7 Best Hot Pot Restaurants In Seattle For A Warm Meal (+ What To Order)

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Seattle is a seaport city known for taking its food seriously. With that, you can best believe that Seattle has it all and they definitely have it good.

Whether be it Korean barbecue restaurants, fresh seafood spots, breweries, and most especially, hot pot restaurants! 

So if you’re wanting to go to beat the cold, here are the best hot pot restaurants in Seattle for a nice filling warm meal!

1. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

Photo credits: seattle.grub

Known as Seattle’s favorite hot pot restaurant, Ha Di Lao Hot Pot is a restaurant that has earned a front-row seat when it comes to its quality of food, service, and overall ambiance.

Their timeless industrial interior packed with bright lighting, comfy chairs, plus a robot to serve you makes the entire experience a 5-star rate!

Get started with their Pork Bone Broth. One sip of that traditional spicy soup and it’s bound to go above and beyond your expectations. If you’re into spicy soup, this one will definitely hit the spot.

Want a tamed version of some broth goodness? Their Tomato Broth is your go-to. Rich in pure flavorful tomatoes, the flavors are distinct and powerful.

Take your experience here in Ha Di Lao Hot Pot a notch higher by ordering some good old Dancing Noodles. Coming with a whole fun performance by the cook, these dancing noodles become a show-stopper!

For a total meal changer, try out their famous Kobe Beef Belly. Coming in at a generous serving, this beef is good for two people.

What to order: Pork Bone Broth, Tomato Broth, Dancing Noodles, and Kobe Beef Belly. 

Address: 600 Pine St Suite 355, Seattle, WA 

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2. Morfire

Photo credits: eatwithannie_

Morfiire Seattle is your go-to minimalist hot pot restaurant that’s worth the full-on hype.

A perfect place for group get-togethers and fun catching up sessions, Morfire boasts their lovely ambiance and their unique taste of Thai hot pots. It gives you a glimpse of what’s home like in Thailand!

If you’re craving for some good soup, don’t miss out on their Beef Braised Broth. From the quality of the meat down to the taste of the broth, it brings out the powerful and savory flavor of beef that tingles in your mouth and satisfies your tummy.

Try out their Suki Hang Plate and get a taste of the crunchiest vegetables and the most tender chicken all mixed in stir-fried glass noodles!

If you want more options, their Son-In-Law Egg Small Plate and Hiyayakko Tofu small plate are two you won’t regret. The chilled tofu has that subtle taste that still has a unique flavoring to it. Subtle yet not bland.

And the egg? Phenomenal! It’s crispy and warm. Finishing a hot pot wouldn’t be complete without it! 

Nothing ends a meal better than with a few sip of the best cocktail drinks. Be sure to grab their Lavender Lemonade Mojito to get a taste of the floral hints of mint and rosemary flavors. 

What to order: Beef Braised Broth, Tom Yum with Morfire Spicy Sauce, Lavender Lemonade Mojito, Suki Hang Plate, Son-In-Law Egg Small Plate, and Hiyayakko Tofu Small Plate.

Address: 1806 12th Ave Suite 100, Seattle, WA 

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3. No.9 Alley Hotpot

Photo credits: No.9 Alley Hot Pot

No. 9 Alley Hot Pot brings the excellence of Chinese Hot Pot near you. This resto allows you to relax and let the goodness of their simmering, savory, and fresh soup take you away.

Aside from their food, the ambiance greets you with the warmest welcome. Spacious, cozy, and inviting, you’re sure to ease up the moment you walk right in.

Never miss their Bone Broth and Spicy Peppercorn Broth. It’s the best pick if you want to make the most out of your visit here.

With so many veggies, meat, and strong spices, plus a variety of sauce options, it’s a true masterpiece for your palate. 

Looking for a fired-up broth to wake up your every fiber? we recommend the Spicy Sechuan or the Max Spicy Broth. Teeming with nothing but pure spiciness, it boosts you up to a whole new level.

For a spicy lover, this will give you an intense experience like no other. 

Take note, their broth wouldn’t be as scrumptious as ever without getting their Beef Ribeye and Shrimp Pate.

The ribeye’s rich buttery flavor surely doesn’t miss and with the strong concentrated flavor of the shrimp pate?

What to order: Bone Broth, Spicy Peppercorn Broth, Spicy Sechuan Broth, and Max Spicy Broth. 

Address: 930 N 130th St, Seattle, WA,

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4. Chengdu Memory

Photo credits: Chengdu Memory

Chengdu Memory is home to traditional spicy Sichuan dishes and customizable hot pots.

Another place that transports you to China with their special food and cultural atmosphere, Chengdu Memory is a resto you won’t stop raving about once you give it a try.

The entire interior is bright and is filled with traditional Chinese ornaments. Visually imparting the beauty of heritage and customs to its customers, there’s no doubt why customers are drawn to going back every time! 

You’ll never go wrong with their Chengdu Spicy Beef Broth, even with the mildest level of spice, the chilly flavor hits powerful!

Save room for some of their Pork Bone Broth too! Its creaminess and the balanced flavor of salt is indeed one you’ll never forget. Add some meat in, the aroma and the mix of meat to the broth will do nothing but appetize you even more! 

Make sure to also try their Mushroom Broth. Unlike other mushroom stews, they incorporate Chinese herbs that adds to the pleasant top-notch aroma.

What to order: Chengdu Spicy Beef Broth, Pork Bone Broth, and Mushroom Broth. 

Address: 520 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 

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5. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Photo credits: Happy Lamb Hot Pot

A Mongolian restaurant that takes pride in their tasty seafood drenched in some good & flavorful broth is what Happy Lamb Hot Pot is all about.

This place is another eat-all-you-can restaurant that’s bound to give you every single one of your dime’s worth!

First off, one of the best decisions you’ll ever make here is ordering their Spicy Broth with pork belly and short beef. It’s a classic that will never disappoint you.  

You can even add some Mongolian Kimchi to your broth. We promise you, you won’t regret it.

Fresh and made with ginger, the goodness overflows! If you still have room for more, their fried rice, fishballs, and chicken wings will do the job in filling you up.

The rice is buttery and made with good portions of egg add that with the delicious fishballs and bursting flavors of their chicken wings, you’re bound to rave over everything you’ve eaten!  

What to order: Spicy Broth, Curry Broth, Mongolian Kimchi, Fried Rice, Fishballs, and Chicken Wings. 

Address: 609 S Weller St, Seattle, WA

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. Pipa Mountain Hot Pot

Photo credits: mylifeaskat_

Famous for being a Hot Pot restaurant elevated into something better, Pipa Mountain Hot Pot takes the hot pot world to a whole new step with their premium meat and produce that come from local farms!

Farm-to-table is what changes the game for Pipa Mountain Hot Pot. Complete with numerous rows of tables, enough ventilation, and a gorgeously decorated place, you’ll understand the hype & jump right to it too.  

Try out their Chicken Soup Broth and pair it with some Lamb Skewers, Grilled Oysters, and Pork Tripe.

Everything tastes rich and fresh, plus with several varieties of sauces in the sauce bar, the relishing savory taste makes it a must-get!

Their Mushroom Broth is another crowd-favorite you shouldn’t miss.

Add some Dragon Fruit Shrimp Paste to your choice of broth if you want a hint of exquisiteness to your broth. It tastes phenomenal and is prepared fresh with a dash of sweetness to it that comes from the dragon fruit.

It’s definitely not something you see in every restaurant, distinct and just simply outstanding is the best words to describe this paste. 

What to order: Chicken Broth Soup,  Lamb Skewers, Grilled Oysters, Pork Tripe, Mushroom Broth, and Dragon Fruit Shrimp Paste. 

Address: Pacific Rim Center, Ste 208, 900 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 


7. The Dolar Shop Seattle

Photo credits: Dolar Shop

The Dolar Shop Seattle is your cozy Chinese hot pot resto in Seattle that stirs away from the usual hot pot dishes!

They are a global brand showcasing the Macau hot pot culture, that serves up the freshest ingredients, is touted for its impeccable service, and definitely knows how to give guests a good time.

In a glammed-up and piercing lavish interior, you’ll know instantly that this grand resto is about to give you a hot pot experience of a lifetime! 

Begin a high-toned meal with their signature Exquisite Silver Broth. Filled with high-quality meat, both chicken and pork tripe, it’s amazing, especially with the dominant peppery taste that gives a special kick. It’s one for the books! 

In general – any of their meat platters are great options. We overall recommend trying their Wagyu Cubes, the Wagyu Pancakes, Shrimp Ball Paste.

What to order:  Exquisite Silver Broth, Shrimp Ball Paste, Sliced Beef, and Veggie Assortment Plate. 

Address: 11020 NE 6th St #90, Bellevue, WA

Website | Instagram | Facebook

That sums up our list for the best hot pot restaurants in Seattle, we hope that we made your foodie life a lot more easier. If you still want more, we’re here to keep you company and help you out!

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