12 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Women [GUIDE]

As women, we know how fun and rewarding gifts are, especially when they come in surprises. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to get someone to do these things for you— subscription boxes exist!

These themed boxes packed with the best goodies are shipped straight to your doorstep for you to anticipate every month depending on your plan.

Whether you want to make your meals more exciting by trying new food or you’re particularly invested in trendy beauty products, there’s always a subscription box for everything.

If you’re a lady interested in signing up for a subscription box service but don’t know where to start, we compiled 12 of the best monthly subscription boxes for women in this list to make it easy for you.

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How to choose the right women’s subscription box

Look for subscription boxes that align with your interests.

Unless you really like surprising yourself, it’s best to stick with subscription boxes that you’re interested in or curious enough to try out.

You wouldn’t want to waste your money on something you don’t want, right?

Look for frequency options that are best suited for you.

Some subscription boxes only have a monthly plan which can be overwhelming.

Consider other options like subscription boxes with quarterly or annual options, depending on what you think suits you best.

Make sure to factor in shipping rates and your location.

Shipping rates vary— some subscription boxes have a flat rate while some may charge by weight. Naturally, you may need to check if they can actually deliver to your preferred location.

1.  FabFitFun Box

FabFitFun Box is a seasonal subscription box catered to women who are fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Each box is delivered to your doorstep quarterly with amazing products ranging from beauty, to wellness, and more!

A FabFitFun Box contains thoughtfully selected makeup, skincare, wellness, fashion, and even home decor for every season. The FabFitFun team handpicks full-size authentic products from top brands like NuMe, Living Proof, Tarte, Maji Sports, and many more.

FabFitFun’s box customization is truly one-of-a-kind. They offer fun membership perks with features such as discounted add-ons or selecting the products to be included in your box depending on your plan. 


Option to purchase discounted add-ons to your box
Customization is allowed for 3-4 products for seasonal members; ALL products for annual members
Getting high-end brands for a cheaper price
Cancel anytime


Random products
Fixed shipping date

Shipping: Canada, United States, United Kingdom

For high-end products with a retail value of $200 or more, FabFitFun Box is a steal. You can try out their seasonal (one-time) membership first to see if you like their service. If you get something you don’t like in one box, you can always give it to friends or family. 

FabFitFun Box

FabFitFun Box contains thoughtfully selected makeup, skincare, wellness, fashion, and even home decor for every season.

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2. Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is a snacks and candy subscription box that has an amazing selection of Japanese goods for an affordable price. If you like snacks and Japanese culture, this is the subscription box for you.

From sweet to sour to savory snacks, Tokyo Treat delivers an exciting themed box that changes every month. The delicious box of goodies may contain KitKat, Pocky, Calbee, Lotte, Hello Panda, and many more Japanese snacks!

Tokyo Treat gives you access to Japan-exclusive flavors and snacks without the need of visiting the country. With their subscription box, you can taste the flavors of Japan in the comfort of your own home.


Japan-exclusive unique flavors
Exciting monthly themes
Full-size snacks and treats
Cancel anytime


No Customization
No other box options

Shipping: Worldwide

If you’re thinking of visiting Japan but don’t have the budget yet, why not try out their snacks through a subscription plan in Tokyo Treat? With limited-edition and popular Japanese goods, you’ll feel like you’re in Japan with every bite.

Best Japanese Snack Box
TokyoTreat: Japanese Candy & Snacks Subscription Boxes

Get the sweet taste of Japan without the use of a passport or a plane ticket!

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3.  Evive Nutrition

Photo credits: Evive Nutrition

Created in 2015 by Quebec couple Claudia Poulin and Dominic Dub, Evive Nutrition’s plant-based frozen smoothie cubes aim to make healthy eating quick and easy. If you want a healthier lifestyle and you like smoothies, Evive Smoothie Cubes is the best subscription box to try out.

Evive Nutrition offers over 13 different flavors of their smoothie cubes— from Yogi, Yin, Passion Mango, Pure, Samourai, and many more. Depending on your subscription plan, you can get a total of 15 products or choose to size up your box to get 25.

The best part of Evive Nutrition is not only its health benefits but its convenience.  Each flavor has a recommended liquid addition like almond milk, water, or lemonade. Pop a few Evive Smoothie Cubes in a liquid of your choice and wait for it to soften. Once it’s done, enjoy your smoothie!

See our full review here.


Available in more than 10 creative flavors
No prepping and blender needed
Easy to make, allowing you to mix and match your own recipes
Vegan, gluten-free, and zero sugars added
The buying experience with Evive is enjoyable from start to finish


Online purchase requires subscriptions
The non-blender texture is still gritty if not blended/defrosted well

Shipping: Canada

Smoothies are the easiest way to incorporate healthy meals into your diet. Why not make it easier with Evive Nutrition’s subscription box? 

Evive Nutrition | Transform Your Mornings

Blender-free smoothies made with wholesome fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.

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4.  Crafter’s Box

The Crafter’s Box is exactly what you think it is. Made to unleash the crafter in you, one box contains all the materials, tools, and instructions you need to complete the art project of the month. If you’re looking to expand your personal creative boundaries, the Crafter’s Box is perfect for you.

Each month, the Crafter’s Box has a different type of craft or art project for you to make. With everything ready-made for you, all you need to do is thoroughly follow the instructions in an online video workshop.

Depending on the project, you’ll be getting different materials like yarns, paint, fabrics, and more.

Aside from the online workshop, they also give you access to an exclusive Q and A with the artist who designed the craft. As a subscriber, you’ll be allowed to ask questions. Their website has a “marketplace” section where you can purchase past subscription boxes and additional materials.


Fun crafts and art projects 
Choose from different available workshops each month
Multiple selections
Swap, pause, or cancel anytime


Higher price point
Some workshops are complicated and difficult 

Shipping: flat rate of $6.50 within the United States, $20 to Canada, and $30 internationally

Learning new skills and expanding your creativity is a great hobby. With the Crafter’s Box, you’ll be able to make items you never imagined making and display them at home or give them out as gifts.

The Crafter’s Box

Each month, the Crafter’s Box has a different type of craft or art project for you to make.

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5.  Alltrue

Alltrue, formerly known as CauseBox, is a famous quarterly subscription box that sends beautifully illustrated boxes filled with full-size, socially-conscious products. From sustainable items, to clean skincare, Alltrue’s subscription box is like a gift to mother nature and yourself!

Each season, Alltrue works with different artists to carefully create a seasonal box of joy. Their 2022 Spring Box contained a large hydration jug from asobu, a 10” dual-handled venus pan from Brooklyn Co., a calm kit from Cuccio Somatology, and many more.

Every product you receive from Alltrue is ethical and sustainable, allowing you to reward yourself with gifts while also making an impact. Additionally, members gain access to Alltrue’s essential shop where you can find sustainable alternatives to everyday products at the best prices.


Colorful and cute packaging
Exclusive access to Alltrue’s Essentials shop and Members-Only Market
Ethically-made products
Free shipping


No customization for seasonal memberships
Some months may contain repeated products

Shipping: Free shipping is only available in the US. $7.95 flat rate for Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories.

With a subscription box that includes brands and products committed to letting our planet breathe better, AllTrue is for all the women who want to make a difference! 

Alltrue Box

From sustainable items, to clean skincare, Alltrue’s subscription box is like a gift to mother nature and yourself!

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6.  Bake Eat Love Baking Kit

Bake Eat Love Baking Kit is a baking subscription box that sends baking ingredients for you to make each month. Each box contains all the non-perishable ingredients you need, a specialty ingredient, and a tool for your kitchen.

For their September 2022 Box, Bake Eat Love Baking Kit features Marionberries which combines chocolate brownies, chocolate pudding, and marionberry mousse. You’ll also be getting a jar scraper/spatula for use.

Bake Eat Love is a baking subscription box for all ages! You can subscribe and enjoy baking with your child, friends, or family. Their instructions and recipes are also beginner-friendly.


Fun and delicious recipes 
Beginner-friendly and kid-friendly
Pre-measured ingredients


Only ships to the US
No gluten-free options

Shipping: Free shipping in the US

There’s always room for dessert, especially when it’s one you made! Hone your baking skills and try new flavors every month with Bake Eat Love Baking’s subscription box.

Bake Eat Love’s Original Monthly Baking Kit

Bake Eat Love Baking Kit is a baking subscription box that sends baking ingredients for you to make each month.

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 7. Nomakenolife

Nomakenolife is a Japanese and Korean beauty products subscription box that is carefully curated and suitable for all skin types. They are Tokyo-based and launched back in 2016.

Every box from Nomakenolife contains 8-9 different beauty products ranging from makeup, skincare, and accessories. You can get face masks, hand creams, eyeshadow palettes, hair clips, and more from different Japanese and Korean brands like Innisfree, HADA LABO, Mediheal, etc.

Nomakenolife’s subscription box grants you access to exclusive and limited Japanese and Korean beauty products that you might not find easily in the market. Once you subscribe, you’ll also be joining the Nomakenolife community where you can talk to other members about Japanese and Korean beauty products.


Exclusive and limited-edition items
High value products
Cute packaging
Suited for all skin types


No customization

Shipping: Worldwide shipping, $10.50 to $12.50 depending on the available shipping courier to your country.

Get Japanese and Korean glass skin without spending too much with Nomakenolife! If you want to surprise yourself with cutesy accessories, and top-tier beauty products from Japan and Korea, subscribing to Nomakenolife’s subscription box is the best way.


Every box from Nomakenolife contains 8-9 different Japanese and Korean beauty products ranging from makeup, skincare, and accessories.

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8. Scentbird

Scentbird is a subscription service that makes fragrance easy to shop and deliver to your doorstep. With Scentbird, you’ll be able to discover amazing scents from designer perfumes without butchering your wallet.

Scentbird has a great variety of indie and designer perfumes like Juliette Has A Gun, Burberry, Prada, Tom Ford, and many more. Each month, you’ll be receiving one 30-day sample of a designer fragrance. You can upgrade your account to receive two or three samples a month. 

An 8-milliliter sample from Scentbird is designed to last for 30 days, meaning an annual subscription can give you enough fragrances to mix and match with your mood for a whole year. You will also be given a free travel case that keeps perfume from spilling in your purse.


Extensive line of fragrances
High-quality packaging
Affordable price
Cancel anytime


No returns or refunds

Shipping: Canada, United States, United Kingdom

A perfume subscription box like Scentbird is the perfect way to give designer perfumes a try without spending money for a full bottle. They can also be great ideas for your significant other.

Scentbird | Perfume Subscription Box

If you love to wear perfume and wish to try on a new scent every month, Scentbird has got your back! 

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 9. HelloFresh

Too busy to prepare your family’s meals? HelloFresh is here to help! With every box of HelloFresh meal subscription, you can enjoy delicious dinners with minimal effort. HelloFresh constantly comes up with new and delicious recipes besides offering 6 different categories of diets to choose from.

If you’re a fan of a particular dish, you can add it to your meal subscription box whenever it’s available. In case you need to cancel the box for a dine-out, HelloFresh is flexible to adjust the plan for you! Simple, fresh, and nutritious, how can we not love that?

Explore more best meal kits for you and your family here.


6 different recipes that are varied, delicious, and easy to prepare.
Tips on reducing waste by reconverting leftover food into creative recipes are available on the website to inspire customers.
Save time on meal-planning
Recipes with varying difficult levels
Different plans are available


A cancellation or skip-a-meal plan must be informed 4 days before your scheduled delivery despite long weekends or statutory holidays, which reduces flexibility.
Vegan might come up short
Not the cheapest meal kit on the market

Shipping: Continental US & Canada

HelloFresh is great for women who absolutely dread meal planning and grocery shopping. With HelloFresh, you can make delectable meals at home.

Limited Time Promo
Get Up to 20 Free Meals!

Fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and delicious recipes delivered every week.

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 10. JIGGY

“Women support women,” and JIGGY is the prime example of that saying! The woman-founded brand supports female artists by highlighting their art through puzzles. Each featured female artist gets a percentage for each sale.

JIGGY makes quality puzzles and sends you everything you need to make them into work-of-art display pieces. For their Summer 2022 collection, JIGGY showcased different artworks by artists like Teresa Chan, Charly Clements, Farah Brightart, Archista Khosla, and more.

JIGGY is proudly female-founded and ships carbon-neutral. Not only are you helping fellow women, but you’re also helping the earth while having fun solving puzzle pieces!


Beautiful presentation and packaging
Free domestic shipping
Exclusive 500pc puzzle


Colors sometimes bleed
No customization

Shipping: Canada, North America, Europe

Puzzle enthusiasts, Jiggy got your back! With their “piece of mind, delivered monthly” mantra, Jiggy is one of the most beautiful puzzles you’ll see in the market and it’s also made for a good cause.

JIGGY Puzzle Club

JIGGY makes quality puzzles and sends you everything you need to make them into work-of-art display pieces. 

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 11. Sips By Personalized Tea Discovery Box

A subscription box graciously curated for a fine lady who loves afternoon tea time, Sips By is perfect for every tea lover. A female-founded startup with more than 159 global tea brands, Sips By spills great tea on subscription box services.

Sips By ships 4 teas per box together with detailed flavor descriptions and brewing techniques. On each box, you may receive seasonal flavors like Nice and NaughTEA or tea from other female-founded brands.

Sibs By allows you to test different types of tea from many parts of the world at an affordable price. Not only will you discover different flavors, but you’ll also be introduced to new brands that you can add to your list of favorites.


Discover existing tea brands you’ve never known
Cute and personalized packaging
Option to choose flavor preferences
Free shipping within the US


Some of the teas can be bought in stores
You might not like what you receive (hence the discovery part)

Shipping: Worldwide

Join the #1 rated tea club and explore thousands of quality teas, and hundreds of the world’s best brands by subscribing to Sips By on their website.

Sips By Personalized Tea Discovery Box

Sips By ships 4 teas per box together with detailed flavor descriptions and brewing techniques. 

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12. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens offers green juice powder formulated to be easily digestible, which is useful and healthy to consume, especially for athletes and people who work out. Containing organic ingredients, minerals, and vitamins, Athletic Greens help to recover from exercise, support a strong immune system, and build efficient energy production and storage.

The usage is simple, you can put them straight into the water, or milk, yogurt, and oatmeal depending on your liking.

Catch our full review of Athletic Greens here.


Contains 75 ingredients, including dairy-free probiotics.
One of the better-tasting green nutrition powders, and tastes great in smoothies, water, or any liquid of choice.
NSF certified for sports
Dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free.
60-day money-back guarantee.


More expensive than other competitors on the market 
A proprietary blend and there is no complete disclosure of the exact amount of each ingredient used.

Shipping: Ships to Australia, Canada, and the US at $9

Limited Time Offer
Get Bonuses W/ Your First Athletic Greens AG1

Get a one year supply of Vitamin D3+K2 & 5 free travel packs of AG1 when you sign up below.

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