Sabine Breakfast Salad | Photo credits: Sabine Cafe & Bar

11 Best Breakfast Restaurants In Seattle For A Hearty Meal (+ What To Order)

Seattle – is a true heaven for foodies and coffee lovers. Wandering around in the early morning and you’ll be overwhelmed by countless restaurants and coffee shops. Want to enjoy a delicious breakfast but have no options in mind to satisfy your hunger? We’ve got you covered! 

Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the 11 best breakfast restaurants in Seattle for a hearty meal gathered all just for you:

1. Morsel

Photo credits: cookin_n_eatin

Located in Seattle’s University District, Morsel is a biscuit and coffee shop well-known for its craft biscuit sandwiches. This is the kind of place that people want to stop by for breakfast or brunch at least once whenever they’re in the city. With quiet corners, board games, sofas, and delicious food, Morsel is a homey spot that everyone will enjoy!

While all of their biscuits are heavenly, the Cheddar Chive one has earned its spot as the crowd-favorite. The biscuit is soft, buttery, and delicate, without too much crunch, and with just the right level of warmth. Try it once and you’ll find yourself ordering a dozen more to go!

If you wish to order one of their biscuit sandwiches, you get to choose your choice of biscuit. A favorite sandwich here is The Spanish Fly. With pork prosciutto, manchego cheese, fried egg, and pepper aioli, it is subtly yet enjoyably flavorful.

They offer a wide selection of “fixins” or toppings, everything made in-house. While many selections are seasonal, their bacon jam tastes great with all their biscuit offerings.

P.s: They don’t take reservations so make sure to be in the line early!

What to order: Cheddar Chive biscuit, The Spanish Fly, Bacon Jam with biscuits

Address: 5000 University Way NE suite d, Seattle, WA 98105

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Glo’s Pop Up at Captain Blacks

Photo credits: foodmakesmehoppy

At GIo, you are offered the absolute best breakfasts full of flavor while enjoying the warm welcome from the staff and relaxing atmosphere. Although they only have a limited menu at Captain Blacks, the passion and care in every dish are there and you still can enjoy delicious meals with your loving family and friends. 

Eggs Blackstone is a must to start your day with a standard combination but promises to win your heart. Coming with two savory bacon strips and perfectly poached medium eggs with creamy runny egg yolk on soft and buttery English muffin halves, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce. A light touch of bitterness from the sauteed spinach helps fulfill the flavor even more! 

Craving for some authentic homemade buttermilk biscuit? Biscuits and Gravy are for you! The creamy vegetarian mushroom gravy is surely addictive, and don’t forget to ask for grilled ham for a better experience.

What to order: Smoked Salmon Benedict, Eggs Blackstone, Biscuits and Gravy, Aaron’s Special

Address: 129 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

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3. The Fat Hen

Photo credits: whatwouldlizeat

Looking for something more neighbor-friendly and more local? Don’t miss out on The Fat Hen. It is a teeny, tiny neighborhood café serving phenomenal breakfast & lunch along with authentic handcrafted coffee drinks. The ambiance is definitely top-notch for those who love enjoying good food and chilling under the beautiful sunlight. 

If you’re a benedict-for-brunch kind of person, The Fat Hen has some incredible options like Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict and Pancetta Eggs Benedict.

Both the dishes are wonderful tasting, but a special mention to the delicious hollandaise that is made in-house from scratch. The smashed fingerling potatoes on the side are golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

One divine dish from their menu is the Sweet Toast. Made with Grand Central levain – perfectly crusty, savory, and with a soft inner, and topped with ricotta cheese and citrus marmalade (both made in-house), and a sprinkle of pink peppercorns, you cannot stop smiling when you try this dish.

What to order: Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict, Pancetta Eggs Benedict, Smashed Fingerling Potatoes, Sweet Toast

P.s: This is a neighborhood favorite so definitely make a reservation ahead of time!

What to order: Breakfast Smash, Eggs Benedict, Camicia Skillet, Sweet Toast

Address: 1418 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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4. Bacco Cafe

Photo credits: Bacco Cafe

Located at Pike Place Market, Bacco Cafe specializes in local food and beverages, with a variety of choices for everyone’s taste. They also have a fresh juice bar, and serve organic coffee as well. Grab a seat on their patio and enjoy brunch with a view.

A big YES for the French Toast. Very light and airy crunchy toast with a light layer of powdered sugar on top helps elevate the nutty flavor. But what makes this dish so addictive is the juicy, light sour berries that come with it making every bite so pleasant to enjoy. 

Another recommendation is Dungeness Crab Benedict. The fresh crab meat is so tender with a delicately sweet taste, combined with the rich, creamy, lemony butter hollandaise sauce. Everything goes so well together and creates a perfect hearty dish to start your day.

From Bacco’s famous juice bar, Verona is the no. 1 drink to try. A medley of pineapple, orange, and banana, the drink tastes fresh and energizing.

What to order: Bacco Breakfast, French Toast, Dungeness Crab Benedict

Address: 86 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Pete’s Eggnest

Photo credits: The Egg & Us

Pete’s Eggnest, also known as The Egg & Us, is a friendly family-owned restaurant specializing in cozy and comforting breakfast food! This place is the best bang for your buck breakfast and brunch spot with aesthetic decoration and full of green plants. And of course, one of the best places in Seattle to enjoy hella good food!

Ready to feel some good vibe with Elvis Presley French Toast? If you’re a peanut butter lover, this was born for you. The creamy and nutty peanut butter topped the perfect-fried golden brown French Toast in savory panko topped with sweet bananas and Devonshire cream. Pillowy, sweet, tangy, and delectable!

If you’re getting bored of Toast, try their all-time fav Grilled Chicken Club. The tender and juicy chicken meat are made to perfection along with lemon herb giving the dish an earthy, fresh sense.

Oh, can’t forget the special sauce with explosive flavor and Tillamook cheddar cheese, savory crisp strips of bacon with other veggies like lettuce and tomatoes. 

What to order: Elvis Presley French Toast, Grilled Chicken Club, Philly Cheesesteak, Chile Verde

Address: 7717 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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6. Sabine Café & Market

Sabine Breakfast Salad | Photo credits: Sabine Cafe & Bar

Sabine is part of the Weimann Maclise family of restaurants, which also counts among its collections Ballard’s Stoneburner and MacLeod’s hot spots. This place will surely not let you down with its signature aesthetic vibe and undoubtedly tasty food. 

You can’t go wrong with one of the most delicious healthy dishes – Golden Granola. The nutty flavor in puffed rice and oat is nicely balanced with the buttery and light sweet almond. A nice touch of juicy and sour currants really light up the plate and of course, some milk.

An all-time fav – Avocado Toast with creamy and fresh avocado with some olive oil and seasoned with some flake salt.

Looking for more? Cured Salmon Toast is another star with tender za’atar cured line-caught Alaskan King salmon and sumac onions on top. The flavor is addictive! 

What to order: Golden Granola, Avocado Toast, Cured Salmon Toast

Address: 5307 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

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7. Hi-Spot Cafe

Photo credits: anicaisafoodie

Located in a beautiful 1904 Victorian building that housed the family business back in 1904, Hi-Spot has been a neighborhood institution for 31 years now.

To the locals, ​​Hi Spot is an adorable gem in Madrona when it appears to be a home that was converted into a restaurant and it has that cozy, homey feel with a charming and alive atmosphere. 

Everyone always asks for Green Eggs and Ham so make sure to check it out! The smooth and creamy scrambled egg is so tasty with some fries on the side and nicely toasted bread that gives a perfect crunch.

Don’t forget to dip it into their special sauce!

If you’re into Mexican flavor, try their Huevos a La Mexicana and be amazed by the combination of spices. The eggs are scrambled with bits of crispy tortilla and topped with cool sour cream and pico making every bite so worthy.

What to order: Green Eggs and Ham, Huevos a La Mexicana, Chorizo Scramble

Address: 1410 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

Photo credits: Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

This is one of the best breakfast places near Capitol Hill with outdoor patio seating. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll feel welcome while enjoying your breakfast, you can’t go wrong with Lost Lake Café.

You’ll be greeted with smiles and a generally laid-back and warm atmosphere when you walk into this café. The café’s interior style gives you the impression that time has come to a standstill in the café. 

Tired of plain cereal or that dry slice of toast you have for breakfast every day? Ask for some Philly Omelette and be ready to start your enjoyable day with an outstanding dish. The thin slice of rib-eye steak is so juicy, tender, and flavorful combined with the umami sense from the mushroom and savory American cheese nestled in a creamy omelet. BIG THUMBS UP!

If you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, try their absolute best Carnitas Breakfast Burrito. No way you can deny the tasty pulled pork with a buttery omelet, topped with salsa and sour cream. That’ll be what you want to satisfy your stomach.

What to order: Corned Beef Hash, Philly Omelette, Carnitas Breakfast Burrito

Address: 1505 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Madison Kitchen

Photo credits: essiefan

From scratch cooking and baking for wholesome and delicious treats, wandering along Maddison Park and you’ll find this hidden gem in Seattle – Madison Kitchen. A perfect place to stop by and grab some finger-licking good food while enjoying a beautiful sunny day. 

Always been a crowd-fav – Madison St Special with nicely seasoned smoked turkey breast and savory Vermont white cheddar and crisp Apples for sweetness. What makes the dish unforgettable is the fresh and creamy basil aioli Cranberry sauce. Delish! Oh, when you get the sandwich whole, it will come with a bag of crunchy chips.

Mk Egg Sandwich with toasted Macrina potato roll is also so darn good. It is so crunchy, buttery and so moist at the same time with crispy strips of bacon, the signature basil aioli, and 2 eggs that are made to perfection. 

What to order: Madison St Special, Mk Egg Sandwich, Yukon Gold Potato Frittata

Address: 4122 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

Website | Instagram

10. Konvene Coffee

Photo credits: caffeinated.jomo

We promise you won’t leave this place without a smile. Konvene Coffee is definitely a labor full of love, warmth, and friendliness. It’s a nice little coffee tucked away above the QFC (go into the QFC entrance then take the stairs or elevator up one floor- you’ll see it right there) that serves pleasantly flavorful dishes to light up your day. 

The Egg Sandwiches with Sausage are always asked for since it is SO GOOD! The housemade sausage is so fresh and tasty when it was spiced with all kinds of wonderful herbs that nicely balance the fatty grilled egg, white cheddar, and their absolute best aioli.

How can we forget the Burrito Bowl? A masterpiece with so many flavors from savory to buttery taste, and even some heat to spice the dish up! Eggs are made to perfection with mama lil’s peppers, sweet shallots, and of course, white cheddar. 

What to order: The Egg Sandwiches with Sausage, Burrito Bowl, Avocado Toast

Address: 500 Mercer St Floor 2, Seattle, WA 98109

Website | Instagram | Facebook

11. Bebop Waffle Shop

Photo credits: _baconbits

Not just any waffle joint mind you, a queer and women-owned café that offers organic coffees, craft beers and ciders, and perhaps the most creative all-day breakfast menu in West Seattle, filled with new and unusual ways to serve and enjoy waffles.

With Bebop (formerly Admiral Bird Cafe) Corina has created a safe, respectful, and friendly space where everyone in the community can come to meet.

Maple Bacon Waffle is driving everyone insane. Worth every sugary bite! The soft and buttery waffle is spread with butter and sweet maple syrup, topped with thick salty pieces of bacon spread throughout the waffle. A sweet and salty dream come true! 

Think vegan breakfast is boring?

Well, their Breakfast Chili is going to change your mind forever. We would recommend this for a warm and filling meal any time of day. Topped with arugula, cheddar, dill dressing, and scrambled eggs, the dish was enjoyable and filling for a small bowl. The chili is not thick – it’s more like a hearty pepperpot soup – but It doesn’t take away from the dish, and the flavor is phenomenal! 

What to order: Maple Bacon Waffle, Breakfast Chili, Vegan Field Roast Waffle

Address: 2600 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Above are our recommendations for you. After having a delicious breakfast and enjoying your day with joy, you might want to start thinking about where to get the same experience for your dinner. Without letting you wait any longer, check out our Best Restaurants in Seattle for more various options.