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17 Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver To Eat At In 2023 (+ What To Order)

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Brunch is arguably one of the most important meals of the weekend. But, is that all this combo breakfast/lunch is cut out to be? Absolutely not! Brunch, as Vancouverites know, is an experience filled with good food, great company, and the perfect atmosphere for Instagram Story pics!

Choosing ‘just the right restaurant’ for your perfect Sunday brunch can be tricky, because there are a ton of brunchtastic (see what we did there?) spots in the city, and that can get overwhelming when all you want to do is just go out and have a relaxing time.

Worry not! We’ve taken some time and curated a list of the best brunch restaurants in Vancouver, with just the right vibe to suit anyone looking for the full weekend-brunch experience.

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Chez Christophe
THE patisserie for elegantly handcrafted chocolates and artisan croissants.
prawns on dish
Provence Marinaside
Experience the true charm of French cuisine, coupled with West Coast flare at the Provence Marinaside.
Baroness Bubble Tea
Not just another bubble tea brand. Serving some of the best in the city.
Vancouver Island
Qualicum Beach Cafe
Fresh local ingredients and the beautiful ocean view, makes this a perfect spot to relax or for a romantic date.
Mount Pleasant
Maizal RMF
Serves some of the best tacos in Vancouver.
Downtown Vancouver
Brunch Vancouver
Cozy family-owned Brunch restaurant giving you the taste of Mexico
Water St. Cafe
Award-winning restaurant that has been a Vancouver staple for over 30 years.
Dosanko serves Yoshoku-style, seasonally inspired, local ingredients following Japanese traditions.

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1. Cafe Medina

Definitely one of the best eateries in the city to ‘see and be seen.’ From its inception in 2014, Cafe Medina quickly became an institution in Vancouver cafe culture and was recently awarded as a Michelin Recommended spot. It is stylish, it is trendy, and traditional too, and that makes it the perfect spot for Sunday brunch. If you have friends visiting from out of town, and you want to show off a little, this is the place to take them.

The menu here offers a selection of well-detailed and delicious options. Try the Wolves Breakfast, which has poached egg, Flatiron Steak, Medina Bacon, and Merguez Sausage with pickles, or the Harissa “Burger” consisting of eggs and Harissa Spiced Beef wrapped in a Grilled Pita (there’s a vegetarian option too.)

You definitely don’t want to miss their signature and ever-popular Liège Style Waffle, with an array of mouth-watering toppings to choose from. Their waffles are so amazing, they made it to our Bucket List.

two liege waffles
Photo Credit: michelle.abroad

Compliment your food with a cocktail (the Medina 75 is yummy!) or a dreamy, creamy Lavender Latte.

Protip: Cafe Medina fills up fast, so go early if you want to snag a good table, or be prepared to wait a while.

What to order: Wolves Breakfast, Harissa “Burger”, Liège Style Waffle, Medina 75, Lavender Latte

Location: 780 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3A4

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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2. OEB Breakfast Co.

egg benedict brunch bowls
Photo Credit: pistachiopicks

Right by the water in Yaletown, OEB Breakfast Co is one of those perfect brunch spots no one should miss out on, and especially if you’re a couple looking for a cute and romantic place to chill on a Saturday. Opt for a table on their patio and enjoy the beautiful weather and rippling scenery while you dine in style

The menu at OEB is extensive, and it was difficult for us to pick out just a few items from all our favorites. But, here are a few recommendations you simply must try. Hog & Scallop Poutines, The Canadian Lobster & Shrimp Crepe, Pierogies & Duck, or the French Toast Trifle.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for some frozen dessert goodness, walk off the brunch and head to Passione Gelato, which is 10 mins down the street in Yaletown.

What to order: Hog & Scallop Poutines, The Canadian Lobster & Shrimp Crepe, Pierogies & Duck, French Toast Trifle

Location: 1137 Marinaside Crescent Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y3

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3. Jam Cafe

sunny side egg ontop of waffles
Photo Credits: rachelhaneats

Comfort food in a rustic-city atmosphere! Jam Cafe is a delightful family-run eatery, with lots of energy and mouth-watering food that makes it a favourite brunch spot for many Vancouverites. If you’re looking to really dig into a generous portion of delicious fare on an easy Sunday morning, don’t think twice. Head down to Chinatown for Jam.

The menu here is extensive, and packed with options to suit any hungry bruncher. We highly recommend you try their famous Charlie Bowl, which is biscuit, bacon, hashbrown and ham heaven! If that sounds like too much for you, go for the Chicken French Toast. You won’t be disappointed.

FYI: The restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, so be prepared to wait in long-ish lines.

What to order: Charlie Bowl, Chicken French Toast

Location: 556 Beatty Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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4. Chambar Restaurant

Egg benedict brunch
Photo Credit: jlowphoto

Brunch isn’t only about good food and drink. The atmosphere plays an important part in current brunch culture, and this particular restaurant provides the tasteful decor all diners love. At Chambar, any Vancouverite visiting will be delighted with the serene and muted color tones, the savvy seating, and of course, the fabulous food presentation at their table.

The menu is classy and not overwhelming at all. Go for the La Saucisse and prepare for a feast of two fried eggs, chicken bacon & manchego sausage, cornbread, charred tomato, and chili creme fraiche. The waffles here are also amazing, and there’s an insane amount of delicious toppings to choose from. 

Protip: Fast-food enthusiasts should not miss out on the classy Burger du Chasseur et Frites.

What to order: La Saucisse, waffles, Burger du Chasseur et Frites

Location: 568 Beatty Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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5. Maxine’s Café & Bar

Photo credits: Deannawoo

A local hangout spot for West Enders, Maxine’s Café & Bar is an all-day restaurant/bistro/watering hole, serving elevated European-style favorites. From morning classics to dinnertime delights, there’s a lot to discover at Maxine’s amidst the magnificent interiors, and laid-back vibe.

Maxine’s Dutch Baby is a well-regarded brunch special. This is a large, fluffy souffled pancake sizzled up in a heated iron skillet. The ends are crispy, and the middle part has a custard-like texture. Together with the thick and velvety sauce mornay, this dish is truly special!

The Smoked Salmon Rösti is this beautifully presented dish that tastes as good as it looks, if not better. The potato rösti comes crispy and deep golden, and the smoked salmon on top just melts in the mouth. Have a bite of all the elements on the plate together, and feel a flavor and texture explosion in your mouth.

The Gnocchi with meatball, sugo, and basil is your ultimate comfort food that is also super duper filling. The pasta is fresh and pillowy, and the meatballs in sugo sauce are what make this a fulfilling dish.

What to order: Dutch Baby, Smoked Salmon Rösti, Gnocchi, Éclair

Address: 1325 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Z7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. Botanist

Crab Benedict with truffle parmigiana crispy potatoes
Photo Credits: _lindaeats

“Where day blurs into night, summer into winter, and food and drink are plenty.”

We couldn’t help but steal that gorgeous tagline right off the Botanist’s Home Page. It really says everything about this fashionable eatery. When it comes to awesome places to dive into for a great brunch, this restaurant always ranks high on many Vancouverites’ dining lists. Call ahead for a reservation, or if you wake up late on a Sunday morning, show up for their ‘Late Rise’ brunch.

Sustainably sourced seafood along with organic produce, makes the menu at Botanist a delight to view. Order the Hand-Cut Beef Tartare, which comes with smoked egg yolk, caper berries, parmesan and sourdough. If not that, then try the Steak and Eggs with potato, tomato and salsa verde.

The Botanist Benedict with Crab and Avocado is divine, and you can wash all that down with a couple of delightful Punch Cocktails. We recommend the Season’s Renewal Cocktail, perfectly blended with rye whiskey, cranberry juice and sage. 

What to order: Hand-Cut Beef Tartare, Steak and Eggs, Botanist Benedict, Punch Cocktails, Season’s Renewal Cocktail

Location: 1038 Canada Place Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Yolk’s

egg benedicts and salad
Photo Credit: Yolks

From its humble beginnings in a tiny trailer, to a full-scale restaurant, Yolk’s keeps going from strength to strength and never stops delighting its customers. Renowned for its great service and fabulous food, this restaurant is a must-visit on your next brunch adventure in Vancouver.

The menu here is perfectly suited for every kind of diner. It’s short, sweet and madly tempting. We recommend you try the Maple-Smoked Ham, with their fresh spinach and Yolks-made Dijon, and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken served on a half Belgian waffle is simply outstanding.

If your tastes lean towards eggs, then this is the perfect place to indulge. Go for the classic Yolk’s Breakfast, with your choice of sides.

FYI: Yolk’s is way too popular, so expect a line when you get there. Stick it out, and you won’t be sorry. We promise!

What to order: Maple-Smoked Ham, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Yolk’s Breakfast

-1598 E Hastings Street
-546 W Broadway – Vancouver

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Jules Bistro

Photo Credit: Noms Magazine

Tucked away deep in the heart of Gastown, this charming French Bistro is a must-visit for a cozy weekend brunch. At Jules the atmosphere is serene and pretty, and the service is fast, friendly and attentive. You can also choose to be seated inside, or enjoy the weather outdoors on their patio.

If you’re looking to sample some really delicious fare bursting with French flavour, opt for the Garlic and Black Prawns with Egg Fried Rice, or maybe some traditional French Onion Soup, and an order of escargot. There is also an array of other dishes to choose from. Crab Cakes, Moules Frites, or their signature Duck Confit Cassoulet.

What to order: Garlic and Black Prawns with Egg Fried Rice, French Onion Soup, escargot, Crab Cakes, Moules Frites, Duck Confit Cassoulet

Location: 216 Abbott Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

egg benedicts cauliflower n cheese croquette benny
Photo Credit: travellingdishes

One of the coolest spots in Vancouver to hang out for a weekend brunch, or even a mid-week one. This trendy and rustic venue boasts one of the most creative menus among Vancouver eateries. You will not want to miss out on this delightful place.

We highly recommend you try the Roasted Pork Shoulder Benny, or their signature and artistic Cauliflower Benny, and if you want to also indulge your sweet tooth, select from a mouth-watering array of pastries, or really go to town with their amazing Chocolate or Berry Waffles. You can wash all that down with a cool Ginger Beer Margherita, or a hot cup of French Press.

Protip: There’s a ‘Boozy Up Your Caffeine” special every Saturday, so don’t miss out!

What to order: Roasted Pork Shoulder Benny, Cauliflower Benny, Chocolate or Berry Waffles, Ginger Beer Margherita, French Press

Location: 120 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Zarak

A sister establishment to Surrey’s well-known Afghan Kitchen, Zarak offers an elevated Afghan dining experience. The menu here reflects the history and culture of Afghanistan, and the dishes, though refined, maintain the integrity of mum’s recipes. This is the kind of place where you go to devour good food with your loved ones.

Although brunch is only available on the weekends, it is incredibly popular. We highly recommend the Lamb Bennies, Kebab & Egg Skillet (was our first time trying spiced yogurt!), and the waffles.  

The Lamb Shoulder, prepared with mum’s recipe, comes as a thick slice of tender lamb, with a beautiful roasted flavor, and a brown and crisp exterior, served on a bed of flavorful rice, which complements the meat with its taste and aroma.

What to order: Bolani, Lamb Bennies, Kebab & Egg Skillet, Spicy Aushak, Lamb Shoulder

Address: 2102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 0K1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. The Birds & The Beets

brunch pancake, sandwich, drinks on table
Photo Credit: monkeyeatsworld

One of Gastown’s most popular cafes, The Birds & The Beets is easy-dining at its finest and a foodie’s paradise. If you’re looking for a nice and pleasing spot to enjoy a relaxing brunch by yourself, or with a few close friends, this would be the restaurant to visit. 

The menu favors everyone from meat-lovers to vegans. Try out their delicious Ricotta Pancakes, or a Vegan Coconut-Cinnamon Roll. And, if that’s not enough, take a huge bite of their amazing Breakfast Sandwich, or a Poached Egg with Avocado Toast.

Don’t forget to grab a photo of their famous aesthetic corner spot!

Coffee shop corner with flowers and counter with stools
Photo Credit: jackymchui

What to order: Ricotta Pancakes, Vegan Coconut-Cinnamon Roll, Breakfast Sandwich, Poached Egg with Avocado Toast

Location: 55 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Joe Fortes

lobster roll sandwiches
Photo Credit: heyhangryhippo

Starting off our list is a place that really needs no introduction. Joe Fortes is one of those special places most Vancouverites can vouch for. They make it to every list of great eateries in Vancouver, and made a special appearance in our Two Best Restaurants Summer Special. 

This really is the place you want to choose if you have out-of-town guests and are looking to impress them. Don’t hesitate. Head down to Robson and just take them straight to Joe’s and enjoy their gratitude later.

The Chicken & Waffles and Lobster Roll cannot be missed here, so go ahead and order up a batch. But, if a seafood brunch is what you’re looking for, then opt for the delicious wild sockeye salmon cakes, with roasted potatoes, seasonal veggies, and tartar sauce.

A side of Truffle Parmesan Fries is a must, and of course you don’t want to say no to a slice of soft, moist Coffee Cake.

What to order: Chicken & Waffles, Lobster Roll, sockeye salmon cakes, Truffle Parmesan Fries, Coffee Cake

Location: 777 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V5

Website | Instagram | Facebook

12. Provence Marinaside

Crab Cake Benedict | Photo Credits: joms_noms

Brunch isn’t always about having lunch later than usual. If what you’re looking for is a place to enjoy brunch with styles, hesitate no more to visit Yaletown’s Provence Marinaside! Thanks to a sunny patio with waterfront views of the Marina and the airy, bright atmosphere, Provence Marinaside has made itself the most sophisticated place to have brunch in downtown Vancouver.

Since people love coming here for their Crab Cake Benedict, Crab & Lobster Omelet, and especially Seafood Crepe, we bet you might want to start with them. From the presentation, aroma, texture, and taste, there is not a single thing we would want to change!

The Crab Cake Benedict is classic with soft, warm English muffin and egg benedict on top; and the Seafood Crepe is the seafood lovers’ dream thanks to its flavorful, creamy, buttery taste profile.

What to order: Crab Cake Benedict, Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Chorizo Scramble, Crab and Lobster Omelet, Seafood Crepe

Address: 1269 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

13. Palate Kitchen

Photo credits: rishiedecity

Being known as one of Vancouver’s most visited all-day cafe-restaurant, Palette Kitchen on the West Hastings will have your attention for its exceptionally good coffee and food. Come whenever you’d love to, early in the morning for breakfast, later for lunch and brunch, or even dinner, you will still be welcomed by the same cozy ambiance and vintage, lovely interior. 

We never get bored enjoying their basic-but-classic Pulled Pork Sandwich and Mushroom Truffle Toast! The sandwich tastes better than whatever you can dream of with such a tangy-chili sauce and tender-shredded meat; while the toast is delightful yet flavorful enough to create an unforgettable taste!

If you’re more into something sweet, try the Famous French Toast and get surprised! Or Sausage Skillet for the most wonderful, hearty dish.

What to order: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Salad, Sausage Skillet, Mushroom Truffle Toast, Famous French Toast.

Address: 848 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1C8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

14. Brunch Vancouver

brunch vancouver Tecolote Molletesweekly specials 3 V2 (1)

Located right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, Brunch is a Mexican restaurant where you can find some of the most decadent Mexican-inspired brunch and breakfast all-time favourites. Whether you’re an early bird and would love to enjoy your morning coffee; or prefer to start your day a bit later than usual, Brunch Vancouver is sure to have what you are looking for!

Their Monte Cristo Sandwich is something that will have you craving morning, noon, and night with a unique twist on the ham and cheese combination. The sandwich has a golden crispy crust that gives way to the velvety inside, combined with gooey cheese, sweet, salty, cheesy, buttery. Perfection!

Or the Turkey & Cheese Torta can a good go-to with honey-smoked turkey, creamy avocado, lime, cilantro, and pickled onion. Stunning!

What to order: Monte Cristo Sandwich, Enmoladas, Turkey & Cheese Torta, Monte Cristo Sandwich

Address: 1147 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

15. Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

Photo credits: yvreats_withjoy

Serving its famous eggs benedict for more than 30 years, Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is still a fav breakfast spot for Vancouverites. This is a charming and colorful diner, with original artworks, vinyl booths, and vintage collectibles, serving a variety of breakfast and lunch items, along with an exclusive children’s menu.

When at Sophie’s, trying one of their Benedicts is a foodie ground rule, and our favorite is the Benedicts with Ham. Served on a buttery English muffin, the soft poached eggs are perfectly runny, and the ham’s smokiness makes the dish more sophisticated.

Sophie’s Oyster Burger is ultimate decadence; you get two huge breaded and deep-fried oysters, which come crispy on the outside, and rich and creamy on the inside, served with a fresh salad on the side. It tastes best with their garlic aioli.

What to order: Benedicts with Ham, Smoked Salmon Benedicts, Sophie’s Oyster Burger, Whole-Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Address: 2095 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

17. Knight Street Cafe

Homemade soups, flame broiled burgers, larger-than-usual servings, and specials every day, Knight Street Cafe is a family-run all-day breakfast spot where the locals gather for good food. The place is old-school (no reservations required), and family-friendly, and the food is filling and fantastic.

The way burgers are made at Knight Street Cafe is something special. Their patties are always thick and super juicy and have that satisfying flame-grilled taste to them. Served with Kennebec Fries, our choice is their classic Knight Burger.

You should check out the cafe’s breakfast options as well. The Knight Street Special is an enjoyable combo of two eggs, with your choice of breakfast sausage, maple cured bacon, or black forest ham. Of course, we choose the maple cured bacon – thick, smokey, and sweet.

While The Breakfast Burritos here are packed, huge, and delicious, Knight Street Cafe’s Buttermilk Pancakes, and French Toast with Cinnamon deserve a special mention.

The pancakes are old-school, just like the place, and are huge/plate-sized, and fluffy. The French Toast is also thick, slightly sweet, and comes with a hint of cinnamon.

What to order: Knight Burger, Knight Street Special breakfast, Breakfast Burritos, Buttermilk Pancakes, French Toast

Address: 3911 Knight Street, Vancouver, BC V5N 3L8


So, that rounds up the best places we recommend for a perfect weekend brunch. We hope you enjoy spending time at one (or all) of the places we love so much. And, when you’re done, why not stop for a nice hot cup of coffee?

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