16 Absolute Best Sushi NYC Has To Offer In 2024 (+ What To Order)

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Sushi may have originated in Japan, but New Yorkers have become devoted to it, and the city has transformed into a host of world-class sushi establishments.

Thanks to artisan experts who ensure that the quality and technique of sushi making is maintained and harnessed to the highest level, NYC is one of the best places outside the Japanese peninsula to enjoy and appreciate authentic craft of sushi.

To help you get your sushi fix, we’ve compiled a must-visit list of the best restaurants with the freshest and most delicious sushi NYC offers!

1. Sushi Nakazawa

Photo credits: Sushi Nakazawa

Chef Nakazawa’s take on omakase sushi aptly exemplifies the Japanese tradition and artisanship gestured with supreme hospitality. MICHELIN-starred Sushi Nakazawa hosts a mostly black-and-white space where sushi masters display their exemplary skills in creating out-of-this-world morsels of this Japanese staple.

Surrender to a blissful omakase — a work of art, dare we say — as you savor a Nigiri-exclusive lineup of roughly 20 varieties of sushi made from the highest quality ingredients sourced globally, particularly Japan.

Feast your eyes on enticing smoked mackerel, fatty tuna, and other delectable slabs of seafood atop expertly prepared rice. Every bite delivers a burst of flavor, thanks to the Chef’s expertise in using the right choice and levels of ingredients.

Oh, and since Nakazawa is perpetually booked with sushi aficionados, it’s best you reserve a table in advance.

What to order: Omakase Menu, Bottles of Sake, Tea

Address: 23 Commerce St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Website | Instagram

2. Masa

Photo credits: badgal_julie

The only three-star Michelin-rated Japanese restaurant in New York, Masa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience all sushi lovers deserve. The omakase you’ll have at Masa just doesn’t compare to anywhere else. Their sushi counter made of Hinoki, sanded to perfection daily, is a work of art in itself. If you want the best high-end Japanese dining experience ($$$) in New York, Masa is your best bet.

The Toro Tartare is one of the best things you’ll ever eat, and it’s highly regarded by food critics and diners alike. The Osetra they picked isn’t as salty as it usually is, and it complemented the toro beautifully. In other words, the perfect savory parfait.

Masa’s Uni Sushi Course is an exceptional sushi experience. You’ll be served masses of uni (sea urchin) expertly prepared in multiple ways. Each dish you taste will give you an intense burst of uni umami that your taste buds will feast on.

What to order: Omakase

Address: The Shops at, 10 Columbus Cir Floor 4, New York, NY 10019

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. Sushi Seki

Photo credits: Sushi Seki

Sushi Seki is a classic NYC sushi mecca serving some of the best sushis, sashimis, and nigiris in the city. Led by Chef Saki and his team of dedicated chefs and sommeliers, the restaurant is committed to continuously learning about the Japanese art of creating and serving food.

The success of 3 branches across New York attests to their greatness, with each one amassing a loyal fanbase of loyal patrons who find Sushi Seki to be the ideal venue for their much-anticipated sushi fix.

We highly recommend you try their omakase experience and sit at the bar to enjoy a wide variety of sushi masterfully crafted by the chef’s divine hands. Finish with sake from their extensive list, and you’ll understand why they’re considered gods in the NYC sushi world.

If you prefer set menus, try their sushi seki special, which includes 9 heavenly pieces of sushi and a roll showcasing the marriage of Japanese and New York palates.

What to order: Omakase Sushi, Sushi Seki Special, Sashimi Dinner, Chirashi

-Time Square: 365 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States
-Chelsea: 208 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011, United States
-Upper East Side: 1143 1st Ave., New York, NY 10065, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Sushi Ginza Onodera

Photo credits: Sushi Ginza Onodera

Sushi Ginza, is a 16-seater MICHELIN-starred luxe sushi spot that uses traditional Edomae techniques to preserve the fish, bringing out umami flavors and leaving an even more soft and tender texture.

Allow the itamae to decide your sumptuous fate and take you to an enchanted spectacle as you enjoy appetizers, seasonal nigiri, homemade tamago, miso soup, and desserts. Perfect for those who want to add a surprise element!

Or, if you want something more affordable, try their seasonal omakase lunch, which features the same lineup, but with seasonal fish. Because the restaurant gets its fish straight from Japan, some may be replaced with an equal substitute.

The fish is perfectly complemented by the yuki-tsubaki koshihikari rice from Niigata Prefecture, which has been seasoned with red vinegar. It’s truly amazing how each piece is executed flawlessly to bring out natural flavors.

Ginza Onodera’s impeccable service doesn’t stop with their sushi; they offer sake pairings to elevate your experience a notch higher by providing you with the best sake that complements your order. Impressive!

What to order: Chef’s Selection Course, Seasonal Omakase Lunch, Sake Pairing

Address: 461 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Sushi Ikumi

Photo credits: Sushi Ikumi

Sushi Ikumi, located in the quiet SoHo neighborhood, offers an intimate omakase dining with only 12 seats around their sushi counter. They use traditional Kaiseki cooking techniques to bring out the best flavors in each ingredient.

Plunge into an array of great ambiance, spotless cleanliness, excellent service, and delicious sushi. As different flavors dance in your mouth, feel every seasonal ingredient!

Get the chef’s tasting menu and sit comfortably for about 2-hours; watch their knife mastery as they skillfully cut the fish in all the right places. The uni, futomaki, kohada, saba, and kanpachi are some of our favorites, but all fifteen pieces of nigiri hit the spot!

Not to mention their excellent beverage selection, which includes everything from sake and tea to wine; but you can bring your own with corkage.

What to order: Chef’s Tasting (Omakase), Sake, Tea, or Wine

Address: 135 Sullivan St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram

6. Sushi Amane

Photo credits: foodstorming

Located in the basement level of Mifune lies the small signage that says Sushi Amane. This small Japanese restaurant is intimate and special in a way that it only has nine seats at the counter where you can see all the magic happen. Here, you will be attentively served by one of the best chefs with high-quality ingredients that are worth every penny.

This lovely place serves Omakase only, and the menu accordingly will be adjusted based on seasonal ingredients. The course usually includes 5 small dishes, 10 nigiri sushi (including Tamago), handroll, miso soup, and dessert. We have to admit, those phenomenal bites worth every of your pennies!

In case you’re here for lunch, you can still enjoy their Omakase course with 3 small dish, 9 nigiri sushi, handroll, tamago, miso soup, and dessert. Just one more thing, if you’ve booked in advance, make sure to arrive on time. They will cancel your booking after 15-minute late!

What to order: Omakase Course

Address: 245 E 44th St, New York, NY 10017

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Shion 69 Leonard Street

Photo credits: 69 Leonard Street

Headed by Executive Chef Shion Uino, Shion 69 Leonard Street is a Michelin-starred, traditional, and intimate Edomae-style sushi-ya. Only a select few sushi restaurants with an Omakase menu are talked about in the city’s culinary scene; this is the case with 69 Leonard Street. If supremely high-quality imported Japanese ingredients prepared impeccably interest you, treat yourself to 69 Leonard Street.

A unique egg custard dish, the Chawanmushi in this place is made even more striking with light dashi and the yummiest mushrooms. The egg is warmly supple, like a comforting hug when you have no one else.

Flown literally across the world to be laid in front of you, the Hokkaido Uni is the most authentic piece of sea urchin you can get. This one screams luxury in every way, making you feel like royalty with every bite.

What to order: Chawanmushi, Hokkaido Uni

Address: 69 Leonard St, New York, NY 10013

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Sushi Noz

Photo credits: the_ginga_bread_man

No sushi lover in New York does not get excited when they hear the word “Noz.” As one of NYC’s most renowned sushi restaurants, you’re in for an unforgettable moment!

Step into another world as you enter Sushi Noz’s Sukiya-style architecture, which features nail-free cedar woodwork. The 200 year old Hinoki wood counter is a relic of the past, and behind it is a traditional ice box used during the Edo period. 

The Ash Room features a 6-seater counter made from the rare Tamo Ash wood once used only by Japanese nobility. Enjoy an amazing omakase in this sacred Japanese refuge  with Chef Noz’ passionately putting his heart and soul into every dish. Truly a transcendental experience!

Chef Noz is known for putting unique spins on traditional sushi dishes, and this creative interplay is evident throughout the 20-course meal. Each piece is out-of-this-world, combining simplicity and intricacy into one.

For instance, the madara is served with bottarga tartar sauce, and the nodoguro is filleted and grilled. Amazing!

What to order: Edomae Style Tasting Menu, Beverage Pairing

Address: 181 E 78th St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Sushi Yasaka

Photo credits:eatingonthejob

Sushi Yakasha is a hole-in-the-wall in the Upper West known for its incredible food, impeccable service, and welcoming atmosphere. You can enjoy high-quality sushi at a reasonable price!

Start lightly with their Yokohama Gyoza, featuring a traditional pork and cabbage filling that has a flavorful and savory taste! Or you can go for the Tuna Avocado with an incredibly fresh flavor, a tasty combo of bright veggies, savory tuna, and creamy avocado!

For mains, in case you’d love a hot bowl of noodles, try the traditional Ebi Tempura Soba with buckwheat noodles served in a hot dashi broth and then topped with deep fried tempura shrimp. Light yet flavorful as ever!

Still have room for some more? Order the Spicy Yellow Tail handroll that is mouth-watering with a kick of spiciness.

What to order: Yokohama Gyoza, Tuna Avocado, Ebi Tempura Soba, Spicy Yellow Tai

Address: 251 W 72nd St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Sushi of Gari 46

Photo credits: aspiringmaven

New York is fortunate to host Sushi of Gari on 46th street that boasts a trifecta of amazing food, attentive service, and fantastic atmosphere. You’re actually not only paying for the sushi here, but for the awesome experience this sushi spot provides.

Gari offers omakase with either sushi, sashimi, or both. The chef displays his mastery of the craft as he creates signature pieces with today’s catch; everything perfected with signature toppings.

From the sushi bar, we recommend getting a Gari’s special featuring 8 pieces of Gari’s special creations — prepare to be mind blown! For individual nigiri options, their otoro (fatty tuna), uni (sea urchin), and unagi (eel) are stellar choices!

Order a Fukuju Black sake from Hyogo with rich aroma of rice by yellow apple and plum. You’ll find yourself falling in love with this complex flavor by hints of herbs, full body with a long finish.

What to order: Gari’s Omakase Sushi, Gari’s Omakase Sashimi, Gari’s Special, Fukuju Black sake

Address: 347 W 46th St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Sushi Azabu

Photo credits: Azabu New York

Azabu is a district in Tokyo that was once a commercial hub for businesses and merchants. Sushi Azabu is named after the owner’s first restaurant in the area.

Years later, Azabu is a popular omakase powerhouse in New York, but there’s something about this restaurant that makes visitors feel like they’re in a peaceful abode with Japanese traditions in full swing.

Here, you can enjoy their chef’s omakase, featuring otoshi, seasonal sashimi, toro tasting, yakimono, and a selection of nigiri with miso soup and dessert. Witness in real time how the chef prepares your sushi with great care and passion!

From their sushi bar, try their assorted sashimi, which comes in 5 or 7 varieties. The o-toro (fatty tuna), kanpachi (amberjack), and salmon aburi are our personal favorites!

Azabu also has an extensive beverage menu, which includes everything from wines and cocktails to sake and tea. Every dish has a perfect match!

What to order: Chef’s Omakase, Assorted Sashimi, Organic Yuzu Matcha Tea, Asabikari Suijin Sake

Address: 428 Greenwich St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

12. Kanoyama

Photo credits: Kanoyama Restauran

Kanoyama’s Edomae-style sushi and Chef Nobuyuki Shikanai’s divine hands are the secrets to making this reservation-only omakase one of the most difficult in NYC to book. We can only thank the few seats around his counter and loyal customers vying for those much-coveted seats.

The MICHELIN-starred Japanese restaurant offers a spotless and well-maintained space where you can concentrate on their offerings of pristine cuts and pieces of Japanese delights.

Aside from the omakase course, we recommend the hamachi carpaccio as an appetizer, a set of sushi deluxe (10 pieces), and a salmon don from the sushi bar. Please keep in mind that the menu changes daily due to fish availability. Nonetheless, any item is drool-worthy and well-priced.

Unlike other omakase restaurants that promote a monastic feel, Kanoyama prefers upbeat vibes and quick service. Remarkable!

What to order: Omakase Course, Hamachi Carpaccio, Sushi Deluxe, Salmon Don

Address: 175 2nd Ave, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

13. KazuNori

Photo credits: KazuNori

A chic and stylish restaurant with industrial vibes, KazuNori specializes in Japanese seafood rolls. There is only sushi kitchen bar-style seating available here, and you can choose to be seated at the front of the restaurant or at the back. All stools face the sushi chef, and you’ll be watching him make the yummiest rolls as you wait for yours.

In KazuNori, you can order assorted sets to get a taste of the chef’s many creations. However, the Bay Scallop Hand Roll is a standout. This one is “melt-in-your-mouth” quality and is highly recommended if you love mayo because it contains lots of it.

Another favorite among KazuNori’s signature hand rolls is the Lobster. You can tell the seafood is sourced fresh as you devour each chunky piece. With how good it tastes, you’ll be eating this one like candy.

What to order: Bay Scallop Hand Roll, Lobster Hand Roll

Address: 15 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

Website | Instagram | Facebook

14. Takahachi

Photo credits: nicholasroutzen

Takahachi is a neighborhood sushi restaurant that has been serving incredible home-cooked Japanese dishes in NYC for over three decades. They’re always bustling with hungry customers and curious visitors looking to try authentic Japanese comfort food, and they already have 3 branches across NYC to boot!

Their Hamachi Kama sashimi plate, sushi set, maki combo, and signature sushi dish will never let you down. The hamachi kama is grilled fresh yellowtail collar with sea salt, and the sushi set is a delectable combination of 8 pieces of nigiri sushi and a California roll with miso soup.

Takahachi’s maki combo highlights their rolls; enjoy yellowtail roll, California roll, and salmon roll elevated to perfection! Finally, don’t forget to try their signature sushi dishes, which include tuna with cilantro sauce, salmon belly with avocado and spicy mayo, and yellowtail belly with jalapeno sauce. Amazingly good!

What to order: Hamachi Kama, Sushi Set, Maki Combo, Signature Sushi Dish

Address: 85 Avenue A, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram

15. Quan Sushi Grill

Photo credits: sushstagram

Quan Sushi is a small and casual sushi restaurant serving traditional Japanese cuisine with excellent service and a friendly staff. The unique and innovative interpretation of classic Japanese staples distinguishes them from the city’s plethora of sushi restaurants.

Indoor seating is limited with only 8 tables. However, the lack of space is offset by a masterfully crafted menu that includes authentic sushi, sashimi, rolls, and more. Furthermore, they provide creative fusion, combining Japanese and American flavors.

Quan Sushi Grill has a lot of amazing dishes, but we’re particularly fond of their rolls, particularly the mango Hawaii roll, which is made with salmon, avocado, cheese, mango, and black tobiko.

The Godzilla roll, deep fried with mixed fish, and spicy salmon tartar are two other outstanding options. Don’t pass up the opportunity to try their ala carte sushi and sashimi —  their sake and maguro are waving!

What to order: Mango Hawaii Roll, Salmon Tartar, Godzilla Roll, Sake Sushi, Maguro Sushi

Address: 375 Broome St, New York, NY 10013, United States


16. Rosella

Photo credits: Rosella Sushi

A Japanese restaurant in America? Rosella for the win! The owners believe in a long-term and sustainable strategy to provide the best of both worlds. The restaurant serves some of the best fusion sushi in New York, using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Rosella’s striped bass, smoked steelhead trout, and shrimp from their sushi and sashimi menu are always a hit. Prepare to be wowed by the chefs’ attention to bringing natural flavors to perfection!

heir hand rolls are also impressive! The spicy avocado and smoked uni and cucumber little rolls, as well as the bagels-on-hudson big rolls with smoked steelhead, dill cream cheese, tamago, and cucumber, are our favorites.

A visit to Rosella is not enough! With food, service, and ambiance as good as theirs, you’ll be back for more!

What to order: Striped Bass, Smoked Steelhead Trout, Shrimp, Spicy Avocado Roll, Smoked Uni & Cucumber Roll, Bagels-On-Hudson Roll

Address: 137 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

So, there you have it! Those are the best sushi spots in the Big Apple — we look forward to bumping into you at one or two of them soonest.

Aside from sushi, New York has a plethora of Japanese restaurants. Visit our list of the best Japanese restaurants in NYC for a quick trip to the East without having to leave the city.

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