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12 Best Dumbo Restaurants In NYC To Eat At (+ What To Order)

The name Dumbo, which translates to “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” is a well-known route for tourists traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn. 

The neighborhood has been a preferred location for all types of restaurants, from fine dining to regular eateries, in their relentless quest to satisfy all types of palates, exactly because it connects two locations. 

With that said, here are the 12 best Dumbo restaurants in NYC you should check out for a great dining experience!


Photo credits: AlMar Dumbo

Italy will be remembered for its contributions to the culinary arts. In Dumbo,  ALMAR  deserves special mention for their Italian-inspired menu. The restaurant has been consistently showcasing their impeccable service, masterfully crafted menu, and amazing vibes for over a decade.

ALMAR’s eye for a perfect dining experience extends from classic Italian staples to more inventive dishes. They’ve proven this to be true, especially since they’re a well-known brunch destination!

We highly recommend that you try the infamous Alfredo’s Meatballs for antipasti, an impressive Wagyu Beef Burger Panini sandwich with fontina, onion al balsamico, and everything nice, and a savory Mezzi Rigatoni for your pasta selection on your visit.

What to order: Alfredo’s Meatballs, Roasted Beet Carpaccio, Wagyu Beef Burger Panini, Mezzi Rigatoni

Address: 111 Front St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Celestine

Photo credits: Celestine

For breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and picturesque grandeur of the waterfront, look no further than the exquisite Celestine. This popular Mediterranean-inspired restaurant focuses on providing diners with an unforgettable dining experience that checks off many of the best dining criteria.

There’s no better way to enjoy the city and bridge views than with Celestine’s Mezze Platter, which is the best way to enjoy all of their Mezze selections. Indulge in their marinated olives, whipped labneh, hummus, pistachio feta, crudites, and house-made flatbread.

Another can’t-miss item is Celestine’s Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich made more savory with cherry pepper relish and garlic aioli. For your sweet fix, the Apple Cider Doughnuts are definitely to die for!

What to order: Mezze Platter, Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, Apple Cider Doughnuts, Blood Orange Paloma Cocktail

Address: 1 John St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

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3. Superfine

Photo credits:Superfine

Superfine is an advocate for the sustainability ethos, pledging to only obtain their ingredients through environmentally friendly means. As a result, the restaurant slash bar’s menu changes depending on the availability of fresh produce, such as pork and poultry, beef, and seafood from local suppliers.

Enter a vibrant world of creative walls adorned with the works of a featured monthly artist. As you sink into a memorable moment of dining bliss, be serenaded by both local and international musicians.

You’ll never go wrong with a Superfine Breakfast Burrito taken to the next level with house-made sausage, scrambled eggs, pinto beans, jack cheese, and more, all wrapped in a humble embrace by a house-made flour tortilla.

The moment their Pork Chop touched our tongue, we were left speechless — there’s something special about the sauce that blows minds! A Bloody Mary is the perfect way to cap off your Superfine experience. Dare we say it’s one for the record books?

What to order: Breakfast Burrito, Pork Chop & Eggs, Bloody Mary

Address: 126 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Time Out Market New York

Photo credits: Time Out New York

Time Out Market New York brings together all of the reasons why New York is a foodie’s paradise under one roof. This food hall has everything you need and more, from famous bars and acclaimed restaurants to hippy eateries and contemporary cafes.

Time Out Market is an excellent destination if you can’t decide between Japanese and Italian, American and Chinese cuisines. You can literally have anything and everything here!

There are numerous food stalls to choose from, but anything can be an instant hit when shared with friends and family over hearty conversation. We highly recommend Pat Laborda’s cheese steak, which combines cheese and beef to create the ultimate dish, and Wayla’s Pad Thai, which is outrageously delicious with every bite!

The doughnuts from Dough, as well as the Buffalo Mac and Cheese from Jacob’s Pickles, are delightful surprises. Don’t miss Time Out if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind cavernous food park.

What to order: Cheese Steak from Pat Laborda, Pad Thai from Wayla, doughnuts from Dough, Buffalo Mac and Cheese from Jacob’s Pickles

Address: 55 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Bread & Spread

Photo credits: bklyn.bites

Bread & Spread has a remarkable knack for serving a wide variety of flavorful and satisfying sandwiches, such as roasted sandwiches and the crowd-favorite banh mi, while maintaining an impeccable balance of amazing service and fantastic vibes! 

With plenty of seating, this hole-in-the-wall is ideal for grabbing a quick and tasty lunch.

Start your day right with their Breakfast Sandwich, which is made with ciabatta or multigrain bread, your choice of red pepper jam, chipotle mayo, or aji verde spreads, and other flavorful ingredients. Quite literally an example of how to up your sandwich game.

Alternatively, you can indulge in a savory delight with their Porchetta, which is thinly sliced pork belly with garlic, fennel seed, and aged provolone, or a Banh Mi with boneless grilled thighs and sweet soy. Kudos to Bread & Spread for creating a small but perfectly-executed menu of delicious sandwiches and coffee!

What to order: Breakfast Sandwich, Porchetta, Boneless Grilled Chicken Thighs Banh Mi

Address: 151 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website | Instagram

6. Seamore’s

Photo credits: Seamore’s Upper East Side

Seamore’s, a seafood restaurant in New York City, incorporates the city’s surrounding waters into their concept. Seasmore’s collaborates with local fish suppliers to ensure that all of the fish on your plate is fresh and flavorful.

Their dumbo branch offers daily and seasonal fish that arrive at your table within 24 to 48 hours of being caught. Nothing beats their delectable and sensational Oysters of the Day and inventive Firecracker Cauliflower, which is cauliflower tempura with sweet chili aioli and sesame seed.

The Reel Deal bowl and the divine combination of Steelhead Salmon + Sumac Farro are must-orders for the main course. They’re phenomenally delicious, leaving you in awe even if you’re not a seafood connoisseur!

Oh, and don’t forget to order their Mac & Cheese! You’re completely wrong to believe that all mac and cheese is created equal.

What to order: Oysters of the Day, Firecracker Cauliflower, The Reel Deal, Steelhead Salmon + Sumac Farro, Mac and Cheese

Address: 66 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Juliana’s

Photo credits: theladyoflovelysmile

Juliana’s serves as renowned pizza proprietor Patsy Grimlandi’s return ticket to NYC’s culinary scene, nearly two decades after retiring. They opened in 2012 to serve deliciously thin crusts with top-tier toppings baked in a 5-decade-old coal-fired oven.

Their opening marks the return of secret recipes to the light, and ten years later, people are still flocking to taste some of New York’s best pizzas. Juliana’s has mastered the art of perfecting service, food, and atmosphere — a rare trifecta that few restaurants can match.

The best way to enjoy Juliana’s is through their classic Margherita Pizza and Calzone. You have the freedom to add a maximum of two pizza toppings from their list on to the classic flavors. Sweet!

For their numbered pizza specials, we highly suggest you try No. 1 with cherry tomato, Bufala mozzarella, garlic, and sea salt, and No. 6 with grilled chicken, monterey jack, white cheddar, mozzarella, and guacamole. 

Juliana’s pasta is just as promising — the Spaghetti and Meatballs is a must-order! And, because the restaurant does not accept reservations, you should arrive early!

What to order: Margherita Pizza, Calzone, No. 1, No. 6, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Brookie Bridge

Address: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Em Vietnamese Bistro

Photo credits: Em Vietnamese Bistro

If we had to sum up the Em Bistro experience, we would say that it is a jewel championing authentic Vietnamese fare adapted to the local palate.

Expect to have a fantastic time as you are greeted with warm smiles and cozy vibes upon instantly traveling to Vietnam without leaving New York. 

Having said that, viewing the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges with Ly’s Chicken Wings, Hu Tieu Kho, and an Agent Melon frozen cocktail will never be the same.

Chef Ly’s signature wings is Vietnamese Style fried chicken with garlic butter nuoc mam sauce, while the Hu Tieu Kho is the dry version of their famous pork noodles with shrimp, eggs, pork, scallion, and more.

 If you’re looking forward to enjoying real Vietnamese flare made with so much passion, Em is definitely the place to go.

What to order:  Ly’s Chicken Wings, Hu Tieu Kho, Bun Thit Nuong, Agent Melon

Address: 57 Front St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. The River Cafe

Photo credits: The River Cafe

For over 40 years, the River Cafe belongs to the pantheon of Michelin-starred New York restaurants revered for their one-of-a-kind dining experience and acclaimed Chefs taking the reins behind the scenes.

Sit like royalty as the attentive and knowledgeable staff assists you in this magical experience set against the majestic city skyline and panoramic waters.

Elegance and sophistication is the language spoken in this romantic restaurant, complete with a remarkable menu of out-of-this world food and extensive wine on top of first-class service and cozy vibes. 

To take date night to a whole new level, everyone is expected to follow a dress code. For the ultimate upscale experience, we suggest you go for the Gnocchi, Branzino, Black Sea Bass, Cheesecake, and Coffee Souffle — exceptionally good we are lost for words!

What to order: Gnocchi, Branzino, Black Sea Bass, Cheesecake, Coffee Souffle

Address: 1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Shake Shack Dumbo

Photo credits: shibuji

Shake Shack is one of those fast food restaurants that pays close attention to what customers want. The New York-based restaurant serves hamburgers, fries, smoothies, and other dishes, but their offering is beyond what regular eateries in the industry!

You’ll return for more no matter how many times you’ve visited one of their locations! That’s how good their menu is! And their Dumbo location is a popular choice for a quick but filling lunch.

Try their Chicken Shack burger, Bourbon Bacon Cheddar burger, Bacon Cheese Fries, and Strawberry Shake. The burgers are magnificent slabs of patty or chicken sandwiched between voluptuous buns and glorious other ingredients in between. 

The bacon cheese fries put regular fries to shame with their high-quality and savory cheese. So, don’t pass up on the opportunity to take an Instagrammable shot as you hold up your Shack with the famous Brooklyn bridge blurred in the background. 

What to order: Chicken Shack, Bourbon Bacon Cheddar, Bacon Cheese Fries, Strawberry Shake

Address: 2 Water St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Bluestone Lane

Photo credits: Bluestone Lane Avery Lane Café

Bluestone Lane brings Australian classics to New York with all-day breakfast, quick bites, lunch, coffee, and more! The must-see cafe has a reputation for being one of the best Dumbo places to enjoy a heavenly set of hearty breakfast and lunch!

Bluestone Lane brings Australian classics to New York with all-day breakfast, quick bites, lunch, coffee, and more! The must-see cafe has a reputation for being one of the best Dumbo places to enjoy a heavenly set of hearty breakfast!

The classic Avocado Smash at Bluestone Lane is sheep’s milk feta, heirloom tomatoes, and soft herbs on multigrain — you’ll never get tired of this signature Bluestone offering! The collective granola, on the other hand, is a fantastic gluten-free bowl of Greek yogurt, lemon curd, and fresh berries.

Breakfast is never complete without coffee; go for something a little more local with their Magic Coffee and Cappuccino — no regrets here!

What to order: Avocado Smash, Collective Granola, Best Mates Bowl, Magic Coffee, and Cappuccino

Address: 55 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

12. Lucky Rabbit Noodles

Photo credits: Lucky Rabbit Noodles

Lucky Rabbit Noodles offers an interesting and contemporary take on traditional dumplings and other Asian comfort food. At the heart of this hidden gem is an owner-chef who wants to ensure you’re only having a great time.

They’re known for their inventive fusion dishes, including signature dumplings you’ve probably never heard of. Have you ever had a Buffalo Chicken dumpling before? Do you see what we mean?

Therefore, don’t miss out on the much-coveted Truffle Dumpling, which is mixed mushrooms, black garlic, potato, and ong choy tucked in a black dumpling sheet; the Buffalo Chicken Dumpling, an ambitious yet successful fusion; and the Massaman Soup, a superb coconut-curry soup that would take a long time to forget.

Lucky Rabbit Noodles has only 8 seats, but their small size is compensated for by a hands-on and friendly owner who deftly executes all menu items! But they do accept online orders so you can dine in the comfort of your own home.

What to order: Truffle Dumpling, Buffalo Chicken Dumpling, Massaman Soup

Address: 140 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Website | Instagram

There you have it! Those are the must-visit Dumbo restaurants you shouldn’t dare miss. We’re excited for your food trip in one of them soon! Do tag us, yeah?

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