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12 Best Steakhouses In NYC You Gotta Eat At (+ What To Order)

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Slicing into a skillfully prepared, perfectly medium-rare steak is a feeling like no other! While New York City has seen rapid growth in plant-based restaurants in the past couple of years, there is no denying that steakhouses are a staple of the city. On that front, the five boroughs certainly don’t disappoint.

Whether you like your steak with multiple side dishes, paired with martinis or red wine, or with an international influence, this list of the 12 best steakhouses in NYC has all the places where hungry carnivores line up.

1. Keens Steakhouse

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Established in 1885, Keens Steakhouse became the “rendezvous of the famous” right from its inception and is now the only survivor of the Herald Square Theatre District.

At Keens, you get to enjoy your steak surrounded by antiques, and a ceiling covered in thousands of smoking pipes, including those that belonged to Albert Einstein, Teddy Roosevelt, and JP Morgan. This landmark of a steakhouse will leave you amazed in every way possible.

Available for both lunch and dinner, Keens’ Our Legendary Mutton Chop is legendary for a reason. You get a thick cut of mutton that is cooked to melt-in-the-mouth perfection (with an amazing char on the outside), exuding a pleasant flavor, without any gaminess from the meat.

Their Prime Porterhouse, available for two or three, is a dry-aged cut that comes with a nice salty crust and is cooked to the perfect shade of pink, and the meat is tender and juicy.

While many love their creamy and not-so-overpowering Creamed Spinach for the side, their Hash Browns will also blow you away with their charred and salty exterior, and creamy interior.

What to order: Our Legendary Mutton Chop, Prime Porterhouse, Hash Browns, Creamed Spinach

Address: 72 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018

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2. Porter House Bar and Grill

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Voted one of the absolute best steakhouses in New York, Porter House Bar and Grill sets the gold standard bar for the newcomers in the genre to try and reach. Located in the Time Warner Center, this is an upscale restaurant, with breathtaking views of the Central Park, which alone are worthy of the price tag.

Served with the classic French Maitre d’ Butter, Porter House’s Filet Mignon gets you excited with its mere looks. The butter envelops the steak with fragrance and richness, elevating its taste to a whole different level.

The Chili Rubbed Rib Eye is marinated with a roasted chili and agave rub, which makes it slightly sweet, and gives the meat the right level of smokiness and a spellbinding taste.

The Buttermilk Onion Rings are so good, you’d want them stacked like a tower.

What to order: Filet Mignon, Chili Rubbed Rib Eye, Buttermilk Onion Rings

Address: 10 Columbus Circle, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10019

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3. Gallaghers Steakhouse

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Located at the heart of New York, Gallaghers Steakhouse is a speakeasy turned steakhouse, a signature establishment of the city where you can enjoy genuine prime steak paired with trademark classic cocktails.

With its iconic meat locker, and as the only NY restaurant to still fire steaks over hickory coals (the old school way!), Gallaghers Steakhouse is an NYC landmark.

The French Onion Soup here is BOMB. Served with three-cheese crouton, the soup is super cheesy and rich in flavor.

Gallaghers’ specialty is their Filet Mignon. Available as a 10oz and 14oz cut, this piece of meat is well-seasoned and grilled over hickory logs; the blistering temperatures of the grill deliver a perfectly rendered and caramelized steak that comes out mouthwateringly tender, with a hint of smokiness.

Choose Key Lime Pie for dessert; this is most likely to be one of the best versions of the pie you’ve ever tasted. While you can still taste the tartness from the key lime, it is well-balanced with the sweet cream and the perfectly set crust.

What to order: French Onion Soup, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Key Lime Pie

Address: 228 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

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4. COTE Korean Steakhouse

Photo credits: Cote Korean Steakhouse

COTE brings to you a blended dining experience of Korean BBQ and the classic American steakhouse. With a cheerful and interactive atmosphere, this one-star Michelin restaurant features smokeless grills at every table and an in-house dry aging room, which together make sure that every piece of steak you eat is fresh, hot, and charred to perfection.

If this will be your first time at COTE, we recommend that you go for the Butcher’s Feast. This feast comes with four different cuts of beef, a savory egg souffle, and a whole spread of different Korean side dishes.

The meats arrive raw at your table, after which your server preps the grill with oil and cooks them skillfully. Needless to say, everything tastes fantastic.

When you choose the sides as part of your Butcher’s Feast, go with the Spicy Kimchi Rice instead of the stew. You get a large skillet of the rice, which is absolutely flavorful and delicious.

From their Shareable Appetizers menu, the Korean Bacon is everyone’s favorite. This is thick-cut pork belly, smoked in-house until they are crispy on the ends, and served with pickled jalapenos to give the dish some kick.

The Butcher’s Feast includes a Soft Serve for dessert. Even if you choose differently, don’t forget to try this soy sauce caramel drizzled soft serve. It is a beautiful interplay of savory and sweet that you just can’t get enough of!

What to order: Butcher’s Feast, Spicy Kimchi Rice, Korean Bacon, Soft Serve with Soy Sauce Caramel

Address: 16 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

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5. Macelleria Italian Steakhouse

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First-quality ingredients, huge portions, an extensive wine list, and tailored service – this description is the perfect symbolization of Macelleria Italian Steakhouse in NYC. With a stone fireplace, quality linens and stemware, and spacious tables, this place is set to offer you a memorable dining experience.

The Rib Eye is a popular steak cut here; the meat is beautifully seasoned and given enough time on the grill to render the fat down and elevate its flavor and comes to the table perfectly cooked to your preference.

The Short Ribs Risotto comes as an Italian + Steakhouse blend; the meat is slow-cooked to become tender and is served over creamy mushroom risotto, drizzled with the incredible braising sauce. With the meat’s juices flavoring the risotto, what you have on your plate is a highly flavorful and comforting dish.

If you want to go the pasta route, Macelleria’s Pappardelle with Braised Short Ribs Ragu will leave you bamboozled!

The beef short ribs are slowly braised to become fall-apart tender and are then combined with other ingredients and spices to come up with the bold, flavor-packed, and hearty ragu sauce. Served with pappardelle pasta that is cooked to al-dente perfection, this is heaven on a plate.

What to order: Rib Eye, Short Ribs Risotto, Pappardelle with Braised Short Ribs, Sole Oreganata

Address: 142 5th Avenue, Village of Pelham, NY 10803

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. The Grill

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Get transported to The Great Gatsby era when you dine at The Grill, one of NYC’s favorite chophouses operating in the historic Seagram Building. The menu here is a tribute to the classics, celebrating the finest of meats and seafood, with extensive tableside preparations done by “captains” meticulously dressed in Tom Ford tuxedos.

The star of your evening, the famous 14 oz Rib Eye at The Grill is a thick, marvelously cooked slab of meat, which comes with the bone on the side (Deviled Bone). The spice rub used on the steak is so good that it forms a beautiful crust on top, and the meat’s juices are all over the plate, you’ll want to slurp it all up.

Oh, don’t you miss the meat on the bone – tastes splendid!

You’ll also love the New York Strip. This 21 oz of lusciousness looks so appetizing, seared to reach a golden brown color on all sides and pink in the middle – so buttery and just melts away in your mouth!

A must-try experience at The Grill comes with their Pasta a la Presse. Your server prepares the sauce of the dish tableside, using a vintage French contraption, meticulously placing roasted duck, squab, and other ingredients into it, and slowly crushing them to bring out the juices. The juice is then tossed to a plate of pasta, which absorbs all the flavor and tastes great.

What to order: Rib Eye, New York Strip, Pasta a la Presse, Lemon Chiffon

Address: 99 E 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022

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7. Smith & Wollensky

Photo credits: Smith & Wollensky New York City

A large, two-storey space with wine bottles all around, white table linens, and sharply dressed waiters pushing carts with food plates, Smith & Wollensky is your classic NYC steakhouse offering massive steaks, wine, appetizers, and whatnot.

The Cajun Filet Mignon is a crowd-favorite here. The dry rub used on the steak is Cajun-style – bold and earthy, giving each bite an amazing flavor, with mouthwatering crispy edges.

They serve a badass massive Prime Rib (26 oz), which comes bone-in, expertly cooked to medium-rare, and is juicy and tender with an intense flavor of the quality meat. This can be easily shared between two.

If you’re confused about what to order from their long appetizers menu, our recommendation would be the Maryland Crab Cake – crispy, moist, and full of crab meat, and their famous Split Pea Soup – rich and hearty.

Dessert – Coconut Layer Cake, hands down! It is perfectly light and fluffy, and not too sweet.

What to order: Cajun Filet Mignon, Prime Rib, Maryland Crab Cake, Split Pea Soup, Coconut Layer Cake

Address: 49th Street & Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022

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8. Hawksmoor NYC

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Hawksmoor, a UK-based chain, is one of the few steakhouses in New York City indulging diners with economical steaks that are still luscious and premium. Along with their all-natural beef cooked over live charcoal, the place also offers a carefully curated wine list and an award-winning cocktail program.

For those of you looking to savor a well-cooked piece of steak without compromising on taste or spending close to $100, Hawksmoor has a solution – Rump. Their 12 oz Rump steak is all-natural, dry-aged meat with beautiful charcoal-grilled char that will make you drool. It has a rich smoky taste, and the meat is extremely tender.

The Elysian Fields Lamb T-bones, served with pickled onions, mint, and jus, are simply fab!

Their Bone Marrow Oysters are not to be missed. Roasted over real charcoal, the oysters pack a punch and are so delicious, you’d want a dozen more!

If you don’t mind a heavy dessert, Hawksmoor’s Sticky Toffee Pudding would be ideal. There is nothing you could really fault in this dessert; take a spoonful of the pudding along with the sticky sauce, and you’ll find your taste buds exploding in happiness.

What to order: Rump, Elysian Fields Lamb T-bones, Bone Marrow Oysters, Sticky Toffee Pudding

Address: 109 E 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Club A

Photo credits: Club A Steakhouse

From one of New York’s celebrated restaurateurs, Bruno Selimaj, Club A combines the charm of an old-school steakhouse with a modern flair. With a striking dining room and live music, the restaurant sets the mood for you to enjoy some of the best steaks the city has to offer.

Petite Filet Mignon with Whipped Potato Puree and Mac & Cheese; that’s all you need for a satisfying meal at Club A.

The Filet Mignon is perfectly seasoned and cooked to medium rare, so it is fork-tender and melts in the mouth.

The Whipped Potato Puree is super creamy and extra smooth; paired with the steak, it is a match made in heaven!

Mac & Cheese – with the house blend of cheese, this side dish is heart-warmingly cheesy, creamy, and crunchy (thanks to the breadcrumbs!) all at once.

The Hanger Steak has an inviting deep brown crust and a reddish pink inside. The juices from the cooked steak are combined with cream, cognac, and freshly ground black peppercorns to make the Au Poivre Sauce, which adds big pops of flavor to the meat.

What to order: Petite Filet Mignon, Whipped Potato Puree, Mac & Cheese, Hanger Steak with Au Poivre Sauce, Club A Bacon

Address: 240 E 58th Street, New York, NY 10022

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10. STK Steakhouse Midtown NYC

Photo credits: STK Steakhouse

STK Steakhouse redefines the traditional steakhouse setting with a high-energy, chic, and sleek atmosphere. With a menu that also highlights non-red meats, this Midtown steakhouse is crowded all nights of the week, thanks to the incredible food and impeccable service.

Filet Mignon, available in 6 oz and 10 oz sizes, has a mild flavor and is cooked to medium-rare perfectness. Add the STK Bold sauce (costs extra) to your filet to amp up the flavor.

You can also choose surf and turf, and order Lobster Tail or Grilled Prawns with your Filet.

Visit STK for lunch, and you could enjoy a solid Wagyu Burger & Fries. This is a premium quality burger, with a rich, caramelized, and juicy patty.

What to order: Filet Mignon, Filet with Lobster Tail, Wagyu Burger & Fries

Address: 1114 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Royal 35 Steakhouse

Photo credits: Royal 35 Steakhouse

Located a stone’s throw away from The Empire State Building, Royal 35 is an authentic steakhouse with a menu that features all things “steakhouse”. With a gorgeous fireplace, dark leather seating, and mahogany wood walls, this place is warm and sophisticated.

Dry-aged in their own aging box, the Porterhouse Steak for Two will make you go “WOW!” right after the first bite, with its gorgeous char on the outside and perfect medium-rare pinkness inside. Safe to say, this is one of the city’s supreme steak offerings!

The Veal Chop is a thick piece of meat; it is so juicy and immensely delicious, you’ll want to go back to the restaurant just to taste it again.

Royal 35 has an alluring seafood menu as well. The better option for a-la-carte seafood orders would be to go with the Royal 35 Seafood Tower. The platter includes jumbo shrimp, plump Maine lobster, oysters, and clams on the half shell – everything is fresh and served with the right sauce pairings.

What to order: Porterhouse Steak for Two, Veal Chop, Royal 35 Seafood Tower, Sautéed Spinach

Address: 1 E 35th Street, New York, NY 10016

Website | Instagram

12. Sparks Steak House

Steak Fromage | Photo credits: Sparks Steak House

Established in 1966, Sparks’ aged beef, hard-to-find aged wines, and seafood are widely popular worldwide. This family-owned and operated restaurant has a beautiful interior and picture-perfect backgrounds, perfect for date nights and special occasions.

A gourmet’s delight, Filet Mignon at Sparks, has a crusty exterior and juicy interior; each bite of the steak reveals the quality of the meat and the chef’s expertise.

The Prime Sirloin Steak is a boneless piece of meat that comes to the table cooked whole. Despite being a lean cut, the meat is prevented from drying out and remains juicy.

Creamed Spinach and Hash Brown Potatoes are our favorite sides to order here. The former is not too creamy and has an enjoyable texture, and the latter is crispy and not waxy.

Topped with Roquefort cheese, the Steak Fromage has a distinct flavor, with tender meat and a sharp richness from the cheese. 

What to order: Filet Mignon, Prime Sirloin Steak, Creamed Spinach, Hash Brown Potatoes, Steak Fromage

Address: 210 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017

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