Iconic Lee’s Donuts To Roll Into Brentwood With New Location

The doughnut scene in Brentwood is about to get a whole lot sweeter!

We spotted signs for the the arrival of Lee’s Donuts, a name synonymous with Vancouver’s food history and beloved for its classic, old-fashioned treats.

After the jiggly Japanese pancake brand, Gram, said goodbye to its Metro Vancouver locations last year, it was only time before someone snatches those empty units.

The Kerrisdale one recently transformed into Big Way Hot Pot.

A Doughnut Legacy Unfolds

Photo credits: Lee’s Donuts

Lee’s Donuts isn’t just any doughnut shop; it’s a story of passion, tradition, and sugary goodness that began in 1968.

When Betty-Ann and Alan Lee decided to ditch their government jobs for something sweeter, they embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of one of Vancouver’s most cherished doughnut destinations in the Granville Island Public Market by the summer of ’79.

For decades, Lee’s Donuts has been a staple for those in search of simple, yet irresistible doughnuts.

After Alan’s passing in 2014, Betty-Ann handed over the reins to Allan and Celine Bacani, who were not only long-time customers but also passionate about preserving the legacy of Lee’s Donuts.

Under their ownership, the brand has expanded A LOT.

November 2023 saw the opening of a new Lee’s Donuts in Gastown, marking the brand’s continuous growth.

The upcoming Brentwood store will be the sixth in the lineup.

While the opening is slated for Fall 2024, the finer details for the Brentwood location remain under wraps.

When Gram was still around, that Brentwood unit had ample seating for dine-in. So we assume that the upcoming location will mirror closely to the new Gastown outpost.

That is, their usual large counter of donuts and space for merch, coffee, and dine-in area.

But we’ll have to wait for Lee’s Donuts to sprinkle some more information about their newest outpost. Stay tuned for more updates.

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