From Fukuoka to Burnaby: Horin Ramen To Open New Spot with 50-Year-Old Chili Recipe

Amidst a sea of closure announcements, here’s a ray of sunshine for ramen lovers!

Our eagle-eyed community member (thank @likebyregina) has spotted something exciting: Horin Ramen, a top-rated ramen shop on Robson Street, is gearing up to open a new outpost in Burnaby’s Crystal Mall.

They will be taking over the spot of the former Beijing Bbq House restaurant.

This new location will continue to cement the Metrotown area as a thriving food hub.

Horin Ramen’s Secret Origin

Photo credits: Horin

Horin Ramen’s tale began over 50 years ago in Ogori, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Picture this: a pioneering ramen restaurant, the first in Japan to introduce chili peppers into the classic tonkotsu ramen. This bold move earned it fame as the birthplace of chili ramen, drawing food enthusiasts from all corners of Japan.

However, success came with its challenges.

The founder, overwhelmed by the booming business, fell ill, leading to the heartbreaking closure of this beloved spot.

Fast forward a decade, and the founder’s legacy was reborn with Ramen Restaurant HORIN. This revival wasn’t just about bringing back a recipe; it was about continuing a legacy of innovation and passion for ramen.

Established in 1966, Horin Ramen re-emerged, carrying forward the founder’s vision and the original, beloved flavors.

Craftsmanship in Every Bowl

At Horin, it’s all about the details. The broth and tare sauce are handcrafted daily, with adjustments made for seasonal and weather changes.

The result? A pure tonkotsu broth that’s light yet rich, designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Horin’s noodles are a story in themselves. After extensive research into noodle taste, texture, and broth compatibility, Horin created its unique, ultra-fine noodles.

These noodles aren’t just about taste; they’re about the experience – the chew, the feel as they slide down your throat.

At their Robson Street location, you can catch them making the ramen noodles early in the day.

With five branches in Japan, Horin Ramen is no stranger to success.

Photo credits: likebyregina

The upcoming Burnaby location marks their second location in BC (the first one is on Robson), a testament to their growing popularity and commitment to spreading their unique ramen experience.

According to the signage, it is slated to open sometime in 2024.

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Address: 4500 Kingsway Unit 1687, Burnaby, BC V5H 2B1

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