Top 10 States with the Most Five Guys Restaurants in the US

Since opening in 1986, Five Guys is renown for its delicious burgers, fresh-cut fries, and customizable toppings.

Data company, ScrapeHero, collected all 1,470 Five Guys restaurants in the US to compile a list of which states have the most locations.

Can you guess which 10 states have the most locations?

10. New Jersey

Photo credits: jdominici

New Jersey, famous for its bustling cities and cozy suburbs, has 49 Five Guys locations.

Whether you’re in Newark or Jersey City, there’s always a Five Guys nearby ready to satisfy your burger cravings.

9. Georgia

Photo credits: luis negron

Georgia isn’t just about peaches. With 58 Five Guys spots, it’s a burger lover’s paradise!

Imagine savoring a juicy burger after a stroll in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Pure bliss, right?

8. Maryland

Photo credits: lavdrim mustafi

Maryland, famous for its blue crabs and proximity to the nation’s capital, hosts 60 Five Guys locations.

Whether you’re in Baltimore or chilling by the Chesapeake Bay, a delicious burger is always within reach.

7. Ohio

Photo credits: Matt Ashworth

Ohio, a mix of urban excitement and suburban comfort, has 64 Five Guys locations.

Columbus and Cleveland are burger hubs, ensuring you’re never too far from your next meal.

6. Pennsylvania

Photo credits: lamont l johnson

Pennsylvania, known for its rich history and diverse population, boasts 65 Five Guys restaurants.

Whether you’re in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, a Five Guys burger is always within reach.

5. Texas

Photo credits: Vlad Busuioc

Texas, the land of big everything, boasts 70 Five Guys locations.

Whether you’re two-stepping in Austin or exploring Houston’s Space Center, you’re always close to a savory Five Guys experience.

4. Virginia

Photo credits: kelly

Virginia state comes in at number 4 with 76 Five Guys spots.

Are you surprised by this?

Well, the first Five Guys location actually opened in Arlington.

3. New York

Photo credits: Luca Bravo

New York, the city that never sleeps, offers 90 Five Guys locations and comes in at number 3.

From the bright lights of Times Square to the serene paths of Central Park, a Five Guys burger is always a great idea.

2. Florida

Photo credits: Denys Kostyuchenko

Florida, with its sunny beaches and theme parks, has a whopping 120 Five Guys restaurants.

Whether you’re chilling in Miami or riding roller coasters in Orlando, a delicious burger is never far away.

1. California

Photo credits: Paul Hanaoka

California leads the pack with a high 124 Five Guys locations, making it the ultimate burger state.

From Hollywood’s glitz to San Francisco’s charm, there’s always a Five Guys nearby to satisfy your cravings.

These states have embraced Five Guys’ model of delicious and customizable dining, ensuring that whether you’re at home or traveling, a Five Guys is always within reach.

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