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10 Best Hot Pot In NYC For A Warm Filling Meal (+ what to order)

If you’re down for some good old home-like comfort food that bursts amazing flavors in your tastebuds, you should know that hot pot restaurants are the go-to! Known for being a Chinese dining culture, hot pots sure know how to warm you up & keep your tastebuds alive & happy with its oh-so-delicious flavors. 

In New York City, you can find the best hot pot restaurants all around. So if you’re craving for some, what you should keep in mind are the most premium ones in town! Luckily, we’re here to help you out in finding only the top-grade hot pot restaurants that you won’t regret visiting. 

Without further ado, here are the 10 best hot pot in NYC! 

1. Haidilao Hot Pot Flushing

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Haidilao Hot Pot Flushing is the hot pot restaurant that will impress you not only with its food but as well as its 5/5 customer service and of course, its sleek aesthetic interior. This spot boasts both a conventional & modern take on Chinese hot pots!

Above anything else, the top 1 must-order here in Haidilao Hot Pot is their Dancing Noodles. Coming with a cute dance performance with fresh hand-pulled noodles, it’s a top-notch source of entertainment & of course, the taste also won’t disappoint you.

Pair it with some Tomato Broth, and you’re going to love it ten times more! It’s the most popular broth in Haidilao and you’ll get why once you get a sip. The taste of oh-so-fresh tomato is dominant. It has a balanced flavor of sour and pungent plus lots of Unami that makes it a *chef’s kiss* soup. 

Order their Kobe Beef if you want to really make the most of your meal here. It’s a perfect harmony of beefy goodness and sweetness. Its texture has that melt-in-your-mouth quality, there’s nothing else to describe this beef but simply phenomenal.

The Wagyu Beef is also a top-grade quality beef you shouldn’t miss. Perfect in texture, it’s juicy, and has the most intense buttery flavor!

What to order: Dancing Noodles, Tomato Broth, Kobe Beef, and Wagyu Beef

Address: 138-23 39th Ave, Queens, NY,

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2. Shabushabu Mayumon

Shabushabu Mayumon is known for being the best hot pot place for intimate events. Satisfy yourself with to-die-for multicourse meals and premium Japanese beef here and unlike other hot pot restaurants, Shabushabu Mayumon gives the finest all-seasoned Japanese hot pot.

The dim and warm lights give off a relaxing sensation and the entire place feels and looks exclusive.

Serving some class-A appetizers, don’t miss their Yubi Uni. Among all of their appetizers, this is one that will make you go crazy with its stellar flavor. This versatile food is a cross between tofu and egg and with that, you can expect a concentrated milky flavor. It’s soft in texture and eating this as an appetizer will drive you excited for what’s to come for the main course, it’s that good! 

The best thing about Shabushabu Mayumon is their A5 Miyazaki Wagyu. Their Miyazaki Wagyu is known to be the best wagyu in town. Every bite seems like a masterpiece with that melt-in-your-mouth texture and from start to finish, the taste is consistently rich in diverse flavors and is just amazing. 

Another worth-a-try dish is their Washugyu! It’s mostly concentrated on more beefy flavors and has a combination of unexpected cultures and flavors. It’s an outstanding dish you just have to get your hands on, there’s no doubt about that! 

What to order: Yubi Uni, Homemade Soba Noodles, A5 Miyazaki Wagyu, and Washugyu 

Address: 138-23 39th Ave, Queens, NY,

Website | Instagram 

3. The Dolar Shop Manhattan & Flushing

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The Dolar Shop is a crowd-favorite hot pot resto in Manhattan that greets you with amazing herbs and spices in every sip you take. Taking on the exquisite culture of Macao hot pot, everything that meets your mouth is a taste of heaven!

Enjoy the modern ambiance of a chill upscale hot pot shop & indulge yourself in the most delectable homemade ingredients that’s bound to make your mouth water.

What makes The Dolar Shop worth the visit is their Exquisite Silver Broth. Just like its name, this broth is really exquisite in every way, shape, or form. Every taste gives you a strong mushroom flavor and a mix of herbs and classic Macao spices. While it’s a subtle soup, it remains aromatic & flavorful. 

Along with the Exquisite Silver Broth, get their Premium Cru Thick Cut Beef to experience the best broth & meat combo. Others say it’s the best of broth worlds, and it’s no joke at all! Thick mouthfeel, sweet & strong in taste, it’s all you could ever ask for! Swish it around the broiling broth for about 10-20 seconds and eat it with the soup, it’s nothing but heavenly delight!

Their Fish Fillets, Lamb, Beef, and Shrimp Pate Balls also stand out on the menu. With the textures being tremendously tender and the taste never missing a spot, your tastebuds are going to jump with joy with these standout meals. 

What to order: Exquisite Silver Broth, Premium Cru Thick Cut Beef, Fish Fillets, The Lamb, and Shrimp Pate Balls.

Address: 55 3rd Ave New York, NY 10003

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Xiang Hotpot – Flushing

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Known for being a Chinese hot pot resto served with a wide array of traditional finest-picked ingredients. If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese hot pot, look no further and let Xiang Hotpot introduce you to its pure authenticity.

With a similar atmosphere just like in China, it transports you all the way there. The traditional lighting and the addition of modern lighting give the entire place a cozy and industrial theme to it.

Craving for some firing hot broth? Xiang Hotpot has just what you’re looking for. Try out their House Special Spicy Beef Dripping Pot. When it comes to the presentation, the cutest butter bear included in the soup gives it 5/5 stars. For the taste, it’s going to blow you away with its superb flavor, crazy rich taste, and spice intensity. It will literally numb your lips and for spicy lovers, this is a total must-try!

Don’t neglect to add some Tripe, Tofu Skin, Frozen Tofu, and Shiitake Mushroom to your spicy broth & we promise you, it’s going to make your mouth dribble with its mixed flavors of fiery and savory goodness. 

Their Tomato Broth is also banger. Rich in the tangy taste of tomato but is neutralized with the creamy flavor, it’s extra tasty! For the true authentic Chinese hot pot experience, order their Duck Blood.

What to order: House Special Spicy Beef Dripping Pot, Tripe, Tofu Skin, Frozen Tofu, Shiitake Mushroom, Tomato Broth, and Duck Blood. 

Address: 136-20 Roosevelt Ave #2m, Queens, NY

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. LaoJie

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A cozy restaurant serving fire Chinese hotpot specials is what you can expect from LaoJie. Nothing screams both comfort and excitement all in one. In Laojie, you get the goodness of comfort food and once you get a taste, the excitement just keeps rushing in.

For their interior, it’s like a glimpse of going back in time. The vintage ornaments and the wooden walls are a plus in making the whole place timeless.

This eat-all-you-can hot pot resto takes pride in a lot of their top-grade dishes, but one that is sure to make you fall in love is their Herbal Broth and Spicy Broth. The Herbal Broth, as you may guess by its name, is packed with super duper flavorful herbs. A variety of veggies and tons of meat are included in the broth making it jampacked with great combos coming from both the herbs and the meat!

Now for the Spicy Broth, pair it with the mushrooms, tofu, pork belly, dumplings, and fish balls. This is going to stuff you up real nice and with its fiery taste, you’re going to want some more! The mushrooms, tofu, and dumplings definitely give an extra oomph to the broth with its simple yet earthy flavors. 

If you want a barbecue that will stick to you for the rest of your life, their Green Pepper Barbecue is your best bet. Unlike any other barbecue, it’s so spicy that you’ll remember this for a long time. The smokey flavor of the barbecue itself plus the pungent and spicy taste of pepper goes incredibly well together. It’s one for the books, don’t miss out on this one! 

What to order: Herbal Broth, Spicy Borth, Mushrooms, Tofu, Pork Belly, Dumplings, Fish Balls, and Green Pepper Barbecue. 

Address: 811 53rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11220,

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6. Liuyishou Hotpot (Flushing)

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The best place to fill your stomach with carefully selected ingredients and premium beef is Liuyishou Hotpot. Nothing compares to its variety of food items and its unbelievable seasonings. Excellence is what they’re known for when it comes to service, great quality meats, veggies, plates of seafood, and their classic atmosphere! 

Go for their Green Pepper Oil Soup Base & Chicken Soup Base for some timeless-tasting soup bases. Both are light and appetizing. For the Green Pepper soup, the flavors of cauliflower, cabbage, green pepper are going to invade your tastebuds. The flavors are dominant but not too overwhelming, it’s perfectly balanced just the way you’ll like it! 

Next up, their Stir-Fried Pork Intestine and Tender Shrimp Paste are other to-die-for dishes you just have to get your hands on. The Stir-Fried Intestine has that meaty and porky taste but has a distinctive seasoning that urges you to eat more and more.

With these food on your order list, not only are you going to leave this place super uber stuffed, but you’re also going to want to come back for another round! 

What to order: Green Pepper Oil Soup Base, Chicken Soup Base, Stir-Fried Pork Intestine, and Tender Shrimp Paste

Address: 136-76 39th Ave, Queens, NY

Website | Instagram 

7. 99 Favor Taste

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Enter in 99 Favor Taste starving and leave with a full tummy and a happy smile! 99 Favor Taste is an eat-all-you-can buffet that’s known for their irresistably good hot pots. Here you can find a variety of broths that has everything you’re looking for.

Try out their Chinese Herbs broth and Kimchi Broth. You can really taste the authenticity of the Chinese Herbs broth all the way from China. It’s filled with lots of veggies and the seasoning is simply the best to pair with any type of food. Giving off a mild sweet flavor with a mix of gingery goodness, this soup never fails to satisfy you. 

The combination of spicy, tangy, and umami flavors in the Kimchi Broth makes it worth ordering. The spice is tolerable so if you’re not into spicy food, you’ll still be able to enjoy this without having to ease your tongue with water. 

They also offer Korean Barbecue along with the hotpot specials. Their Korean barbecue selection is loaded with meat and for its price, it’s worth every dime! You get a fresh choice of just about any meat you want. We recommend the cut beef and chicken. The marinade stands out in these meats and when paired with the broths, it’s spectacular! 

What to order: Chinese Herbs broth, Kimchi Broth, Cut Beef Barbecue, and Chicken Barbecue. 

Address: 285 Grand St, New York, NY

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Da Long Yi Hot Pot

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From humble beginnings, Da Long Yi Hot Pot showed that quality and customer satisfaction is the way to rise up. Da Long Yi Hot Pot is a world-famous spicy hot pot putting emphasis on maintaining the authentic Szechuan way. When it comes to their hot pot specials, you can be assured that whichever dish you choose, it’s a big win.

Try out their spicy broth to fire your tastebuds and keep them alive and active. Obsessed with spicy food? the spice level of this broth is perfect for you. It’s going to get you sweaty in no time but with the busting combination of savory and spice coming your way, it’s nothing but pure heavenly goodness! 

If you’re not so much into spicy food, go for their Signature Beef Tallow Broth. It’s super beefy but is still subtle to the taste. Just the perfect calming broth to satisfy you with its hearty and fatty flavor. Get this with their vegetable combo, Beef Slices, Pork Intestine, and Fried Pork with Salted Egg Yolk. It’s going to upgrade your meal to a whole new level.

Especially the fried pork with salted egg and pork intestine, it adds that zest it needs plus the pork intestine is marinated in such a way that goes well with the broth.

What to order: Spicy Broth, Signature Beef Tallow Broth, Vegetable Combo, Beef Slices, Pork Intestine, and Fried Pork with Salted Egg. 

Address: 159 Canal St 2nd floor, New York, NY

Website | Instagram 

9. Hometown Hotpot & BBQ

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Hometown Hotpot & BBQ promises to step it up when it comes to the typical Chinese hotpots. How? They do hot pots with freshly made, daily prepped, and home-style soups. And even better, the dim lights, relaxed atmosphere, and cute ornaments all around are enough to make you feel at ease inside this simple hotpot restaurant.

For starters, what will blow you away is their Curry Broth which is extremely tangy and full of deep earthy and savory flavors. Add some potatoes, taro, and lotus root to the curry broth to level it up smoothly! The combination of turmeric plus the sweet and salty taste of the side dishes mentioned is pure brilliance.

Try out their Spicy Ma-La, it tastes like a dream with the ultra tongue-on-fire spicy sensation that it gives. Despite its super spicy taste, it doesn’t overpower the taste of other flavorful seasonings included in the broth. It also goes well with their lamb meat, so don’t forget to order that too! 

The real cherry on top is their Green Bean Noodles, it’s a delectable slippery noodle salad made with the unique technique of steaming the noodles–making them extra chewy. It’s crazy delicious and the best part? It’s low in fat and low in calories too. It’s all the good things that your tummy wants and your whole body needs! 

What to order: Curry Broth, Potatoes, Taro, Lotus Roots, Spicy Ma-La, and Green Bean Noodles 

Address: 194 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

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Happy Lamb Hot Pot is a Mongolian restaurant that’s hard to beat when it comes to the goodness of their broth. What people love most about it is that it’s the most ideal place to go to for your special celebrations. With their private alcove, the celebration of important events is leveled up in ways you’ll love the most.

You’ll never regret their half-and-half broth. One for the spicy broth and one for the original. The spicy broth will be the first love of many non-spicy lovers because its spiciness is mild but still wakes up the tastebuds. The mild spice and fresh ingredients in the spicy broth stand out in every sip you take. While the original broth has a unique taste that’s rich in herbs and spices. It gives the broth some depth and a hearty taste. 

The best way to eat these broths is to pair them with the veggie combo platter, lamb platter, beef platter, a side of pickled garlic, and a side of rice cakes. With all these on your palate, it’s a festival of delight and savory like you’ve never experienced before. 

What to order: Spicy Broth, Original Broth, veggie Combo Platter, Lamb Platter, Beef Platter, Pickled Garlic, Rice Cakes. 

Address: 136-59 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11354


That sums up our list of the best hot pot restaurants in NYC. Craving something other than hot pot specials? Well, don’t worry because we have everything you’re looking for. Check out our list of the best restaurants in NYC!