Tozen Sushi Bar: Vancouver’s Newest Premium Sushi Joint & Tom Sushi’s Sister Restaurant Soft Opens

Sushi is one thing that Vancouver does better than any city in Canada. And the city’s appetite for Japanese food is never-ending.

When we got wind back in summer of one of the best sushi joints in Vancouver – Tom Sushi – was preparing for a sister restaurant, we did our happy dance.

Well, the time has finally come to welcome Vancouver’s newest premium sushi bar: Tozen.

Here’s the scoop about the spot.

The Elegant Sister Restaurant

If you’ve been to Tom Sushi before, you know that it is a staple for sushi lovers seeking quality at an affordable price. The vibe is bright, casual and warm.

Tozen feels much like the sequel to Tom Sushi, but set in a darker palette and more elevated modern interior.

The dark wood, black leather seats, and rectangular booths add a sophisticated touch, making Tozen more suitable for a classy night out or a date.

The interior design was handled by Minah Space, who has previously worked on Saku, Mello, and more. She also was part of the redesign of the current Tom Sushi.

At first glance, the Tozen’s menu may appear familiar to Tom Sushi fans, with many similar items listed.

For instance, you’ll see the same high-quality nigiri and sashimi options, Chef Jeon’s signature donburis, and various appetizers and dishes (katsu, udon, etc.) appear.

However, some of these dishes are refined or changed completely to fit the more elevated joint.

Additionally, you’ll find new share plates, sushi rolls, and a cocktail menu at Tozen.

But even though Tozen is branded as “premium”, “elevated”, and “modern”, you (and us) will be happy to know that the prices are not much different than Tom Sushi.

Chef Tom Jeon, the culinary mastermind, shared his vision for Tozen: “We want to preserve Tom Sushi’s unique style and let Tozen carve out its own path,” he explained.

It Wasn’t Part of the Plan

For Chef Tom Jeon, opening Tom Sushi in 2019 was his longtime dream – one that he had since working in Vancouver’s sushi scene for over a decade.

Opening a sister restaurant wasn’t part of his plans.

That is until longtime customer, Vincent Tong, persuaded Chef Jeon after multiple attempts.

Tong, an esteemed mortgage broker and owner of Signature Mortgages, previously had a long stint in the food industry at Cactus Club.

Although he left the industry long ago, his deep-rooted passion for food remained – so did his dream of opening a restaurant.

Now Tong and Chef Jeon have partnered up to create Tozen.

Reservations: A Welcome Change

As much as we love Tom Sushi, one thing that irked us was its no-reservation policy. This meant having to show up at 5 PM or wait an hour to get a seat.

One of the most exciting updates for Tom Sushi fans is Tozen’s reservation policy.

Unlike its always-busy sibling, Tozen will offer reserved seating, ensuring a more relaxed and accessible dining experience for all.

Now, Tozen Sushi Bar isn’t just another sushi restaurant. It has the potential and pieces to be one of the top in the city.

With Chef Jeon and Tong joining forces, we don’t doubt that Tozen will be a popular spot if they can deliver the same experience and quality food as Tom Sushi.

Just make sure give yourself extra time when heading to Tozen as the West Broadway skytrain construction is still a mess.

For those eager to dive in, Tozen soft opens on December 28th on West Broadway.

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