The BEST Sushi in Vancouver & What To Order (2024)

Vancouver is a sushi paradise and known to be the best city for it in Canada.

Fresh from the Pacific Ocean, sushi here is a big deal, with over 600 restaurants to choose from.

And as someone born and raised in Vancouver, I’ve been to a TON of sushi spots in the city.

Quick Recommendations: Tom Sushi and Miku are top picks you won’t regret.

Of all the ones I’ve had – from affordable to fancy fancy – I nailed down only the BEST sushi restaurants worth your time and money below.

1. Tom Sushi

(4.7) Based on 1,357 Reviews

Area: West End, Downtown
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$

Vancouver’s sushi lovers, meet Tom Sushi! Chef Tom Jeon’s fresh nigiri and maki are a must-try. Despite his young look, he’s a whiz with over ten years slicing and dicing in the sushi world.

Dive into their delicious tobiko with quail egg or the rich flavours of toro. Love maki? They’ll twist it into a hand roll at no extra cost. And if you’re feeling fancy, their otoro with gold flakes is a royal treat.

Heads up: they’re super popular, and they don’t take bookings, so show up early to avoid the wait!

What to order: tobiko w/quail egg, shima-aji, hotate, toro nigiri, bluefin, uni donburi

Address: 1175 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2

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2. Okeya Kyujiro

(4.8) Based on 68 Reviews

Area: Yaletown
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Omakase
Price: $$$
Accolade: One MICHELIN Star

In Yaletown, Okeya Kyujiro stands out as a MICHELIN-starred destination, offering a unique omakase experience. As you enter the dimly lit dining room, the atmosphere echoes a blend of Cirque du Soleil grandeur and traditional kabuki. It’s more than a meal; it’s a celebration of art.

The experience unfolds over two hours with a 25-course journey through Japan’s diverse flavours, including sushi and sashimi like chutoro and otoro tuna.

Watch chefs skillfully prepare an array of seafood, from the slender orange trumpet fish to the Hokkaido hairy crab, making each course a story in itself.

Address: 1038 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Website | Instagram

3. Miku Japanese Restaurant

(4.5) Based on 6,312 Reviews

Area: Waterfront, Downtown
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$$

When Vancouverites talk sushi, Miku’s on everyone’s lips. Why? Their waterfront spot gives you views as stunning as their sushi.

They’re the big guns who brought Aburi sushi to Canada, and man, have they set the bar high. Their Miku Signature Selection is a winning platter if you’re undecided.

Expect upscale vibes perfect for a fancy lunch or celebrating special moments.

Fun Fact: Beyonce and Jay Z ate here – if it’s good enough for Queen B, it’s good enough for us.

What to order: Salmon Oshi Sushi, Miku Signature Selection, Green Tea Opera, Hokkaido Scallops

Address: 70-200 Granville Street, Granville Square (Canada Place Way and Howe Street), Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 1S4

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4. Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen & Sushi Bar

(4.4) Based on 1,000 Reviews

Area: Commercial Drive
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$

Kishimoto is your go-to for a laid-back sushi fix on Commercial Drive. Chef Akira’s got roots in Osaka and Kyoto, bringing genuine flair to Vancouver’s sushi scene.

Their Salmon Sashimi is the talk of the town, but don’t miss out on their Unagi Don – it’s a game-changer with its crispy outside and tender heart. If you’re sharing, their Spicy Karaage is a crowd-pleaser.

With its cozy atmosphere, Kishimoto is a neighbourhood gem where quality and comfort meet.

What to order: Spicy Tuna Oshi, Blufin Negitoro Roll, Spicy Karaage, Anago, Seared Salmon Oshizushi

Address: 2054 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC Canada, V5N 4A9

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5. Sushi by Yuji

(4.4) Based on 411 Reviews

Area: Kingsway
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$

Tucked away on Kingsway is Sushi by Yuji, a cozy spot with a big reputation among those in the know. They’ve got a snug 12-seat space, so snagging a spot means planning ahead.

Traditional is their game, with sashimi, nigiri, and gunkan that regulars rave about. Their specials board is always a treasure trove of the freshest catches.

A bite of their negitoro roll or Quail egg gunkan, and you’ll be hooked. Remember, reservations are key!

What to order: Quail egg gunkan, Negitoro roll

Address: 2252 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC Canada, V5N2T7

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6. Sushi Jin

(4.6) Based on 336 Reviews

Area: Downtown
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Omakase
Price: $$$
Accolade: MICHELIN Recommended

Omakase fans, Sushi Jin is your hush-hush haven in Vancouver’s bustling downtown. With just 6 seats, you’re in for an exclusive chat-and-chew with Chef Jin.

People can’t get enough of their Premium Omakase Course, a lavish 18-dish affair that will have you booking your next visit before you’ve even left. Got a thing for crab? Their Snow Crab Omakase will have crab lovers swooning.

Book ahead and prepare for a culinary journey you won’t forget.

Address: 750 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1A8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Sushi Hil

(4.7) Based on 229 Reviews

Area: Mount Pleasant
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Omakase
Price: $$$
Accolade: MICHELIN Recommended

Sushi Hil is the brainchild of sushi connoisseur Hilary Nguy. It’s a haven for sushi purists, delivering simplicity and flavour that’s already garnered a solid fan following. The space? Bright, modern, and cozy.

Start with their Chawanmushi for a taste of Chef Hil’s finesse, then indulge in the Nagasaki Bluefin Tasting for the ultimate tuna experience. It’s not just a meal; it’s a mini-adventure for your taste buds.

What to order: Chawanmushi, Nagasaki Bluefin Tasting, Oyster Motoyaki, Garden Set

Address: 3330 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3M7

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8. Minami Restaurant

(4.5) Based on 3,087 Reviews

Area: Yaletown, Downtown
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$

Craving aburi? Minami, Miku’s sibling, has got your back. They blend Japanese and West Coast tastes in a chic, friendly setting. It’s a hit for lunch, a friends’ get-together, or date night.

Try their aburi chirashi tart, or pair sushi with a cocktail for a full Minami experience.

The vibe is upscale but down-to-earth, perfect for any occasion. Their philosophy? Happiness is in bringing joy to others. And boy, do they deliver.

Address: 1118 Mainland Street Vancouver, BC Canada, V6B 2T9

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9. Toshi Sushi

(4.6) Based on 932 Reviews

Area: Mount Pleasant
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$

Main Street’s Toshi Sushi might look humble, but it packs a punch with flavours that rival the posh places. It’s a bit under-the-radar, but with a line out the door, you know it’s something special.

Their box roll, sakura scallop, and spicy agedashi tofu are top-notch. And keep an eye on their specials – there’s always something new and delicious.

Whether you’re dining in or grabbing takeaway, Toshi is a hidden treasure worth discovering.

What to order: Box Roll, Sakura Scallop, Spicy Agedashi Tofu

Address: 181 E 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC Canada V5T 4R2

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10. Ajisai Sushi Bar

(4.4) Based on 917 Reviews

Area: Kerrisdale
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price: $$

Ajisai Sushi Bar is the definition of a hidden gem in Kerrisdale. With just a few tables and a sushi bar, it’s an intimate spot that’s big on authentic Japanese tastes.

The special assorted sushi set is a hit for sushi connoisseurs. Want to taste the ocean? Try their sea urchin for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Ajisai doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality, and it’s worth every penny for the taste of true sushi craftsmanship.

What to order: special assorted sushi set, lunch specials

Address: 2081 W 42nd Ave, Vancouver, BC Canada, V6M 3V3

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It’s a near-impossible task to select just ten in the thriving and evolving Vancouver sushi landscape.

You could easily create separate lists for best nigiri, best omakase or best aburi, and there are sure to be newcomers that will emerge and disrupt the Vancouver food scene.

Looking for more great food? Check out our picks of the best restaurants in Vancouver.

Is Vancouver Known For Sushi?

Vancouver has vibrant and diverse options when it comes to cuisines. If you are a sushi lover, you will undoubtedly love Vancouver’s restaurants that serve this dish. Not only does Vancouver have a whopping line-up of 600 sushi restaurants, but it is known for its brilliant sushi. 

You should also note that Vancouver’s sushi serving restaurants focus on authenticity and freshness. People also claim that you can enjoy consuming some of the freshest fish the Pacific Ocean and Japan can offer in Vancouver.

What Are the Best Sushi Restaurants in Downtown Vancouver?

When it comes to fresh and top-quality sushi, Downtown Vancouver is great. You will find some of the best and exciting sushi bars in Downtown Vancouver. Also, many sushi bars can amaze you even on a low budget. So, whenever you are in Downtown Vancouver and feel like picking some sushi, consider these restaurants: 
1. Tom Sushi 
2. Miku Vancouver
3. Sushi Jin
4. Momo Sushi 
5. Yui Japanese Bistro
6. Minami Restaurant  
7. Blue Water Cafe
8. Kaide Sushi
9. Hello Nori
10. Black Rice Izakaya

What Are the Best Cheap Sushi Restaurants in Vancouver?

If you are running on a tight budget, it does not mean you’ll need to suppress your cravings for sushi. Being one of the best places for sushi globally, Vancouver has both budget-friendly and expensive options. And yes, do not mistake underestimating the taste and preparation style of these medium-budget sushi restaurants. The budget-friendly sushi restaurants will end up surprising you with their culinary expertise and flavor profile.

Here are our picks for budget sushi restaurants, and bars in Vancouver: 
1. Tom Sushi 
2. Samurai Japanese Restaurant
3. Toshi Sushi 
4. Ajisai Sushi Bar 
5. Sushi California
6. Yamato Sushi 
7. Kadoya Japanese Restaurant 
8. Sushi Hachi
9. Fujiya Japanese Foods
10. Kisokama Japanese Restaurant

How Good Is Tom Sushi Restaurant in Vancouver?

Unlike the traditional sushi bars in Vancouver, Tom Sushi does not have a long history. But, within just a few months of arrival in the city, this place has won many hearts. The fresh maki and nigiri options are worth queuing up for. Another reason why Tom Sushi is so popular is because of its modest pricing. 

You are in for some amazing sushi if you head to this restaurant.

How We Create Our “Best” Lists

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