10 Best Speakeasy & Hidden Bars In Seattle & What To Order (2024)

Speakeasy bars were basically secret bars during the Prohibition Era, where you’d have to use a password or find the secret door to get in.

If you’re in search of a speakeasy vibe with incredible cocktail offerings, the creativity of their hidden entrance, and unique vibes, keep reading!

Because you’re going to explore some of the most extraordinary speakeasies in Seattle ever!

1. Needle & Thread

Photo credits: Needle and Thread

Needle & Thread is a hidden bar behind a bank vault door inside one of Cap Hill’s most exceptional cocktail bars – Tavern Law.

To get in, you have to make a reservation online, enter Tavern Law, pick up a vintage phone in the back corner, and someone will unlock a door that leads to a rickety staircase.

Inside this 25-seat space, you find some of the most stunning craft cocktails inspired by the middle 19th to early 20th century bars & saloons!

Once you’re here, settle down with A Safe Place To Sleep, which is sweet and smooth with hints of herbs, vermouth, and Peruvian Pisco.

If you want to start with something bright and light, Our Lady Of The Flowers might be a good fit with elderflower liqueur, herbal liqueur, grapefruit liqueur, almond liqueur, and sake! 

Don’t hesitate some snacks to accompany you along the night, and we highly recommend you try their famous Crispy Yukon Potatoes that stays true to its name, super crispy and garlicky!

What to order: A Safe Place To Sleep, A Deadly Brunch, Our Lady Of The Flowers, Crispy Yukon Potatoes, Pork Cheeks

Address: 1406 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Bathtub Gin & Co

Photo credits: Bathtub Gin & Co.

As you may guess from the name, this is a great bar to visit if you like gin! Bathtub Gin & Co. is one of Seattle’s original craft-cocktail spots, hidden in the basement of the Humphrey Apartments in Belltown.

Besides gin, they have lots of other cocktail options served in such an intimate ambiance too.

Don’t be shy to order a customized off-menu drink, they’d love to do so! 

Highlights of the menu include Rose Through A Sidewalk, a light, lovely, and easy-to-drink gin-based cocktail with kumquat liqueur, rose water, raspberry, and drops of lemon. Try it if you’ve had a rough day, this is sure to soothe you out.

Then continue with Fuzz Blossom, which is a bit heavier but no less delicious with dry gin, Japanese fruit liqueur, and lavender bitters. Floral, citrusy, and slightly sweet!

Sound & Color is another crowd-pleaser with gin, blueberry, and roasted rosemary. It is so unique and sparkly that you can hardly forget its taste and aroma!

What to order: Rose Through A Sidewalk, Fuzz Blossom, Sound & Color, The Problem

Address: 2205 2nd Ave #310, Seattle, WA 98121

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3. Founders Club

Photo credits: Founders Club

Located inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Founders Club is a super-hidden speakeasy that promises you a sophisticated, exclusive experience in Seattle!

To enter, you must find a bookcase along the left wall just off the lobby. Once you’re inside, you’ll find yourself falling in love with its dimming light, dark wood interior, and polished brass lining the bar.

Their focus is on creating unique cocktails using a variety of spirits. The bartenders are super friendly and creative, so don’t hesitate to tell them what you’re into, a scent, an ingredient, a base, or simply your mood of the day.

While Under Fire is bold yet silky with Armagnac, acidulated orange, and vintage Tawny Port, Silence Speaks is way brighter and more lively with roku gin, sake, tea, lime, and yuzu.

For a classic drink with modern twists, get the Improved Whiskey Cocktail made with bourbon, maraschino, demerara, angostura bitters, and absinthe. This one is powerful, we have to warn you! 

What to order: Under Fire, Silence Speaks, Improved Whiskey Cocktail, Another World

Address: 411 University St, Seattle, WA 98101

Website | Instagram

4. The Backdoor

Photo credits: The Backdoor

Hidden in a former video store behind The Center Of The Universe’s venerable Roxy’s Diner, The Backdoor is a classy speakeasy bar with a vintage art deco interior, cozy booths, and vaulted ceilings.

Besides good drinks, this place can really boost your mood with live performances such as jazz bands and drag shows every week! 

For cocktails, you should never go home without trying these badasses! Backdoor Sazerac would be a bold start with a spicy, woody taste from rye and cognac, sweetened by a dash of sugar and absinthe.

This one here is a monster but the aftertaste is so pleasing that we have to put it on the list. The House of Brown Chard, a rich yet well-rounded drink with notes of pineapple, guava, and honeysuckle.

What to order: Backdoor Sazerac, House of Brown Chard, Greek Truffle, Brisket Tacos

Address: 462 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. The Pharmacy

Photo credits: The Pharmacy

Head to Temple Billiards, The Pharmacy is located underneath the pool hall so just head down the short hallway in the back, look for the small neon sign that says “basement stairs”, and that’s how you find this lovely, hidden spot!

Exposing a more modern decor style than the typical speakeasy-style bar, The Pharmacy also has a larger space compared to some of the smaller bars on this list, making it a great place to go with a larger group.

The Pharmacy boasts a long list of mid-century cocktails for you to choose from. First thing first, get the Painkiller, which can soothe your palate right away with rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and coconut cream.

It’s bright, packed with fruits yet so creamy and wholesome! Or the Strawberry Firewater is no less enjoyable with Zacatecano Mezcal Joven, strawberry shrub, fresh lime juice, and habanero bitters.

Who doesn’t enjoy rum? If you are one of us, you definitely have to try The Pharmacy Rum Swizzle and Pharmacy Punch!

While Pharmacy Rum Swizzle is fresh, zest, and spicy with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, lime juice, and fresh mint, Pharmacy Punch is packed with a creamy and bright taste from  Malibu Coconut Rum and pineapple juice. Whatever you choose, it will please you!

What to order: Painkiller, Strawberry Firewater, The Pharmacy Rum Swizzle, Pharmacy Punch

Address: 126 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

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6. Knee High Stocking Co.

Photo credits: Knee High Stocking Co.

Opened its door first in 2007, Knee High Stocking Co. is a cozy and intimate speakeasy that offers small plates of Filipino food and outstanding craft cocktails you must visit once in your life!

Inside, Knee High Stocking Co. is impressive with decorative wallpaper, a crystal chandelier, and extra capacity.

Make Love Not War is considered the best-seller here, a whisky-based cocktail with a dash of orange.

In case you want to start the night really slow and easy, get the Genie In A Bottle, which is packed with herbs & fruits aroma, made with house-infused blueberry vodka, house-made sage cordial, elderflower liqueurs, and lemon juice.

Though it’s easy to drink, Genie In A Bottle is powerful as ever, so be careful!

The Coffee Monster is your next drink with you’re into creamy coffee with notes of orange, this lovely drink made of house-infused coffee and orange-infused rum will not let you down.

End it right with It’s A Pina Party – a summer infusion of spice, citrus, and pineapple. we can’t get enough of it!

What to order: Genie in a Bottle, Make Love Not War, The Coffee Monster, Pear of Lemons, It’s A Pina Party

Address: 1356 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Foreign National

Photo credits: Foreign National

Foreign National is where you’ll find a speakeasy experience that ain’t like any other!

With all that psychedelic wallpaper, a disco ball, gold tchotchkes, and lots of tropical cocktails, we bet you can’t help but feel so addicted to this spot.

Try impressing your date partner in this dimming-light, mysterious, and intimate ambiance at Foreign National!

This place simply has everything you need for the night, starting from drinks.

Try their most famous cocktail – Foreign National Cocktail – a crisp, refreshing Quebranta-based cocktail with notes of neroli, bergamot, and honey.

Move on to a delicious rum-based cocktail Ambrosia with mild flavors of cardamom, raspberry, and balsamic. We all love it!

For an even more unique choice, we highly recommend you to try the gin-based fruity cocktail Singapore Sling, which is juicy and boozy with sour cherry and pineapple; or the dry, umami taste Spring Gibson is also worth trying.

What to order: Foreign National Cocktail, Ambrosia, Singapore Sling, Silk Road, Spring Gibson

Address: 300 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Phởcific Standard Time

Photo credits:Phocific Standard Time

Phởcific Standard Time is a cozy and friendly Vietnamese speakeasy located above Phở Bắc’s Belltown, where you’ll be trying all the creative cocktails that use Vietnamese flavors!

Plus, the Vietnamese snacks are phenomenal, it would be a shame to come here and not also grab some to munch on throughout the night.

You’ll love every single drink here, from the Tofu Martini featuring tofu-infused gin, sesame oil, rice wine, ginger, and MSG to the Coffee Martini, an iced coffee-inspired martini with Mr. Black cold brew liqueur, vodka, Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk, and pandan dust.

Move on with Khoa Was Here – a shot of Jameson with a cup of pho broth as chase, and it’s a totally unique experience you haven’t seen anywhere else. The two actually pair beautifully well together!

Firefly is also a unique drink to try from Phởcific Standard Time featuring brandy, lime, Vietnamese coriander, cucumber, and black lava salt, showing you the true taste of Vietnamese cuisine via cocktail!

What to order: Queen Bee, Firefly, Tofu Martini, Khoa Was Here, Fresh Spring Rolls, Chewy Tapioca Dumplings

Address: 1923 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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9. The Alley

Photo credits: The Alley

Located behind the Bonjour Vietnam Restaurant, here comes The Alley. To get in, you have to walk down the alley, open the metal door, and open the hidden door behind a set of lockers.

Inside, you’ll find the cozy and intimate space filled with warm lighting and brick-lined walls, making this place so ideal for a good date night spot in Seattle!

Their cocktail menu is mostly Prohibition-era style drinks and they are willing to make you whatever your go-to drink is.

If you want to try drinks that built their reputation, the Bee’s Knee’s, Blood & Sand, and Naked & Famous are your next go-to!

Bee’s Knee’s is a simple yet lively drink with dry gin, orange, lemon, and honey. Excellent enough to light up your palate, getting it ready for what’s coming next!

Then comes the scotch-based Blood & Sand with hints of smoke and sour cherry, and Naked & Famous featuring a unique and bold taste of mezcal, yellow chartreuse, and drops of lime.

What to order: Bee’s Knee’s, Blood & Sand, Naked & Famous, Mixed Nuts

Address: 4509 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116

Website | Facebook

10. The Doctor’s Office

Photo credits: caseyrobis0n

The Doctor’s Office is an intimate speakeasy with a wide selection of spirits to choose from. Booking in advance is recommended as their seats are limited, and you can book specifically for a one or two-hour slot.

If you’re in search of a cozy yet romantic ambiance along with cocktails that are served by professional bartenders to impress your date partner, The Doctor’s Office is your destination!

The bartender might ask you questions and make a drink curated to your taste or you can simply choose from their menu, which are super interesting to explore! Such as The Devil You Know, a strong yet flavorful drink with bourbon, apricot liqueur, amaro, and bitter.

Or Love In The Time Of Covid, which is bold and elegant at the same time, featuring Japanese whisky, Lillet, apricot, and Menthe de Pastille that adds a bit of freshness.

If you’re a fan of highball, then you’ll have to try their Toki Highball with Toki Whisky served in classic Japanese Highball fashion.

What to order: The Devil You Know, Love In The Time Of COVID, Toki Highball, Bom Dia 

Address: 1631 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102, 

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Seattle has never let us down when coming to really stunning speakeasies (and the most difficult ones to find as well!).

We hope you have found yourself the ideal place for the next time coming to Seattle. Let us know your experience at these speakeasy bars after a visit, will ya?

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