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17 Best Restaurants With Food Delivery & Take Out In Vancouver

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Looking for something delicious to eat at home, but can’t be bothered to cook?

Then, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve put together a selection of the finest eateries in Vancouver offering not just takeaway, but also delivery options.

So, sit back, relax, and just summon your next restaurant meal to your door. It’s that simple, and fun. Delicious too. We promise!

Below is a list of the best Vancouver restaurants with food delivery or take out that will definitely hit the spot.

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1. Maizal RMF

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Noms Mag Vancouver Food Bucketlist maizal tacos
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Tacos! It’s everyone’s favorite and we know it. The folks at Maizal know it too, and that’s why they serve some of the best handmade tacos in the city. In fact, they’re so popular, they’ve made it to our Top 10 Taco List, and our Bucket List. They truly rank high for authentic Mexican food in Vancouver. Whether you order in, or want to just grab some Mexican treats on your way home, Maizal is the way to go.

The Pescado Taco is a hot favorite among foodies, so order some and enjoy deep fried cod, chipotle mayonnaise, pico tomato, cilantro, and onions. Their Grill rib eye quesadilla is amazing too, and you don’t want to miss out on the Chorizo and Shrimp Burritos. Don’t forget to order some house-made horchata to round off your Mexican meal!

Location: 2815 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G1

Delivery: Uber Eats/ Door Dash & Take out

Website | Instagram

2. Phnom Penh

butter beef with cilantro
Photo Credits: nguyeneats

Their warning is clear. You run a high risk of becoming addicted to their food, and we don’t disagree.

Phenom Penh is a Vancouver classic and famous for their Cambodian and Vietnamese dishes that leave everyone wanting for more. They’re so famous, their line-ups are crazy, their reviews are 5 stars, and they’ve even made it to our Bucket List, because we’re fans too. Their take-away is just as great, so give it a try when you need a hearty meal after a hard day’s work.

Phenom Penh has an extensive menu, but there are three dishes every regular will recommend (and very loudly) that you absolutely must try. Truly the Holy Trinity of comfort food. Chicken Wings (just trust us and go for a large order,) the Butter Beef with rice, and the Beef Luc Luc, which is white rice with beef in a savory sauce, and a fried egg. – Don’t hesitate, just get all three!

Address: 244 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z7, Canada

Take out only1 604-734-8898

Website | Instagram

3. Tom Sushi

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Photo Credits: vancity.guy

There are days when nothing but sushi will do, and wanting your sushi to be fresh and of the best quality goes without saying. That’s where Tom Sushi comes in, with not just premium quality sushi, but affordable prices too. Their food is super delicious, and that’s why they also made it to the top of our list of Best Sushi spots in Vancouver. Whether you call in and pick up, or order in, you can rest assured you’ll be enjoying a gorgeous sushi meal.

For appetizers get their Chicken Karaage, the Takoyaki, or some Soft Shell Crab. For your sashimi feast, their Tuna, Salmon, Shima Aji and Tako are must-trys. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get your hands on their bluefin or uni donburi, which are out of this world.

Address: 244 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z7, Canada

Delivery: Uber Eats & Website Order

Website | Instagram

5. Marutama Ramen

ramen bowl with noodles, egg, garlic chips, and cha siu
Photo Credits: dinevancity

Ramen is every Vancouverite foodie’s go-to meal, and all those foodies know that Marutama Ramen is a favoured spot for the perfect bowl of made-from-scratch delicious ramen. If you’re home and looking to just cozy up with a hearty bowl of flavorful goodness, stop and grab, or order in from Marutama.

Try the Cha-Shu Tamago with its rich, creamy broth, or their famous Toripai Tan, and go for gold with their Zenbu Ramen which is simply out of this world. If you prefer a spicier Ramen bowl, then just ask and indulge your spice craving. Also, be sure to get their signature Garlic Chips with your order!

Address (they have multiple locations)

Online order for pick up only.

Website | Instagram

6. Richmond Sushi Lovers

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Photo Credits: nomnomswithnessa

More sushi? Why not? If you’re looking for another great spot in Richmond for quality takeaway sushi that doesn’t leave you disappointed (or dent your wallet,) then Richmond Sushi Lovers is the place for you. 

Their menu is vast, and includes a pretty big kids section too. We recommend you get their signature Aburi Lovers Set, and prepare to feast on some perfectly seared fish and incredible sauces. Also, get the Bluefin Chu-toro, which is super delicious and one of their more popular items, and you can’t go wrong with their assorted sushi nigiri.

Address: 4775 Blundell Rd #170, Richmond, BC V7C 1H2, Canada

Take out only – 604-274-5954

Website | Instagram

7. Dosanko

dosanko japanese food take out
Photo credit: joseph.wu.personal

If you can’t be bothered with cooking, but still want a delicious home-style meal, then either pop over to Dosanko, or order yourself a wonderful Japanese dinner. For the finest in mouth-watering Yoshuku food, this place really is it! The servings are generous, the food is flavorful, and the prices are seriously pocket-friendly.

Their menu is great, and huge, so to help you along, we recommend you get the melt-in-your mouth Beef Belly Katsu-Sandwich, made with pillowy Japanese milk bread, their signature Curry Rice, and some Korean Hot Chicken. Their Omu-rice is also a hot favorite, and you can’t miss out on some super yummy and perfectly cooked Uni Udon.

Address: 566 Powell St Unit #100, Vancouver, BC V6A 1G9, Canada

Delivery & Take out: Uber Eats or call 604-251-2020

Website | Instagram

8. Kosoo

fried chicken, meat dishes
Photo Credits: heyitsjesschan

Could any food list ever be complete without the mention of Korean Fried Chicken? We don’t think so either. While there are a ton of great spots for Fried Chicken in Vancouver, the one name that pops up often is Kosoo. Renowned for their top quality food, vast menu, and super service, they are also one of the best spots for an amazing Fried Chicken feast. This is the perfect place to order in for that lazy stay-at-home weekend.

Go for some Golden Crispy Bone In, or their signature Half & Half (Half Original Fried Chicken & Half Yangnyeom Fried Chicken.) Their Honey Butter boneless chicken is a true delight, and the Soy Garlic Fried Chicken with rice cakes and nugget potatoes will definitely put you in the kind of a food coma everyone loves.

Address: 1128 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B2, Canada

Delivery & Take out: DoorDash/Uber Eats or call to order 604-428-8414

Website | Instagram

9. Viet Mama

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Photo Credits: purplechives

There is no shortage of Vietnamese cuisine in Vancouver, and among the best of these spots is definitely Viet Mama. This family-owned and run place offers the best of Northern Vietnamese cuisine, with an emphasis on simplistic, healthy and delicious meals for everyone. Stop by for a pick up, or order in a delicious lunch or dinner.

Their appetizers are delicious, and you should definitely try the Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) Deep fried rice paper, pork, crab, shrimp, and vegetables, served with fish sauce. The Vermicelli Crab Meat with Shrimp (Bun Rieu Cua Tom) is simply divine, and comes in a yummy tomato chicken broth with real crab meat and tiger shrimp. Other good options are the Rice Butter Beef, and the Special Pho.

Address: 5118 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3V2, Canada

Delivery & Take Out: Uber Eats/ DoorDash or call to order 778-988-9257


10. Rise Eatery

Uni versal Noodles
Photo credit: cl_nomventures

One of the more popular spots in Vancouver for a great meal is undoubtedly Rise Eatery. From amazing food, to wonderful service, this is yet another go-to place for most foodies, or just anyone looking to satisfy a food craving. Call ahead for a take-away, or stay home and indulge in a meal of your choice. From brunch and lunch, to dinner and decadent desserts, Rise Eatery serves it all.

Upfront, we recommend their signature Uni-Versal Pasta, which is a delicious blend of squid ink pasta, sea urchin cream, free run egg yolk, house X.O. sauce, sauteed Ocean Wise prawns, flying fish roe, and toasted seaweed. This mega delight is a must-try for everyone. Their Nibbles section is also worth a try, especially the vegetarian Dynamic Duo, consisting of rice battered brussel sprout and cauliflower bites, gochujang buffalo sauce, and blue cheese crumble.

Address: 3121 Granville St, Vancouver, BC

Delivery & Take Out: Uber Eats/DoorDash or call to order 604-559-8280

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Nuba

Yaletown Neighbourhoog Guide nuba
Photo Credits: annaward1992

Dive right into some delightful and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with Nuba. This popular Lebanese eatery is a highlight in Vancouver’s food scene, and serves up a delicious array of awesome Mediterrnean dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and keep you going back for more. Call ahead for easy takeout, or order in for your next mid-week family dinner and enjoy a scrumptious stress-free meal.

Their signature Najib’s Special Plate is a vegan must-try, and comes with crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon & sea salt,  hummus, salad, pickled cabbage, olives, and your choice of base, sauce & side. Other great options are the Chicken Tawook Plate, and the Beef Kebab Plate. 

-Gastown – 207 West Hastings Street
-Mount Pleasant – 146 East 3rd Avenue
-Yaletown – 508 Davie Street
-Kitsilano – 3116 West Broadway

Delivery & Take out: online order or Uber Eats

Website | Instagram | Facebook

12. Win-Win Chick-N

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Photo Credits: yvrfooddiary

If you enjoy crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside fried chicken, then this is the place for you. Win Win Chick-N is a gem in Vancouver and Steveston’s fast-food scene. Family-owned and brilliantly run, this Filipino-themed spot grows more popular by the day. So, drop by and grab a box, or order in and just indulge your fried chicken cravings.

The menu here is simple and straight to the point. Fried chicken and sides which include mashed potatoes, fries and Filipino macaroni. Don’t forget the gravy, which is a hot seller. You can also order a Crispy Chicken Sandwich that is super yummy and very filling. 

Tip: They have special combos available, so check for those to suit your needs.

-Steveston: 12160 First Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 3M2, Canada
-Main: 8197 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3L2, Canada

Delivery & Take Out: Richmond – DoorDash/Uber Eats/ Skip or call to order

Website | Instagram | Facebook

New Uber Eats users can use code eats-jasony5639ue to get $7 off their first order. 

13. AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza

pepperoni pizza on wooden table
Photo Credits: AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza

Super crusts, special sauces, and tantalizing toppings. Who doesn’t love a good New York style pizza? Making it to our list of Best Takeout options in Vancouver is everyone’s neighborhood favorite, AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza. Delicious and bursting with flavor, this is your one-stop-shop for to-die-for pizza pies.

You can’t go wrong with anything off AJ’s menu, but if you need help deciding, here’s what we recommend. Their Meatball Pizza is super yummy, and Uncle Roni’s Pepperoni Pie should not be missed. Their signature Supreme New Yorker is loaded with calabrese, spicy sausage, pepperoni topped with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese. 

Address: 325 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Delivery & Take out: DoorDash or call to order 604-428-5805

Website | Instagram | Facebook

14. Do Chay

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Photo Credits: yvreats

One of the best vegan and vegetarian options in Vancouver is Do Chay. Famous for their appealing presentation and flavorful food, this spot is a must-try when all you want is some great Vietnamese comfort food.

For street food options, try the Crispy daikon cakes, with egg, salted radish, green onion, papaya slaw and soya sauce. Sample the Vegan Pho, which is a delightful blend of Avocado, yuba, yo choy, broccoli, oyster mushroom, & rice noodles in a vegan pho broth, or dig into some flavorful Kabocha, carrot, & potato coconut curry, served with tofu and rice.

Address: 1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC

Take out & Delivery: DoorDash/Uber Eats or call to order 604-225-8349

Website | Instagram | Facebook

15. Cafe Gloucester

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Photo Credits: vanappetit

Another gem in Vancouver’s crown of great eateries is Cafe Gloucester. Offering a delightful menu of Hong Kong-style dishes, as well as amazing comfort food options, this is a popular spot for those who love variety and a good solid meal.

Try their Pan Fried Minced Pork and String Beans, the Stir Fried Seafood and Vegetables, the Szechuan Style Hot and Spicy Chicken, or a heaping plate of Chicken Chow Mein. For some great curry options, try their Curry Prawns, Curry Pork Chop, or the Curry Cod. 

Address: 3338 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC

Delivery & Take Out: DoorDash/Uber Eats or Call to order 604-873-3338

Website | Instagram | Facebook

16. John 3:16 Malayisan Delight

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Photo Credits: John 3:16

Representing several cultures, Malaysian food always wins hearts, and in Vancouver, John 3:16 Malaysian Delight is sure to win yours. This lovely family-run restaurant brings you the best of Southeast Asian cuisine that is famous for its texture, color and diversity. You can order online or via phone for a quick pick-up, and enjoy an awesome meal.

For starters try their Satay Skewers in Chicken or Beef, and follow that up with BBQ Pork Ribs, Sambal Fish, a bowl of authentic Nasi goreng (fried rice) or Kari Laksa (spicy noodles in a rich coconut broth.) Round off with some icy-sweet Cendol or a dish of sticky and gorgeous Pulut Hitam.

Address: 6838 No.3 Road Richmond, BC

Delivery & Take Out: DoorDash/Uber Eats and Call to order 604-214-8181

Website | Instagram | Facebook

17. Bubble Waffle Cafe

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Photo Credits: two_yvr_foodies

From snacks to rice bowls, and delightful combos, Bubble Waffle Cafe is high on everyone’s list of affordable places in Vancouver for Chinese food. Call ahead for take-out, or stay in and order, and you can be sure you’ll be enjoying a delicious and satisfying meal any day of the week.

Try their Pork Soup Noodle Combo, or the Teriyaki Rice with Squid which is just divine! The Rice Rolls are amazing, and come with fish siu or fish ball, and a Hong Kong style hot or cold drink. Order up some Milk Tea to round off your meal, and don’t forget their signature Original Bubble Waffle.

-555 W 12th Ave #26, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7 (604) 428-4436
-2639 E 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5S 1J9 (604) 256-4484
-Aberdeen 4151 Hazelbridge Way Unit 3000, Richmond, BC V6X 0A4 (604) 370-2211
-1055 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3 (604) 620-4444
-Lansdowne Centre 5300 Number 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C7 (604) 284-2444
-Richmond Centre 6551 Number 3 Rd F102, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B6 (604) 370-0550
-Crystal Mall Burnaby, BC V5H 4V3 (604) 428-2838

Delivery: Uber Eats/DoorDash – Richmond & Take out 10% at select locations via. online order

Website | Instagram

That rounds up our list of Best Takeaway food spots in the city, and we know you’ll enjoy some great tasting lunches and dinners when you opt from this list. But, what’s for dessert? Check out our collection of Best Vegan Dessert Spots for a sweet after-dinner treat.

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