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20 Best Brunch Spots In NYC For A Hearty Good Meal (+ What To Order)

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It is without a doubt that within all the hustle and bustle surrounding New York, lots of “must-visit” brunch spots are available to start off your day and satisfy your hunger. 

If that is what you’re looking for – no worries. We have everything for you, from light and hearty spots to unwind at.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Here is our list of the 13 best brunch spots in NYC and what to get at each spot:

1. Banter NYC

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The Banter NYC, which opened in the heart of Greenwich Village in 2016, has developed a reputation as a go-to brunch destination for New Yorkers.

The owners, Nick and Josh, had in mind creating a welcoming environment where everyone could savor delicious food, exceptional coffee, and amiable banter. And they unquestionably were successful in their mission!

A proof of this greatness? Banter NYC is always packed and really crowded, especially on the weekends! Therefore, it’s ideal if you arrive early.

The restaurant offers some of the best avocado toast in the never-ending metropolis with sourdough bread, crumbled feta, a grain and seed mix, and the ideal poached egg. Heavenly.

The Nutella-stuffed french toast, which is made especially delightful with blackberries, strawberries, and maple syrup, is available for those with a sweet craving. The falafel bowl with the exquisite combination of avocado, cucumber, and other pleasures in za’atar dressing is also available.

For a gratifying conclusion, don’t forget to try their espresso martini (vodka, Kahlua, and espresso)!

What to order: Avocado Toast, Nutella Stuffed French Toast, Falafel Bowl, Espresso Martini

Address: 169 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Egg Shop

The husband-and-wife team, along with chef Nick, opened a second location of The Egg Shop restaurant in Brooklyn after opening one in the Soho district.

Although eggs are a brunch mainstay, The Egg Shop goes above and beyond by serving additional mouthwatering brunch options that highlight the versatility of eggs. Their mantra: nuanced and familiar.

We heartily recommend their El Capitan burrito for those who want spiciness; it is tasty, salty, and comes with the exquisite ecstasy of truffle hash browns on the side. They also offer the Hot Chix, which is a brioche roll with spicy fried chicken, cucumber, and cilantro. Hotness overload!

Take a side chicken (pun not intended) for yourself — buttermilk fried chicken strips with chili aoili. Cap it off with a Pretty Woman; not the actual person, but a cocktail with mezcal, aperol, egg white, and lemon!

What to order: El Capitan Burrito, Chicken Sandwich, Fried Chicken, Chilaquiles, Pretty Woman

Address: 138 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. Sunday In Brooklyn

best brunch williamsburg nyc suday in brooklyn
Photo credits: pegieee_

Sunday in Brooklyn is a neighborhood restaurant in Williamsburg that cares deeply about food and people, so every delicious dish is made with so much love and care. The three-story sun-drenched corner building offers a multitude of experiences for each season and time of day. Meet your loving family and friends here to enjoy the warm welcome, like neighbors, on a beautiful Sunday morning. 

There’s no doubt why Sunday Pancakes is always the top option for every customer. The thick, buttery, and fluffy pancake is topped with a unique maple taste to the syrup creating a very balanced and addictive sweetness that makes you feel so pleasant just like a Sunday morning. 

Another crowd-fav is Cheddar Scramble – a standard nutritious and delicious breakfast for everyone. The smooth, flavorful scrambled eggs are served with some fries, multigrain toast to give that nutty flavor to the dish, and some crispy, savory bacon and sausage. Chef’s kiss! 

What to order:  Sunday Pancakes, Cheddar Scramble, Smoked Salmon Toast, Shakshuka

Address: 348 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. La Mercerie

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Brunch has a certain allure that makes you want to dress to the nines and hold your quaint cocktail in one hand. One of the most aesthetically stunning and romantic spots in the city with a vision that is exactly in line with this idea is La Mercerie.

To fully appreciate reimagined French cooking inside this classical and avant-garde restaurant spearheaded by Chef Marie-Aude Rose, we highly recommend you try their Crepe made of buckwheat, egg sunny side up, paris ham, comte, and creme fraiche. Goodness in every bite!

Other must-orders include their Quiche: mushroom, spinach, comte — a vegetarian’s delight; a baguette with salted bordier butter on the side; and a Tarte Tatin, an apple pie to die for!

A good rule of thumb is to reserve a table in advance. If you decide to eat indoors on a busy day, you only have an hour to enjoy your stay.

What to order: Crepe Complete, Quiche Vegetarienne, Pain Et Beurre, Tarte Tatin

Address: 53 Howard St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe

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Interested in enjoying some Caribbean cuisine? Visit Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe right away! Be amazed by their unique and colorful decorations as you take in a Jamaican-style diner that will transport you to the island even in the middle of a busy city!

Here’s an epic line-up as you experience their friendly and cool staff and vibrant ambiance: 

You can choose between ackee hummus with plantain chips and charred scallion pesto or cod fish fritters with curry dipping sauce for the appetizer. 

The main course includes fried chicken described as “world famous” for its signature jerk sauce, rice peas, and cucumber escovitch mango chutney, and the dessert is a glorious coconut cream rum cake.

You absolutely must try one of their signature cocktails, which are said to go great with any meal. If you ask the staff for advice, they will be happy to give you the best!

What to order:  Cod Fish Fritters, Ackee Hummus, World Famous Jerk Chicken, Coconut Cream Rum, Miss Lily’s Specialty Cocktails

Address: 109 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. The Blue Dog

Photo credits: li_fatboyeats

Since it first opened in 2006, The Blue Dog has devoted a full menu of healthy, eclectic dishes. They’ve maintained a record of offering first-rate service, top-notch food, and an exquisite atmosphere for almost two decades now!

The restaurant passes several of the boxes on our list of what makes a wonderful venue for brunch, making up for its small size. Excellent cuisine, speedy service, stunning presentation, and wonderful outdoor seating? What more is there to ask for?

Many of their signature meals are available right off of their chef’s specialties menu! But their homemade chicken and waffles with jalapeno-infused maple syrup (mind-blowing, we know!) and their excellent huevos rancheros with black-bean puree, feta cheese, tomatillo salsa, cherry tomato, and more have us a bit attached.

Additionally, you must sample their inventive and delectable eggs benny served atop a homemade crab cake as well as their Crispy Pollo Loco burger, which is composed with a boneless chicken thigh, cheese, applewood bacon, and pepper mostarda. Gloriously good!

What to order: Crispy Pollo Loco Burger, Homemade Eggs Benedict, Homestyle Chicken ‘N Waffles, Huevos Rancheros, Smoothie

Address: 308 W 50th St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Sadelle’s

best soho restaurants sadelles
French Toast | Photo credits: foodtravelworld

A cute and trendy brunch spot that you always see on social media, Sadelle’s is healthy breakfast nirvana. With brick walls, steel interiors, and floral arrangements scattered around for the perfect gram shot, there’s no wonder this place is popular. Sadelle’s has everything you want for breakfast, brunch and some of the best bagels in NYC.

Who knew a simple French Toast could taste so mind-blowingly good? This one is thick and crispy on the outside while flawlessly soft and moist on the inside. Even if you don’t usually like french toast, you will eat this all day if you can.

Thin, delicate, and made with all the right seasonings, Sadelle’s House Salmon is *chef’s kiss*. The dill, capers, cucumbers, and tomatoes accompanying the dish are the perfect garnishes one could think of.

What to order: French Toast, House Salmon

Address: 463 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Shuka

best soho restaurants shuka
Shakshuka, falafel | Photo credits: shuka

Easily topping the best Mediterranean restaurants in NYC, Soho’s Shuka is home to many yummy things that are packed with flavor. Cozy indoors and outdoors seating, exquisite food, charming decor, and exceptional service— nothing goes wrong in Shuka. Words are not enough to describe the absolute heaven on earth that is Shuka, so why not go and experience it yourself?

A unique combination of textures and flavors, Shuka’s Fried Halloumi is to die for. The cheese and garlic sauce on top of it is fantastic. If you love cheese, this one tastes like a comforting fried cheese.

Saucy with somewhat warmer spices, their Chicken Shawarma is perhaps the most filling shawarma you could ever have. It comes on a puffy pita with delicious cilantro and red cabbage that looks so appetizing.

What to order: Fried Halloumi, Spit Roasted Chicken Shawarma

Address: 38 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Ess-a-bagel

best bagels nyc ess a bagel
Photo credits: ess-a-bagel

Ess-a-bagel is a classic New York bagel shop, which has been the local’s favorite since 1976. So, if you want a bagel with as much puff as it has history, head to Ess-a-bagel. This is a must-visit bagel spot in New York!

Start your own adventure with a doughy, fluffy everything, pumpernickel, or cinnamon raisin bagel, and schmear it with all manner of decadent cream cheese options. Especially the Cinnamon Raisin Bagels are extremely soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, with a delicious taste you can’t resist! 

You choose the Jalapeno Cream Cheese, a spicy and savory take on regular cream cheese – just a touch of heat to make it perky, to spread on. Or go for a sandwich from their curated menu of NYC faves, any of them!

What to order: Half Dozen Bagels, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Jalapeno Cream Cheese

Address: 831 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Chez Ma Tante

Photo credits: hungrykoehlers

Having your brunch in white-washed brick walls and cozy ambiance while eating some European fare redefined to American taste is dreamy, yes? Chez Ma Tante wants you to have that experience so that you can fully appreciate the flavorsome meal, serene setting, and warm service.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to enjoy their highly prized pancakes, which are a timeless tribute to the stacks of fluffy cakes with maple syrup. They also have great falafel made of hummus, harissa, cucumber, and za’atar dressing.

Chez Ma Tante’s chips and aioli has amassed its own loyal base of followers for how the duo is made extremely delicious by a best-kept-secret recipe. Then, have a drink of their mimosa or boulevardier for a taste of a successful finish!

What to order: Pancakes, Falafel, Chips and Aioli, Wine or Cocktails

Address: 90 Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Website | Instagram

11. Edith’s Eatery & Grocery

best williamsburg restaurants ediths eatery and grocery
Photo credits: cheylovesfood

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery is one of the few places in Williamsburg New York where food is so outstanding you wish you lived next door to have a taste every day. This sweet neighborhood spot has a cafe and grocery in one, as well as a deli counter with meats and various deli fare. After you enjoy your meal, you can browse the grocery section for stuff you may want to take home.

Addictive, flaky, and hits all the right spots, their Homemade Malawatch with soft-boiled eggs tastes heavenly. One bite of this dish will have you wishing you could have this for breakfast every day.

Edith’s Syrniki Russian Pancakes are a dream. Dense yet soft with an obvious tangy farmer’s cheese flavor, you could eat this one all day. The tart currant sauce takes the pancake to a whole new level.

What to order: Homemade Malawach, Syrniki Russian Pancakes

Address: 312 Leonard St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Website | Instagram | Facebook

12. The Horny Ram

best bottomless brunch nyc the horny ram
Photo credits: addison_ms

A Midtown East farm-to-table restaurant, The Horny Ram offers rustic comfort food and extraordinary cocktails served in a spacious, relaxed setting. The restaurant’s famed bottomless brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays, where you get unlimited drinks for 90 minutes.

The Pancake Burger is a highly satisfying classic brunch dish that you’ll enjoy with your choice of Mimosa, Bloody Mary, or Berry Bellini. With bacon, cheese, and fried egg, and topped with maple syrup, this dish is like a complete brunch platter that will satisfy your cravings.

The Chicken & Waffles Sandwich is a surefire winner from their menu. Nestled between crispy and soft buttermilk waffles is cornflake-crusted fried chicken (crispy perfection), along with fried egg, cheese, and avocado. The sweetness of the maple syrup drizzle on top adds an enjoyable contrast to the savory chicken and waffles.

If you’re craving something sweet to savor with your unlimited drinks, go with the M&M Pancakes. Fluffy and soft M&M-filled pancakes topped with maple syrup and whipped cream – simple and delicious.

What to order: Pancake Burger, Chicken & Waffles, M&M Pancakes

Address: 951 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Website | Instagram | Facebook

13. The Butcher’s Daughter

Photo credits: The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter, a plant-forward haven that proudly calls itself a “vegetable slaughterhouse,” offers a vegetarian and vegan menu inside a roomy, adorable restaurant.  Not really the kind of butcher you were expecting, eh?

Well, they essentially butcher fresh produce the same way a butcher would handle a piece of meat. As a result, they make the finest brunch offerings, including the Butcher’s Bowl, Country Breakfast, The Best Sandwich, and the Artichoke Heart Quesadilla.

Their Butcher’s bowl is a luscious union of potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables, and eggs, while their country breakfast is a sumptuous feast of impossible sausage, eggs, potatoes, sourdough toast, and broiled tomato. 

The quesadilla with artichoke hearts will win you over with spinach, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and a special marinara. Add a vegan cheese and you’ll instantly take the dish to a new level!

Experience 7 Minutes in Heaven with a smoothie sharing the exact name — coconut, dates, almond butter, milk, tocos, and Qi blend for vitality. If you dare to pass these up, you’ll be missing out on a LOT of stuff!

What to order:  Butcher’s Bowl, Country Breakfast, Artichoke Heart Quesadilla, 7 Minutes In Heaven

Address: 271 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

14. Golden Diner

Photo credits: joannekyc

Brunch with Asian food combined with various world cuisines is another opportunity to fill up and feel stuffed while exploring Chinatown in New York City. Golden Diner, a pioneer in this concept, works with local farmers and suppliers to support their sustainable approach to procuring fresh ingredients.

Heads up, they don’t take reservations for brunch, so arrive a little early to avoid long lines. But in case you were wondering, yes, the food is worth queuing for!

They offer numerous mouth-watering delights, from Korean and Chinese to Japanese and Thai and more. There’s a lot of buzz around their fusion menu, but what captures our attention are definitely their Chicken Katsu sandwich, Lemongrass Avocado Toast, Breakfast Burrito, and Tres Leches Cake! 

The Chicken Katsu is a tasty treat brimming with flavors, while the Avocado Toast is a creative union between lemongrass, galangal, Thai basil, and fresh turmeric.

Golden Diner’s Breakfast Burrito is soft scrambled eggs, American cheese, refried beans, potatoes, and pico de gallo. Incredible food that can also be made vegan!

What to order: Chicken Katsu Club, Breakfast Burrito, Lemongrass Avocado Toast, Thai Tres Leches Cake,

Address: 123 Madison St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

15. Russ & Daughters

best bagels nyc russ and daughters
Photo credits: imseohangry

Russ & Daughters has been offering top-notch bagels and bialys since 1914. Until now, people still keep coming back for more of their soft and chewy bagels filled with mouth-watering cream cheese, smoked fish, or pastrami-cured salmon!

The Russ & Daughters bagel experience should not exist without smoked fish, so hesitate no more, order a bagel with any choice of fish toppings! You can either choose Smoked Salmon or Lox to start with, they are both surprisingly tasty and you’re going to be their repeat customer because of them!

For sweeter ones, go for Cinnamon Bagel and Salted Caramel Bagel. While the Cinnamone bagel has complex flavors and nuanced sweetness from the raisins, balanced out with the warming spice of cinnamon, the Salted Caramel has a perfectly smooth seasoning with deep caramel flavor and just the right amount of savory!

What to order: Cinnamon Bagel, Horseradish-dill Cream Cheese Bagel, Salted Caramel Bagel, Smoked Salmon Bagel 

– 141 Flushing Ave Building 77, Brooklyn, NY 11205
– 179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002, United States
– 127 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

16. Dagon

best upper west side restaurants dagon
Photo credits: Dagon

Dagon is one of the few places on the Upper West Side that serves equally delicious brunch, dinner, and late-night drinks. Once entered, the large bar with stunning decor, drinks, and menu items are impressive enough to make you a repeat customer!

Start it right with the creamy, delicious Sasso Chicken Liver Mousse. Then go for your pick of their hearty pancake with seasonal fruits or egg bennys – each coming with preserved lemon hollandaise & arugula.

Don’t think of leaving if you haven’t had the Basbousa, a delicious coconut, yogurt, and semolina cake that gets sprinkled with nuts and drizzled with syrup to put the final seal of perfection!

What to order: Sasso Chicken Liver Mouse, Dagon Pancakes, Salmon Egg Benedict, Basbousa

Address: 2454 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Website | Instagram | Facebook

17. Dimes

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Are you someone who believes brunch, health, and comfort belong to a single sentence?

Dimes is definitely the hole-in-the-wall you must go to! The restaurant offers health-conscious California cuisine highlighting a contemporary yet minimalist approach amidst white-and-wood interiors.

The restaurant always has something creative to offer, but we urge you to try their Love Toast, which is created with housemade tahini, raspberry, mint, and honey; and their infamous Pozole with hominy, chicken, oregano salsa, and plantain — a taste of heaven!

The big salad, a wonderful combination of kale, carrots, pepitas, cubanella, and orange-garlic dressing, and the breakfast sandwich, which is made with scrambled eggs, avocado, cheddar, and other delectable ingredients, are additional meals that you simply must order.

It’s safe to say that brunch at Dimes is a mindful and healthy experience!

What to order: Mushroom Toast, Pozole, Big Salad,  Breakfast Sandwich

Address: 49 Canal St, New York, NY, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

18. Barney Greengrass

best upper west side restaurants barney greengrass
Photo credits: Barney Greengrass

Barney Greengrass is an old-school Jewish brunch destination you shouldn’t miss in the Upper West Side. Loyal fans routinely swing by for their craveable food and the menu with a roster of all-time favorites. Normally they have plenty of room to sit, but you will have to show up early for a table on weekends!

Start your day off on the right foot with Nova Scotia Salmon Scrambled Eggs. This fluffy, savory dish is to die for! Or you can pick Homemade Chicken Liver, smeared on a toasted bialy, with hard-boiled egg and caramelized onions can also do you good.

An overstuffed pastrami sandwich on soft rye served with mustard and crunchy half-sours is also a must-try. Salty, meaty, and saucy, you can’t say no to that one!

What to order: Nova Scotia Salmon Scrambled Eggs, Pastrami Sandwich, Chicken Liver

Address: 541 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Website | Instagram | Facebook

19. Jing Fong

best upper west side restaurants jing fong
Photo credits: thepoachedpear

If you think of the best place in the Upper West Side to serve the best dumplings, think of Jing Fong. Upon entering, you’ll be amazed by their bustling atmosphere and the stunning aroma of steamed dumplings in the air. On the weekends, if you don’t get here by 11:30 am, prepare to wait outside for a while!

You should never miss their Siu Mai Dimsum, the filling is tasty with a mild ginger taste, and soy sauce adds additional savory flavor to it. Or the Crab Meat & Shrimp Dimsum which is no less mouth-watering!

There are tons of non-dim sum items like Roasted Duck with some of the fattiest, most flavorful, and crispy skin. Or some Sweet & Sour Pork that tastes like pure heaven in every bite!

What to order: Siu Mai Dimsum, Crab Meat & Shrimp Dimsum, Roasted Duck, Sweet & Sour Pork 

Address: 380 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10013

Website | Instagram | Facebook

20. Fairfax

Photo credits: thegordinier

Fairfax is a member of the group of restaurants that includes Jeffrey’s Grocery and Jolene, two popular neighborhood restaurants in NYC. While many restaurants only serve brunch on certain days, Fairfax serves brunch every day of the week!

Although their menu is small, it is unique and superbly prepared. You’ll fall in love with this perfect brunch destination as soon as you factor in their warm welcome and attentive service, in addition to the fantastic overall vibes.

Both the Quiche with brussels sprouts, onions, and gruyere and the Egg Sandwich with country ham, cheddar, and chili aioli are excellent. We have no idea how they elevated these dishes to perfection. Simply amazing!

You’ll never go wrong with the Mediterranean Brunch — hummus, feta, baba ganoush, and other ingredients to swoon you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food even if you’re not a big lover of this particular fair!

With their drip or any other coffee from Fairfax, you’ll hit a home run with a flavor combination that will keep you going back for more.

What to order: Eggs Sandwich, Quiche, Mediterranean Brunch, Coffee or Tea

Address: 234 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014, United States

Website | Instagram | Facebook

There you go; that wraps up our recommended restaurants in NYC offering the best brunch! Excited to visit them soon? We are, too!

Numerous top-notch restaurants, from posh hotels to traditional diners, may be found throughout NYC. Therefore, we’ve produced the best NYC restaurant cheat sheet for you!