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10 Best Fish & Chips Spots In Vancouver To Eat At In 2023

Beautifully golden, crispy, and flaky fish, crispy fries, and rich, creamy, and tangy tartar sauce to dip the deep-fried goodness into – fish and chips is a truly unique and satisfying dish of English origin.

But, fret not, Vancouver has its fair share of fish and chips shops, serving both traditional as well as more inventive versions of this classic dish.

From casual seaside shacks to upscale restaurants, this list brings to you the best fish and chips Vancouver has to offer.

1. Go Fish

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Go Fish is a small yet highly popular fish and chip shop located beside False Creek and overlooking all the boats bringing in the very fish they serve here. Aesthetically, this is nothing but a corrugated steel shack in bright blue with a few chairs for a waterfront view; but the food here is first-rate.

Try their Fish and Chips once, and you’ll be extremely happy that you chose this place.

Here, you have three different options to choose from – Cod and Chips, Halibut and Chips, and Salmon and Chips.

No matter the type of fish you choose, you get a huge piece of fish – perfectly crispy on the outside and flaky and flavourful on the inside, and the chips also come well-seasoned and beautifully crispy. And both the fish and chips taste wonderful dipped into their tartar sauce.

You can also get delicious Tacones here (yes, Tacones not Tacos!). You get perfectly grilled salmon rolled into a cone in a soft flour tortilla along with fresh salsa, creamy and spicy chipotle crema, and their famous coleslaw. You can taste the freshness of all the elements in every bite, and combined, they make one helluva Tacone.

What to order: Fish and Chips, Salmon Tacones, Tuna Tacones

Address: 1505 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E8

2. The Vancouver Fish Company

Photo credits: The Vancouver Fish Company

Located on the historic and world-famous Granville Island, The Vancouver Fish Company is a harbourside restaurant and bar with a menu that’s primarily focused on seafood. With an airy and unpretentious atmosphere, this place emanates a casual and comfortable vibe, ideal to enjoy good fish and chips with your group.

One of their signature dishes is the Halibut Fish ‘n’ Chips. The beer-battered premium halibut has a nice crunch to it, without being too greasy, and the chips are just how they should be. Served with house-made tartar sauce and cabbage & carrot slaw, you can’t go wrong!

Their Lobster & Shrimp Roll is a hit too! Served on a fresh brioche bun is fresh, plump, and juicy poached lobster and shrimp along with other fresh elements; the roll tastes absolutely yum all the way.

What to order: Halibut Fish ‘n’ Chips, Lobster & Shrimp Roll, Maple Walnut Prawns

Address: 1517 Anderson Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R5

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

Photo credits: Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

An award-winning restaurant that has been serving Vancouverites for more than 35 years, Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House continues to be a must-visit place on every foodie’s list. This iconic seafood restaurant brings to you the freshest catch from the sea and land, and every dish is prepared in such a way that the natural flavours of the produce shine.

Joe’s classic Fish & Chips is, of course, a must-taste dish here. Beautifully white and flaky on the inside, and ultra crispy on the outside, this is their signature dish for a reason!

The restaurant’s Oysters Rockefeller is a sight for sore eyes! With creamy spinach underneath and silky hollandaise on top, the oysters are fresh, chunky, and sinfully delicious.

You can also find a damn good Lobster rolls here.

What to order: Fish & Chips, Oysters Rockefeller, Fresh Oysters, Lobster Bisque

Address: 777 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V5

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. The Fish Counter

Photo credits: The Fish Counter

With numerous mentions in leading magazines and raving reviews from customers, The Fish Counter claims to offer the best fish & chips in Vancouver, and there is a huge crowd backing that claim. The interior is rustic, with an aged barn door and 100-year-old beams, and the vibe is casual and friendly.

The main attraction at The Fish Counter is, obviously, Fish & Chips. Their typical offerings include Halibut, Pacific Cod, and Wild Salmon. 

Each fish has a distinct taste but what’s common among them is that they taste wonderful deep-fried, and even better dipped into the house tartar sauce. And not to forget, the hand cut kennebec fries are by the book!

If you wish to enjoy the crispy deliciousness in a slightly different way, try the Crispy Cod Tacos. Paired with spicy crema, mango salsa, and tangy slaw, the taco screams of flavour, satisfying your taste buds in every way possible.

The Crab & Shrimp Baguette is a filling sandwich, elevated by the fragrant and intense saffron aioli.

What to order: Fish & Chips, Crispy Cod Tacos, Crab & Shrimp Baguette

Address: 3825 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P1

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5. Dave’s Fish & Chips

Steveston Neighbourhood Guidebook - dave's fish and chips
Photo Credits: kale.tea

Serving “Steveston’s Original and BEST Fish & Chips!”, Dave’s has been around since 1978, and is all about old-school simplicity. This humble joint is open all year round and offers some of the best food you can taste in this historic fishing village.

First order, Fish & Chips, it is! You can choose between cod, salmon, and halibut for your fish. The batter at Dave’s is quite thick when compared to many other fish & chips joints but not bready; therefore, you can enjoy the crispness of it, and the fish comes cooked just right.

The fries are chipped fresh every day, and they taste excellent. The coleslaw and tartar sauce on the side are in a league of their own.

The highlight at Dave’s Fish & Chips is that you can get almost every seafood battered and fried. Our two favourites are the Oysters and Chips, and Calamari and Chips. They both are crunchilicious!

Do get yourself a bowl of their piping hot and flavour-crammed New England Clam Chowder.

What to order: Fish & Chips, Oysters and Chips, Calamari and Chips, New England Clam Chowder

Address: 3460 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC V7E 3A2


6. Pajo’s Fish & Chips at Steveston Wharf

Photo credits: Pajo’s Fish and Chips

A long-time contender of Dave’s Fish & Chips, Pajo’s opened its doors in 1985 and is world-famous for its fish & bottomless chips (yes, BOTTOMLESS chips!). This legendary restaurant offers mouthwatering tacos and burgers as well, which can be enjoyed in the charming outdoor seating with a view of the marina.

Pajo’s fish & chips was awarded the Best Fish & Chips for the 26th Annual Golden Plates in 2023 by Georgia Straight.

So yes, the fish & chips here is seriously good, and we recommend that you try the Pacific Rock Snapper & Chips. Cooked in their signature tempura-style batter, the fish has a light and crisp outer coating while still remaining moist and tender inside. The fresh cut fries perfectly complement the fish, and Pajo’s signature tartar sauce is just foolproof!

For a more intensely flavoured fish, you can go with Pacific Wild Sockeye & Chips. Cooked in the same tempura-style batter, the fish is meatier and richer and tastes every bit delicious.

How about a burger? Pajo’s Cod Burger comes with a fluffy bun and flaky and crunchy fish, and heavenly to say the least.

What to order: Pacific Rock Snapper & Chips, Pacific Wild Sockeye & Chips, Cod Burger

Address: Steveston: 12351 3rd Avenue, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. The Three Brits Public House

Photo credits: The Three Brits Public House

Smashing views, late-night food and drinks, laid-back atmosphere, good music, friendly service, and extraordinary food – this is everything that signifies The Three Brits Public House. This fish and chips place is one of the most preferred hangout spots for the locals, and the fact that it is only a few steps from English Bay beach is a huge plus.

The Fish & Chips here is classic at its best! A large piece of fresh cod comes fried in a beer batter, which gives it a crispy and crunchy coating, and the fish inside remains juicy and flaky, falling apart in your mouth as you enjoy it with the house tartar sauce.

Get a glass of cold beer on the side, and enjoy your time in heaven on earth!

Take your taste buds on an adventurous ride with the Tuna Tartare. Served on crunchy rice croutons is sriracha spiced tuna and marinated cucumbers; it’s not just the combination of flavours that does the trick but the combination of textures that largely contributes to the magic.

For something snack-worthy by the beach, you have multiple options on The Three Brits’ menu, like Dick’s Handmade Dumplings, and Red Chili Wings.

What to order: Fish & Chips, Tuna Tartare, Dick’s Handmade Dumplings, Red Chili Wings

Address: 1780 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1W2

Website | Instagram

8. The Sea House Fish and Chips

The Sea House Fish and Chips, located on Kingsway, is a small family-run restaurant where the cooking style and pricing have remained the same for over two decades. With a simple, homey interior, this hidden gem is likely to be the most affordable fish and chips place you can find in Vancouver.

Of course, start with the Fish & Chips. Served with your choice of chowder or soft drink and coleslaw, the fish used is cod, which comes excellently cooked, flaky, and moist with a light and crispy exterior.

The coleslaw is crunchy, and tangy, and has just the right amount of creaminess to it, the tartar sauce tastes homemade,  and the clam chowder is decent too!

There’s also Halibut & Chips, where you get more meaty and flaky halibut, again fried to perfection, and served with the same sides.

They also have Calamari and Prawns fried the same way, and we like the latter more. The prawns come out crispy and juicy and taste very good.

What to order: Fish & Chips, Halibut & Chips, Prawns

Address: 3003 Kingsway #7, Vancouver, BC V5R 4A4

Website | Facebook

9. Fish Café

Photo credits: jnlmonch

A low-key, bistro-type café in Kerrisdale, Fish Café features an all-seafood menu, allowing diners to choose their preferred cooking method, sides, and sauces. This little café is family-friendly and has an atmosphere and service that makes you feel at home.

Since all orders here are custom-made, this place is almost always packed, and the food never ceases to amaze.

For Fish & Chips, the fish used here is snapper; it is mildly flavoured with a hint of sweetness, which makes the fish taste really good when it’s deep-fried. There is an enjoyable level of crunch to the fish, and the fries are perfectly complementing.

While Tartar remains the ideal sauce of choice for fish & chips, do try Fish Café’s Peri Peri sauce to add a level of kick to the deep-fried yumminess!

One of the cooking methods you can opt for at the Fish Café is blackened. Try a Blackened Snapper or Blackened Salmon and enjoy an outstandingly flavourful fish with a deep earthy flavour. Get some Lemon Butter or Garlic Butter to savour the fish with.

What to order: Fish & Chips, Crab Cakes, Blackened Snapper, Blackened Salmon

Address: 2053 W 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 1Y7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. Cockney Kings Fish & Chips

Photo credits: Cockney Kings Fish & Chips

A family-owned and -operated restaurant since 1965, Cockney Kings Fish & Chips is constantly “voted best in Burnaby & New West”, and offers one of the best fish & chips in the region. This is a casual neighbourhood restaurant with a homey vibe where you’re guaranteed to enjoy good food and friendly service.

Kings’ Halibut & Chips has a cult following! Lightly dipped in their famous batter, the fish is super crispy, without being overwhelmed by the batter, and it’s hard to miss how fresh the fish actually is.

You could also have your fish deep fried without batter, with just a light flour coating, at no extra charge.

The Calamari is well-seasoned, crispy, and flavourful, and the homemade tzatziki sauce it is served with is rich, creamy, and finger-licking good.

Nestled between a warm Portuguese bun is a delicately battered cod fillet topped with creamy and tangy tartar sauce, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, coleslaw, and an onion ring – that’s Kings’ Cod Burger, something you’ll see on almost every table around you.

What to order: Halibut & Chips, Calamari, Cod Burger

Address: 6574 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5B 1S1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Vancouver’s fish-rich waters make the city home to numerous locally- and globally-inspired seafood restaurants that attract locals and tourists alike. If seafood is on your mind, check out this list of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver.