18 Best Japanese Restaurants In Vancouver & What To Order (2024)

Craving Japanese cuisine in Vancouver?

With Vancouver often dubbed the sushi capital of North America, boasting over 600 sushi spots, you’re spoiled for choice. From traditional izakayas to modern twists on Japanese classics, this city has it all.

If you need a quick recommendation: Head straight to Tom Sushi for an top-rated sushi experience or Maruhachi Ramen for a heartwarming bowl of ramen.

We’ve shortlisted 18 of the best Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, each promising to transport you to the heart of Japan with every bite.

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1. Tom Sushi

Vancouver’s sushi lovers, meet Tom Sushi! Chef Tom Jeon’s fresh nigiri and maki are a must-try and the best in Downtown Vancouver. Despite his young look, he’s a whiz with over ten years slicing and dicing in the sushi world.

Dive into their delicious tobiko with quail egg or the rich flavours of toro. Love maki? They’ll twist it into a hand roll at no extra cost. And if you’re feeling fancy, their otoro with gold flakes is a royal treat.

Heads up: they’re super popular, and they don’t take bookings, so show up early to avoid the wait!

What to order: tobiko w/quail egg, shima-aji, hotate, toro nigiri, bluefin, uni donburi

Address: 1175 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2

Order Online: Website | Uber Eats

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2. Maruhachi Ra-men

Maruhachi Ra-men is a Tokyo-flavoured haven for noodle lovers and offer some of the best ramen in Vancouver. Specializing in light, chicken broth-based ramen, they prepare 1500 batches of noodles daily, often selling out. The Tamago Ramen, with cha siu and a perfectly cooked egg, is a crowd favourite.

For a true ramen experience, add garlic chips to elevate the flavour profile.

What to order: Tamago Ramen

– 780 Bidwell St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2J6
– Near Central Library – 270 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0E7
– 2858 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 0C1
– 5278 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2E9

Instagram | Facebook | Website

3. Raisu

Nestled in Kitsilano, Raisu offers an impressive array of Japanese dishes and a vast sake selection. A standout dish is their Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Udon, where a rich broth meets thinly sliced wagyu, creating an interactive dining experience.

Another must-try is the Tonkatsu Teishoku, a traditional set meal reflecting the simplicity and depth of Japanese cuisine.

For those planning ahead, their daily limited Bento boxes, such as the Sho Ka Do, are a culinary treat worth reserving.

What to order: Tonkatsu Teishoku, Sho Ka Do, Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Udon

Address: 2340 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

4. Ramen Danbo

Ramen Danbo in downtown Vancouver stands out for its top-rated Fukuoka-style Tonkotsu ramen. Customize your ramen bowl, selecting noodle firmness, broth type, lard amount, thickness, and spiciness.

A top recommendation for first-timers is their traditional Shio ramen, complemented with a Soft-Boiled Egg.

Due to its popularity among locals and tourists, be prepared for lines during peak hours – but it’s worth the wait!

What to order: Shio ramen, Soft-Boiled Egg, Karashi Takana

– 1833 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada, V6J 1M4
– 1333 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC Canada, V6E 1C6

Instagram | Website

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5. Okeya Kyujiro

In Yaletown, Okeya Kyujiro stands out as a MICHELIN-starred destination, offering a unique omakase experience. As you enter the dimly lit dining room, the atmosphere echoes a blend of Cirque du Soleil grandeur and traditional kabuki. It’s more than a meal; it’s a celebration of art.

The experience unfolds over two hours with a 25-course journey through Japan’s diverse flavours, including sushi and sashimi like chutoro and otoro tuna.

Watch chefs skillfully prepare an array of seafood, from the slender orange trumpet fish to the Hokkaido hairy crab, making each course a story in itself.

Address: 1038 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Website | Instagram

6. Kingyo

Kingyo, a celebrated Izakaya in downtown Vancouver, dazzles with its creative decor and authentic Japanese dishes. Their Stone-Grilled Kobe Beef offers a unique DIY experience, allowing you to cook exquisite beef on a hot stone at your table.

The Tan-Tan Noodle is another star dish, featuring a rich pork bone and shrimp broth, perfectly chewy noodles, and a blend of spicy, umami flavours that encapsulate the essence of Japanese culinary artistry.

What to order: Tan-Tan Noodles, Stone-Grilled Kobe Beef

Address: 871 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC

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7. Saku

For the real deal in tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet,) Saku is where you go! This spot cannot be missed, and is well worth a visit for experience, great taste, and friendly service.

A perfect place to hit up for an evening out with friends.

Each katsu set is accompanied by unlimited rice, tonjiru and shredded cabbage, so get ready to chow down!

Our absolute fav and recommendation is to go for the cheese katsu.

You’ll be singing in joy when you take a bite when it is piping hot.

What to order: cheese katsu

-1588 Robson St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1C9
-548 W Broadway, Vancouver British Columbia

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Sushi Jin

Tucked neatly beside the loud signage next door of gyro wraps and blinking corner store signage, Sushi Jin is a small, intimate restaurant that no omakase lovers in Vancouver do not know.

As they only have 6 seats around the bar, you must make a reservation and get ready to have a conversation with Chef Jin about your course!

People love coming here for their Premium Omakase Course, which includes 18 dishes of Otzumami, Nigiri Zushi, Temaki, Tamago, and dessert.

Every piece of fish is so fresh, prepared with great care, and plated nicely. An indulgent dinner that you would love to have again and again!

You can ask the chef for the toro neck that offers the best mix of texture and fat for a next-level taste!

They also have Premium Omakase Course with Snow Crab for all the crab addicts.

While feasting your palate with the chef’s choice, you will also experience your favorite crab in a totally new way!

What to order: Premium Omakase Course, Sashimi Platter, Premium Omakase Course with Snow Crab

Address: 750 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1A8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Menya Itto

Renowned for its exceptional ramen and tsukemen, Menya Itto is a Tokyo-originated sensation in Vancouver. The Chashu Noko Gyokai Ramen, with its creamy chicken and seafood soup, showcases light yet impactful flavours.

The highlight, however, is their Classic Tsukemen, a dish that has earned them fame and adoration. It combines thick noodles with a signature broth and crispy chicken balls, offering a harmonious blend of textures and flavours that make it a must-try.

What to order: Chashu Noko Gyokai Ramen, Menya Itto Classic Tsukemen, Tori Dango, Tori Chasu

Address: 1479 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Dosanko

Ah it’s just another Japanese restaurant in Vancouver, right? Wrong!

The food served at Dosanko tastes like your Japanese grandmother (the one you never had!) made it – authentically Japanese, comforting, and delicious.

More than that, what makes it a lot more special is that it is accessible for West Coast palates.

Share the Beef Belly Katsu Sandwich as an appy with a friend and you will both love it. The panko crusted beef belly is first sous vide cooked, which makes it juicy and tender, and you definitely get big, satisfying chunks.

The house-made milk bread is nice and soft, and the tonkatsu sauce and koji mayo add layers of flavor to the sandwich.

Omu-Rice is one simple-looking but a technically difficult dish that not many restaurants can execute well.

Dosanko brings to the table a perfectly executed plate of Omu-Rice that makes people visit again for more.

It is a Japanese-style omelet, with fried rice, and tomato sauce as other layers. The eggs are fluffy and luscious, and the rice is buttery.

You can also add pork curry sauce or beef Hayashi sauce to your Omu-Rice for an extra cost.

What to order: Beef Belly Katsu Sandwich, Omu-Rice, Matcha Milcrepe

Address: 566 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

Order OnlineUber Eats

Website | Instagram

11. Toshi Sushi

Don’t let Toshi Sushi’s small and unassuming location on Main Street put you off. The sushi here has the same fresh, melt-in-your-mouth quality that you’ll find at higher-end Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.

Even though Toshi doesn’t get the same buzz on social media as other sushi spots, you’ll find a line out its door regularly. The wait is manageable, or you can order takeaway if you prefer.

Loyal customers highly recommend their box roll, sakura scallop or spicy agedashi tofu.

For something a bit different, order the nasu dengaku (baked eggplant) or gin tara saikyo yaki (miso-marinated grilled cod).

Be sure to check out the specials menu as it changes frequently and often features standouts such as saba sushi.

Address: 181 E 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC Canada V5T 4R2

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12. Bistro Kamome

Tucked away near Joyce Station, Bistro Kamome is a delightful discovery for those seeking authentic Japanese cuisine. They specialize in home-cooked style meals like onigiri and bentos.

For newcomers, the Tuna-Mayo and Salmon Onigiri are highly recommended. If you’re seeking a more substantial meal, the Kamome Bento, with its combination of onigiris, edamame, and yakitori, is a perfect choice.

The peaceful ambiance and minimal seating add to the authentic Japanese dining experience, although it might mean a bit of a wait.

What to order: Tuna-Mayo Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri, Kamome Bento, Zen Zaru Soba

Address: 5228 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 6C3

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13. Suika

Known as Vancouver’s funkiest Izakaya, Suika stands out with its unique décor and innovative menu. The Uni and Crab Carbonara Udon is a fusion masterpiece, blending the richness of sea urchin cream sauce with classic carbonara.

For seafood lovers, the Chirashi DX Set is a visual and culinary delight, featuring a variety of fresh seafood atop premium sushi rice.

Suika’s playful atmosphere is matched by its creative culinary offerings, making it a must-visit for adventurous foodies.

What to order: Uni and Crab Carbonara Udon, Chirashi DX Set, Hamachi Pressed Sushi

Address: 1626 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Instagram | Facebook | Website

14. Kissa Tanto

Kissa Tanto, a standout in Chinatown and ranked No. 10 in Canada100 Best 2018, offers a unique Japanese dining experience. With a 1960s-inspired ambiance, the restaurant radiates sophistication.

Executive Chef Joel Watanabe brings a blend of French, Italian, and Japanese expertise to the table. Signature dishes like Spaghettoni and Whole Fried Fish showcase Kissa Tanto’s bold approach to Japanese cuisine.

A highlight for the adventurous is the Octopus Salad, featuring crispy smoked octopus with chilli purée, exemplifying a modern twist on traditional Japanese flavours.

What to order: Spaghettoni, Whole Fried Fish, Octopus Salad

Address: 263 East Pender St.Vancouver B.C. V6A 1T8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

15. Cafe De’L Orangerie

This charming spot in Marpole, led by Yamato Takahashi, offers a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine.

Signature dishes include the Masago de Creamy Spaghetti, a unique blend of squid, asparagus, roe, and mushroom in a creamy sauce. Their Doria, a rich oven-based rice dish topped with mozzarella, exemplifies their fusion approach.

Conclude your meal with their Zunda Dango Parfait, a delightful dessert featuring glutinous rice balls and sweet edamame bean paste, showcasing the restaurant’s unique culinary style.

What to order: Masago de Creamy Spaghetti, Doria, Zunda Dango Parfait

Address: 1320 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6P 3E7

Facebook | Instagram | Website

16. Miku

When Vancouverites talk sushi, Miku’s on everyone’s lips. Why? Their waterfront spot gives you views as stunning as their sushi.

They’re the big guns who brought Aburi sushi to Canada, and man, have they set the bar high. Their Miku Signature Selection is a winning platter if you’re undecided.

Expect upscale vibes perfect for a fancy lunch or celebrating special moments.

Fun Fact: Beyonce and Jay Z ate here – if it’s good enough for Queen B, it’s good enough for us.

What to order: Salmon Oshi Sushi, Miku Signature Selection, Green Tea Opera, Hokkaido Scallops

Address: 70-200 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC Canada

Instagram | Website | Facebook

17. Sushi by Yuji

Tucked away on Kingsway is Sushi by Yuji, a cozy spot with a big reputation among those in the know. They’ve got a snug 12-seat space, so snagging a spot means planning ahead.

Traditional is their game, with sashimi, nigiri, and gunkan that regulars rave about. Their specials board is always a treasure trove of the freshest catches.

A bite of their negitoro roll or Quail egg gunkan, and you’ll be hooked. Remember, reservations are key!

What to order: Quail egg gunkan, Negitoro roll

Address: 2252 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC Canada, V5N2T7

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18. Sushi Hil

Sushi Hil is the brainchild of sushi connoisseur Hilary Nguy. It’s a haven for sushi purists, delivering simplicity and flavour that’s already garnered a solid fan following. The space? Bright, modern, and cozy.

Start with their Chawanmushi for a taste of Chef Hil’s finesse, then indulge in the Nagasaki Bluefin Tasting for the ultimate tuna experience. It’s not just a meal; it’s a mini-adventure for your taste buds.

What to order: Chawanmushi, Nagasaki Bluefin Tasting, Oyster Motoyaki, Garden Set

Address: 3330 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3M7

Website | Instagram

There you have it – the best Japanese restaurants Vancouver has to offer. No doubt these will do the trick and satisfy your tastebuds and Japanese food cravings.

And if you’re looking for most amazing spots in the city, try these best restaurants in Vancouver!

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