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10 Best NYC Clubbing Spots To Dance The Night Away

The clubbing scene in NYC comes in a roll call. There are not just nightclubs but also dive bars, speakeasies, jazz bars, or after-hours sports and recreation. 

Some places are new to the city but filled with immersive art visual and graffiti murals, while some are only open for members and invites.

Some spots such as TAO Downtown are drinks-only, so you definitely don’t want to get there hungry. Some offer sparklers and bottle service so don’t seek a dive bar kind of environment there.

The key to choosing the right club for you is to identify what works for you and what not, or on which date you’re available since many of them are open a few nights a week or stay quiet until midnight.

Other than that, how crazy and wild do you want it to be? Do you wanna dance the night away with strangers in cheetah outfits or need a place with really good signature drinks served with tropical bites?

From Brooklyn staples to East Village household names, here are the 10 best clubs in NYC to dance the night away.

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1. Avant Gardner, Brooklyn

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Winning the Best of North America Awards 2022 by DJ Mag, Avant Gardner is one of the most colossal dance music venues in all of New York City.

A plethora of talented artists line up for a gig here every night, turning Avant Gardner into a crown jewel in this industrial heart of East Williamsburg. Global stars in the electronic dance music scene such as ZEDD, David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, and Black Coffee have frequented here so far.

Enveloped inside a massive dome made of gray and thick concrete imposing a fortress-inspired building is a triad of outdoor and indoor spaces. Brooklyn Mirage, Great Hall, and Kings Hall occupy 80,000 square feet. The house also sets up a 200-foot wide, 15k resolution video wall to keep up with its unrivaled audio-visual feature.

The massive club can host up to 8000 party seekers at a time. Check out the event listing page to stay updated on what’s going on as well as entry requirements.

Address: 140 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Website | Instagram

2. Nowadays, Ridgewood

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What’s waiting inside a 16,000-square-foot entertainment venue? Nowadays beckons the attention of fun seekers in New York City with its notorious “Mister Sundays” dance parties.

Nowadays is the best one-stop shop for a no-nonsense NYC clubbing experience. Come here if you’re in the mood for a chilled-out place to kick back, head out for some cute evening games with friends or unwind by the hammocks.

The rooftop bar shines its torch on the DJs disking up hot soundtracks at the corner. Sangria, wine, local beers, and finger food flush in constantly to keep you recharged for the rotating music collection.

Nowadays appears like a music festival campground. Steering clear from dim lights and fancy touches, it concentrates on the top-tier sound system, curated dining menu, and deeply chill vibes. The no-phone policy ensures you have enough space and time to detox from continuous connectivity and technology buzzes.

Address: 56-06 Cooper Ave, Queens, NY 11385

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Deluxx Fluxx, East Village

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You don’t need a big busy club filled with people to have fun. Deluxx Fluxx knows exactly what’s missing out on the NYC nightlife scene and how to fill up that gap.

The state-of-the-art club is open below Webster Hall in the core of Manhattan’s East Village. It’s designed as an immersive visual and audial art space. All the fun takes place at this 4,200-square-foot space where you can immerse into a dazzling world filled with early arcades, punk rock, hip-hop, and graffiti culture.

The idea behind this is to invigorate the New York City nightlife in the early 2000s. While the DJ is busy spinning the decks behind Deluxx Fluxx’s floor-to-ceiling blacklight art interior, you can explore the pinball machines, video games, and arcades, or keep up with the costume performers.

Address: 125 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. 3 Dollar Bill, Brooklyn

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Not your average dive bar facility, 3 Dollar Bill cuddles you with a spacious and welcoming vibe. Dedicated to the queer community and anyone who wanna have fun, 3 Dollar Bill is a lively and gorgeous performance space with a stellar food court on the outside to fill up your empty stomach with tasty tacos before some booze.

This is definitely where you wanna go for drag shows and theme nights. The bar area is peppered with booths and couches while the dance area has stages set up in a unique decor.

Don’t wear stilettos, you’ve been warned! Rocking on the cobblestoned floor may end up as a nightmare for your feet by the time you get home at 2 am. But other than that, mismatched vintage light fixtures and metal chandeliers make the space a lot more exciting to sway to your favorite jam.

Address: 260 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. TAO Downtown Restaurant and Nightclub, Manhattan

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The Rockwell design firm brought to Manhattan one of the coolest, fanciest drinks-only lounges. Tucked away within the grandeur of TAO Downtown’s restaurant behind the bricks of New York Maritime Hotel, TAO Nightclub encompasses 2,500 square feet steeped in a low-key profile with a strong Oriental touch.

Celebrities and VIPs have frequented TAO on a nightly basis. As the night gets older, the party gets wilder. All the music and dancing take place under the fabulous chandeliers and are enhanced by the intimate tea lights. Collective artworks and murals adorn the exposed brick walls, while the curved bar is highlighted at a whimsical corner of the space.

Don’t come here hungry as you won’t be finding any food served within the club’s boundary. However, the TAO Restaurant next door always opens a door so you can hit the club fully energized later.

Address: 92 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Electric Room, Manhattan

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Union Jack Flag, Gothic-inspired chandeliers, and velvety upholstery stunt nightcrawlers of NYC right at the moment they step down this rabbit hole. 

A small alleyway sneaks into a shabby ramp tucked away behind a neon sign. Open a tiny tricky door and immerse yourself into a subterranean, Britannia punk club you barely see elsewhere.

This is a tasteful speakeasy soaked in an intimate environment inspired by the retro rock-friendly soundtrack. The Electric Room is not too big, with a capacity reaching 100 people at a time. The dress code and ratios are stringent while high-end spirits and specialty cocktails fill up the wooden bar every night.

Late-night dancing is accompanied by a rotating collection of newly energized cocktails crafted by Johnny Sweet. On top of that, the full sound system and high-definition plasma screen TV run along the wood-paneled walls. All it takes to complete a magical night is a bite out of some spicy meatballs and mini cheeseburgers. 

Address: Dream Downtime lower level, 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. The Fleur Room, Manhattan

Photo credits: The Fleur Room

Topping the 35th floor of the Moxy Chelsea building, the glass-encased Fleur Room incorporates botanicals into a brand-new club lounge with a view to die for.

On any clear night, you will be in awe of the glimmering wraparound vista where the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building become your fancy neighbors.

This Chelsea outpost rooftop club satisfies any Instagram-savvy clubgoers. It has a gigantic disco ball in the middle of the ceiling, looking down to the whimsical floral fabrics wrapping around a copper-clad bar.

Put on your favorite gown as the dress code is pretty strict here. Regular DJs frequent the house every night to inspire as you’re nibbling on steak au poivre or truffle grilled cheese.

The Fleur Room is divided into two spaces. A casual room is rigged out with a full bar and a spacious, cozy seating. The other one is a bit wider where you find banquettes that transform into a lively dance stage as the night goes on.

Address: 105 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Socialista, Soho

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Take your guys and gals to a Havana Nights party at Socialista, a household name in NYC Soho billed as a peasant saloon with a strong influence of Old Havana.

Walk into a whimsical house full of bright colors, tropical flowers, and greenery, Socialista is a luxe cocktail lounge where colonial European architecture makes a statement.

Padded out under the shimmering chandeliers is a set of French antiques and nostalgic velveted surfaces. Ample seating is nestled by plantation-style rattan furnishings to create a lavish look.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for you, be prepared to see a playful mix of quintessential Cuban drinks and Socialista signatures that partially define the rich cocktail history of this Caribbean country. Other than that, the kitchen’s only six dishes will satisfy your midnight craving with everything from chipotle to tartare and Cubano sandwiches.

Socialista is for members and invites only. However, event inquiries can be arranged via email.

Address: 376 W Broadway b, New York, NY 10012

Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Writing On The Wall, Lower East Side

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A plush lounge coupled with a restaurant, Writing On The Wall is one of the latest add-ins in the NYC clubbing scene. This is where you can find tropical bites and artisanal cocktails incorporated into lively, fresh, and immersive nifty vibes.

The food barely gets past seven options, but you never want to miss out on those juicy pork belly sliders and shrimp shiu mai. On the bar menu, cocktail signatures like Catch Me If You Can and East Side Mule will have you hypnotized. Otherwise, fine wines like Prosecco and White Claw Beers still end your night on the right note.

Well-appraised DJs flush to the club on any given night, throwing the sounds of EDM that bounce off against flashy strobe lights.

All reservations are required to get in, either a table for bottle service or a semi-private event. Thanks to the electrifying bottle parades and late-night celebrations, Writing On The Wall will get you hooked and never wanna leave.

Address: 244 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Rumpus Room, Lower East Side

Photo credits: Rumpus Room

Getting wild, going crazy, and letting loose, Rumpus Room boasts a cozy yet eclectic vibe. It features a high-style space crammed with fun-seeking attitudes.

As a well-received nightclub in the dance mecca of NYC’s Lower East Side, Rumpus Room stuns its guests with a vintage vibe from burnt wood-paneled walls, animal print ottomans, and copper bars with bamboo accents. All those quirky things are inspired by a French club in the 80s where leopard theme and zebra print were a huge deal.

Rumpus Room is open every Friday and Saturday, featuring hip-hop hits, electronics, and trendy pops. Since its opening in 2015, Rumpus Room has been a place of discreet fun where everyone is welcomed.

Address: 249 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Those are all the best nightclubs in NYC where famous DJs play the sets all night long while you’re chucking down gin and vodka combos. 

Some lounges are pretty strict on dress code so make sure you’re not refused to get in with baseball caps and shorts. Some places also charge a fee to enter, but as long as you come prepared with a group of friends and are well-dressed, it’s not difficult to get in.

Reservations are essential at certain spots so always make sure you keep tabs on their websites.

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