7 large prawns, a lot of fresh shrimp, ample amounts of cheese, and smoked salmon. Only order this when you’re really hungry because the portion is no joke!

The Japanese Pizza is no less stunning with wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast and seaweed julienne. You ain’t gonna find this taste elsewhere!

Pro-tip: It’s takeaway only, so grab your pizza and cross the street to eat in the small grassy area while enjoying people-watching!

What to order: Princess Pizza, Japanese Pizza

Address: 3400 Moncton St #100, Richmond, BC 

Website | Instagram

4. Kove Kitchen

Photo Credits: krstng23

Kove Kitchen is a hidden gem serving everything from chicken wings, burgers, and pasta, to seafood and vegan dishes in a casual, rustic feel!

We love sitting outside on the patio for the stunning view. So next time you visit Kove Kitchen, grab a table out there to enjoy the nature while munching on your favourite treat too!

Their Kove Wings are perfect to share if you’re going with your friends. They come in 3 yummy flavours: the spicy, garlicky Kung Pao Sriracha, the savoury House BBQ, and the classic Salt & Pepper!

Their burgers are a legend, especially the Bacon Cheeseburger, which is super cheesy and each bite is fully packed with Canadian double-smoked bacon! 

What to order: Kove Wings, Bacon Cheeseburger

Address: 3900 Bayview St, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

5. Chef’s Playground Eatery

Photo Credits: alwayshangryin.van

Searching for the best place to have brunch right in the middle of Steveston? Chef’s Playground Eatery is your place to go!

This small eatery serves up fantastic dishes at a reasonable price. We highly recommend the Ultimate Chicken Waffle Benny served with homemade quince syrup and whipped cream!

The chicken thigh is so tender and juicy, while the citrus hollandaise adds some sweet, rich, and tangy taste to the dish!

The Truffle Mushroom Burger is also a must-try, especially when you fancy hearty, meaty stuff! Each bite is packed with beef and a lot of cheese, the nutty and rich flavour of truffle is remarkable! You’ll be glad to order this!

What to order: Ultimate Chicken Waffle Benny, Truffle Mushroom Burger

Address: #107 – 12420 No 1 Rd Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

6. Dave’s Fish & Chips

Photo Credits: kale.tea

Serving seafood lovers since 1978, Dave’s Fish & Chips is charming laid-back spot for mouthwatering fish and chips at affordable prices.

Having their Crab Cake for appetizers is a must, the sweetness of the crab meat goes so well with the tanginess of mayonnaise and mustard. Each bite is creamy, crispy, and super delightful!

We normally go for the Oyster & Chips, which comes hot and not too oily at all, along with tartar sauce and red seafood sauce to pair with it. 

The fried oysters taste just as good and juicy as raw ones, but that crispy coat really doubles the deliciousness!

What to order: Crab Cake, Oyster & Chips

Address: 3460 Moncton St, Richmond, BC 

Website | Instagram

7. G-Men Steveston Ramen Shop

Photo Credits: tasteofvancouver

Anytime you feel like eating authentic Ramen in Steveston, pay a visit to G-Men Steveston Ramen Shop! 

The Shoyu Ramen is truly a star with soft-chewy noodles, generous thick, charred chashu slices, and flavourful but not overly fatty broth. Oh, we can never get enough of this goodness!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the T.L.C with hints of lime and cilantro in the broth, which tastes super clean and refreshing!

We highly recommend you order some Chicken Karaage to eat along with the ramen. We know that sounds weird but you have no idea how tasty it’s gonna be together!

What to order: Shoyu Ramen, T.L.C, Chicken Karaage, Tan Tan Ramen

Address: 3711 Bayview St, Richmond, BC 

Website | Instagram

8. Win Win Chick-n

Photo Credits: yvrfooddiary

Hands down one of the best fried chicken in Richmond: Win Win Chick-n!  Located right on the wharf, this cute little spot draws a crowd for serving finger-licking fried chicken drumsticks and stunning side dishes.

The smell you get when stepping inside Win Win Chick-n is amazing! From the seasoning from the chicken wafts to the batters being fried, it’s a treat to take in!

Their fried chicken always comes fresh out of the kitchen, the skin is always crispy, the chicken is very juicy inside, and the seasoning is just the right mix!

As soon as you finish one piece, you’ll surely want another! 

Their Filipino-style macaroni is totally a game changer. It has a sweet, tangy sauce from the tomato sauce, and the ground pork and sausage make the dish heartier and tastier! 

What to order: Fried Chicken, Filipino Style Macaroni

Address: 12160 First Ave, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

9. Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

Photo Credits: 158cm_foodie

Ichiro is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Richmond so you’ll want to drop by here if you’re craving stellar sushi. 

This restaurant is super busy and practically full as soon as they open. We highly recommend you make a reservation in advance or else you have to order a take-out!

They have an extensive menu with some real crowd favourites like the Deluxe Sashimi, which includes tuna, salmon, yellowtail, surf clam, octopus, sweet shrimp, red tuna, and white fish.

We love the tuna here, each bite is so fresh with a very firm texture, and a slightly sweet taste!

If you love tuna just as much as we do, keep going with the Spicy Don. The tuna has a spicy kick and a soft, melt-in-mouth texture. It goes perfectly with the creamy, nutty taste of avocado! Your palate will be so happy about this! 

What to order: Deluxe Sashimi, Spicy Don

Address: 12011 Second Ave #110, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

10. Pajo’s Fish and Chips

Photo Credits: bitesofvancouver

Right on the water along Steveston Wharf floats Pajo’s Fish and Chips, the locals’ longtime go-to spot enjoy fish and chips.The OG spot has been around since 1985. 

Since it’s uniquely situated on the water, you’re able to enjoy your meal on the docks surrounded by boats! Imagine munching on your favourite while immersing yourself in nature and letting the sun kiss your skin. 

Top picks include the Pacific Wild Halibut and the Pacific Wild Sockeye. They are extremely flavoursome with a meaty texture, crispy and tender at the same time. And finally served with fresh-cut fries and signature tartar sauce!

Don’t skip their Halibut Fish Tacos, people are going crazy about this! The fish is mild and tender with mouth-watering sauce drizzling on top. 

That combo is terrific and you’d love to come back on a hot summer day and enjoy eating this on the water again! 

What to order: Pacific wild Halibut, Pacific Wild Sockeye, Halibut Fish Tacos

Address: 12351 3 Avenue, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

11. Hog Shack Cook House

Photo Credits: vancouverhippo

In search of BBQ in Steveston? There’s no better place than Hog Shack Cook House! 

It’s a spacious restaurant with a large patio, big windows, and lots of TV screens to watch the game on. The atmosphere always seems to be busy with music playing and people chatting.

If meats are your treat, the St. Louis Style Pork Ribs are down-to-the-bone juicy, and the Smoked Chicken Quarters are super delish too!

We are so crazy about their Burnt Ends, which are basically the rib ends that are smoked longer than the rest of the ribs. They taste a little fattier and come drizzled with BBQ sauce. 

Delicious as they are, the Burnt Ends are limited! So we hope you’re in luck ordering this when visiting Hog Shack Cook House!

The restaurant also offers a great selection of cocktails and craft beers on tap. Choose the Four Winds IPA with hints of fresh citrus to wash them all down!

What to order: St. Louis Style Pork Ribs, Smoked Chicken Quarters, Burnt Ends, Four Winds IPA

Address: 160 -3900 Bayview Street, Richmond B.C

Website | Instagram

12. Kisamos Taverna

Photo Credits: yummybites604

Having been serving traditional and authentic Greek dishes for over 20 years, Kisamos Taverna is hands down one of the best Greek food spots in Richmond.

Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a comfortable and casual dining atmosphere while your nose takes in the amazing aroma of food being made in the kitchen!

Start your meal with the Appetizer Platter with a combination of hummus, tzatziki, taramosalata, olives, and feta cheese. 

Don’t miss the Chicken Souvlaki, this is the soul of Kisamos Taverna! It hits all the keynotes, from bright, crisp flavours, and tender, flavorful meat, to a zesty lemon-oregano marinade. 

Order the Creme Caramel for dessert, which tastes sweet and creamy with a soft caramel topping. What a treat to end the meal!

What to order: Appetizer Platter, Chicken Souvlaki, Creme Caramel

Address: 3420 Moncton St, Richmond, BC

Website | Instagram

13. Anar

Photo credits: Anar

When you visit Steveston, get a taste of authentic Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine at Anar! 

Satisfy your meat craving with their Lamb Shank, this is one of the best deals in town for a whole tender lamb shank and a huge side of dill rice!

The stew is wonderfully flavourful and compliments the lamb well. The portion is super huge so make sure you’re really hungry ordering this!

The Kubideh is a crowd-pleaser with two skewers of beef and lamb served with rice, salad, pepperoncini, olives and roasted tomato. 

They are so perfectly seasoned that you don’t even need any sauce to dip in. Their Sharbat, a Persian lemonade with rose water and chia seed can surely freshen up your palate after a hearty meal!

What to order: Lamb Shank, Kubideh, Sharbat

Address: 12051 Third Ave, Richmond, B 94158

Website | Instagram

We hope you try out all these incredible Steveston restaurants we curated just for you, and enjoy the experience and make some memories.

But, since that’s not all Steveston has to offer, we’ve also got a list of charming coffee shops you gotta try when you’re there, and of course some of the best bars and watering holes on the West Coast.

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